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July 31, 2003

Damning With Faint Praise

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You know things can’t be going too well when your own wife goes to bat for you, and the best she can do is label you an “average guy.”

Ozone Whole?

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Maybe they sky isn’t falling after all.

Kobe’s Non-Accuser

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It remains to be seen whether or not Kobe Bryant will be found guilty of rape. One thing is clear, however: he’s absolutely, positively not guilty of raping Katie Lovell, the 18- year-old girl whom many web site owners have falsely accused of accusing him. She is also one of the reasons I’m not sure I agree with the mass media’s “ethical” rule against divulging the identies of rape accusers. In this case, the media’s ham-handed attempt at protecting the privacy of the real accuser has created a nightmare for a young woman who had nothing to do with the incident.


Sauce for the Goose

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Daniel Weintraub reports that Joe Davis has pledged, sort of, to waive his right to force taxpayers (not to be confused with Taxpayers

I Know Our Credit’s Good, ‘Cuz God California Don’t Make Issue No Junk

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I recently blogged that California’s new Standard & Poor’s rating, BBB, is one level above junk bond status. Turns out I was mistaken. According to this article that ran in today’s Orange County Register, bonds rated BBB- are also considered investment grade, albeit barely so. Time for another Pollyanna Post

I’ll Be Damned

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Looks like it really was all about oil after all.

July 30, 2003

Obscure Recall Candidates

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The San Jose Mercury-News reports that 123 Californians have taken out papers to run for governor in the recall election. I hope that at least one of them – or, preferably, 118 – are ordinary Joes whose name happen to be “Joe Davis.”

On the one hand, this insanely long list is going to make the recall ballot look extremely stupid. On the other, given the current budge crunch, maybe that’s a small price to pay. At $3,500 a pop, 123 candidates means $430,500 of much-needed revenue. If the trend continues, maybe this recall election will end up paying for itself. That will surely come as good news to the Taxpayers

Lemons to Lemonade Dept.

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Neal Boortz has an interesting idea: now that the American Psychological Association has published that idiotic Berkserkeley study on the mental illness known as conservatism, maybe we can start claiming a disability under the ADA?

All-Time Google-Low?

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nude pictures of uday hussein

Maybe this person remembered a weird phrase from my “Google Bait” entry and was actually looking for that post. Or maybe not.

July 29, 2003

Speaking of Weird Lawsuits

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FoxNews reports that certain liquor establishments are suing underaged drinkers to recoup the fines they had to pay for selling alcohol to minors. Apparently, these suits concentrate on individuals who were “carded” but who produced a fake ID.



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