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June 17, 2003

OK, But What Have They Ever Done to Us?

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Another must-read for anyone who still thinks we shouldn’t have invaded Iraq. Link via Instapundit.

Another Blog*Spot Refugee

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Dan of Reason of Voice has moved. Update your links accordingly.

PVRs and DVRs

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If you have cable TV and are considering buying a TiVo or Replay PVR/DVR, now might be a good time to hold off. Time Warner has announced it will soon offer a similar device which will allow viewers to record two shows rather than one. The service still costs $10 a month, but they don’t charge for the device itself. The other three cable providers in Orange County, Adelphia, Cox and Comcast, say they have similar products in the works; chances are that your local company does, too.

Two facts need to be checked/ in this otherwise helpful article:

Last year, Dish Network started producing its own PVRs. Dish included them in its receiver box, then offered it virtually free to entice subscribers.

I got my first DishPVR in August of 2001, the other “last” year. Their deals did get sweeter last year, though, and the software has improved as well.

Monthly service fee of $10 is $3 less than TiVo’s.

It is, however, $10 more than Dish and Replay’s monthly service fees, both of which are appropriately priced at $0. According to a poster to one of my previous comments, it’s also $5 more than TiVo charges for the DirecTV-specific version of their product.

Unfortunately, the article does not say whether or not the new PVR/DVRs to be offered by Time Warner and the rest will allow users to skip commercials or not. Dish’s does, and I hope it stays that way.

Anti-Democratic Democracy and
Our Unconstitutional Constitution

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Looky here, a letter writer to the Daily Monopoly Los Angeles Times thinks it would be “anti-democratic” for the state of California to hold a recall election. She then proceeds to exhume the Sore-Loserman campaign and caterwaul about the “undemocratic” 2000 election she still hasn’t gotten over. Her Alice-in-Wonderland definition of “democracy” is matched only by that of Willie Brown, who infamously announced in 1999 that “I don’t think democracy is well served with me having an opponent.”

I think it’s time for the Language Police to make a few high-profile arrests as an example to the masses. Fair warning to most liberals and some conservatives: just because you dislike something, or even really, really, really dislike something, this does not mean it is criminal, anarchic, traitorous, undemocratic, unconstitutional, or even French. All it means is that you didn’t get your way, politically, and that you don’t like it. There is no shame in that; I’m not too keen on not getting my way, either. But bad laws on topics on which the Constitutution is silent are not “unconstitutional,” and however horrible and unnecessary a recall election may be (not my view, but a defensible one), it sure as hell is not “anti-democratic.” Jeebus.

Stopped Clock

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Yesterday, the Daily Monopoly L.A. Times ran an unusually thoughtful piece on Assemblyman Simitian’s ill-conceived bill to prohibit people from talking on cell phones when they drive. Now, someone just needs to show these guys how to apply the same reasoning to all those other mama-laws that they do support.

Blogging Bits

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Here’s another nice feature of MT, which I picked up from Kate (who, in turn, borrowed it from the Scripty Goddess). If you are one of those geeks who actually reads everything on the left column of this blog, you’ll notice that there’s a new line immediately above the Creative Commons link, which links to the PDA version of this blog. I’ll probably tweak it a little since right now it displays funny on my cell phone. If you’ve got a PDA of any brand, be sure to check it out and tell me what you think. If you’re interested in adding this feature to your own blog, just follow the link. It’s easy!

In other news, The Angry Clam is back, and angry as ever. Who can blame him? If my blog were still hosted on Blog*Splat, I’d be angry, too.


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