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December 19, 2002

Captain Kirk’s “Infinitive”

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Eugene Volokh takes the Language Police to task for their “prescriptivist” objection to splitting “infinitives” (i.e.,verb constructions consisting of to + verb). One of the best known examples of a split “infinitive” is Captain Kirk’s famous statement “to boldly go,” hence the title for this entry. Eugene writes:

I split the infinitive without thinking about it, precisely because normal, educated English speakers and writers split the infinitive without thinking about it.

One Response to “Captain Kirk’s “Infinitive””

  1. Patterico's Pontifications Says:

    Xrlq’s excellent post on an error-laden Ass. Press story got me thinking about split infinitives. I noticed that the AP story in question split an infinitive, and I thought that it was about the only thing in the story that…


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