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April 30, 2003

Republican Dawgs

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By now you’ve probably read about Hillary Clinton’s embarassingly shrill speech (hat tip: Calblog.) at a recent fundraiser in Connecticut. If you haven’t actually heard the speech, do. One can’t appreciate its full effect just by reading the transcript; on paper, it sounds like a bunch of empty political sloganing. When you actually hear it, it sounds like she’s really losing it. Case in point: Tonight, Mrs. Xrlq wasn’t in the mood to watch Hannity and Colmes, so I watched it with Molly, the pit bull, instead. Molly was a good sport until it got to the part where they played clips from Hillary’s speech, in which each sentence was a few decibels louder and half an octave higher than the last. Finally, it reached the point where Molly was too terrified of the TV set to remain in the living room, and darted upstairs to the bedroom. The other dog, Jodie (a Rottweiler mix), also ran off, though it was less clear whether Jodie was afraid of the TV set or just wanted to follow Molly for the sake of following Molly. I don’t remember training them to hate liberal Senators, but then again, you never know what subtle cues a dog will pick up.


April 29, 2003

Fidel Castro, Human Rights Champion

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Will someone please remind me why we let this organization meet on our soil?

Today we Gather to Celebrate the Lives of the Soldiers Who … um, I Forgot

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Public government schools in Alexandria, Virginia have cancelled the Memorial Day holiday to compensate for a snow day. What a brilliant, innovative idea that was. If you agree, be sure to contact ACPS Superintendent Rebecca Perry to tell her what a wonderful idea that was.

Link via Command Post.

A Good Deed Rewarded, Sort Of

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Mohammed Odeh al-Rehaief, who helped our special forces rescue PFC Jessica Lynch, has been granted asylum and is now living with his family in the U.S. According to the linked story, they can stay in teh U.S. as long as they want, and will eventually qualify for U.S. citizenship.

This was, literally, the least we could do. I would have preferred to have had him offered instant citizenship, although I suppose that might have set a precedent that would have come back to haunt us.

Dubai Bob?

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When cable TV commentators, bloggers, radio talk show hosts and others suggested that Baghdad Bob go to work for al-Jazeera after the war, they were kidding. Apparently, al-Jazeera’s competitor, al-Arabiya, mistook that joke for a serious suggestion, and have offered him a job. Then again, Mr. Bob will have a pretty tough time getting to work at his new job if he can’t get out of Baghdad. So maybe al-Arabiya is in on the joke after all.

UPDATE: D’oh! This story has U.S. Navy Lt. Com. Charles Owens denying the reports of an attempted surrender, and stating instead that “If someone connected with the regime offered to turn themselves in, we would take them into custody.” Oh well, the “Rodney Dangerfield of the Hussein Administration” meme was fun while it lasted.

Fact-Checking the Daily Monopoly

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Everyone is entitled to his own opinions, but no one is entitled to his own facts. Yesterday’s editorial in the Daily Monopoly Los Angeles Times, like so many others, is a prime example of the latter. In this case, the topic is a federal bill, known as the DREAM Act, that would allow states to reward illegal immigrants by charging them in-state tuition at public universities.

April 28, 2003

Another Disappointed Customer

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Google hit of the day: “pornography blog”

How to Spell My Name

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If you’ve found this site, you probably know how to spell Xrlq. However, it is a name that people often get mixed up with other things. The most common misspelling seems to be “Xlrq,” but I’ve also seen “Xriq,” “Xrlg,” and even “Zrlq.” And to top it all off, this joker actually spells my name the way it sounds. How gauche.

Who’s Your Baghdadi?

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Not him, apparently.

Crappy Birthday to You

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Baghdadis reportedly celebrated Saddam’s birthday by honoring a donkey. Event organizer Hassan al-Hussein described the event thusly:

We’ll bring the donkey flowers and a cake this afternoon. We won’t kill the animal although he represents Saddam the criminal, because donkeys are as oppressed as we were for years.



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