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July 2, 2003

Ann Coulter – “Michael Moore of the Right?”

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Andrew Sullivan links to this article by Brendan Nyhan on Ann Coulter. Nyhan utterly misses the point of Coulter’s book, and focuses primarily on an irrelevant detail: the strict legal definition of “treason.” Sully argues that Coulter’s tendency toward hyperbole “damages conservatism as much as Michael Moore damages liberalism.”


A New Low for Team Davis

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Joe Davis hasn’t found the bottom yet, though it certainly isn’t for a lack of trying. First we were supposed to keep him in the governor’s mansion because Darrell Issa was a terrorist (and all other challengers, presumably, chopped liver). Now he isn’t just a terrorist, he’s a Nazi. I mean, he must be a Nazi, since he went to a gun show, right? Only Nazi would attend a gun show or support that forgotten amendment lodged in there somewhere between the First and the Third. I’m sure Hitler himself would have supported the right to bear arms, if his advisors hadn’t advised him that it would be much harder to murder 6 million armed Jews than unarmed ones. Sheesh.

Rick Hasen thinks we need to revamp our recall laws. I agree. Codifying Godwin’s Law would be a great start. Next time a governor facing recall brings up Hitler, no election is necessary: he loses automatically on a TKO. This will save taxpayers millions, much to the chagrin of “Taxpayers” Against the Recall.

Link via Calblog.


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