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September 16, 2004

The Council Has Spoken Shouted

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The votes are in. Congratulations to Patterico for the winning Council entry, “NPR and Media Matters Can’t Tell Time,” and ĂĽbercongratulations to former Council member Bill Ardolino of INDC Journal for the decising victory of “Are the CBS National Guard Documents Fake?” in the non-Council race, despite having to compete with himself in that very race. Quite impressive, indeed. Too bad they don’t actually give you anything for winning these things.

Oh, That WMD Program

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Via Drudge, the Associated Press reports that Charles Duelfer, the head of the Iraq Survey Group, has determined that while Saddam Hussein’s regime did not maintain the stockpiled weapons of mass destruction we thought it had, it did import prohibited materials, work on unmanned aerial vehicles in violation of U.N. agreements, maintain a dual-use industrial sector that could produce weapons, and retain a dormant program it planned to revive as soon as sanctions were lifted and Inspector Clouseau Hans Blix and his group had left the area.

Now see if you can guess the headline.

What Happened to Kissing Babies?

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I am speechless. Is this what the Democrats are coming to?

Someone, please give me one good reason why these people should not be disenfranchised. Via Captian Ed, who unfortunately [UPDATE: make that correctly, see below] blames one of the victims.

Michelle Malkin has more liberal loveliness.

UPDATE: Attaturk notes that the father in the picture, Phil Parlock, has alleged politically motivated assaults from the last two presidential elections. Based on this and a vague physical resemblance between the union thug on his left and two of his sons, Attaturk conveniently concludes that Parlock is lying. I don’t think that follows at all. Crap like this happens all the time, especially among lefties, so it should come as little surprise that an individual who attends counter-rallies in three consecutive Presidential elections might get assaulted all three times. It does mean, however, that by now Parlock should have known better than to bring three year old daughter to an event like this. Accordingly, I hereby retract my previous criticism of Captain Ed’s criticism.

UPDATE x2: No, I’m not saying that only left-wingers resort to crap like this. The left controls the lion’s share of political violence, but thanks to that idiot Scott Robinson, they don’t enjoy a total monopoly.

FINAL UPDATE: IUPAT, to its credit, has rightly apologized (h/t: Michelle Malkin) for the incident that Attaturk wrongly dismisses as a hoax. It looks like the Puppy Blender was right after all, before he was wrong. And afterwards.

UPDATE x4: Now Captain Ed is suspicious, too. Meanwhile, the union appears to be investigating the individuals involved, which shouldn’t take very long if those individuals turn out to be Parlock’s sons posing as union members. Stay tuned.

FINAL FINAL UPDATE: Per Michelle Malkin, IUPAT has identified the thug in the picture, and has assured her it is taking action against him. Query whether this will be enough to silence Attaturd’s silly conspiracy theory, however. Like Malkin said earlier, the left is desperate for a hoax, so I don’t expect them to let this one go without a fight.

Oh, That Gun-Grabbing Media

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The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin tells a porky about the now-defunct federal “assault” weapons ban. Patrick Prescott has the scoop.

Those Wacky Martini Republicans

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Joseph Mailander, the ultra-left conspiracy nut “moderate Democrat” (snort) who thinks Iraq the Model is a CIA plant, is at it again. His new evidence is twofold:

  1. Omar posted a cheery entry tonight at 8 p.m., right in the middle of a nationwide blackout that allegedly lasted fourteen hours (Mailander says this; the Ass. Press story does not). If Omar were really in Iraq, it would have been impossible for him to blog this.
  2. Even if it were possible for this “Omar” guy to have blogged from Iraq the middle of a power blackout, the tone of his entry was way too happy to really have come from Iraq. After all, two other bloggers from Iraq, the Messopotamian and Baghdad Burning, also blogged entries during the 14 hour blackout when it would have been impossible for anyone to blog from Iraq. Those entries were appropriately morose, however, so they’re probably real.

In other words, it was impossible for anyone to blog from Iraq on September 15, as Omar claimed to have done, and besides, the people who really did blog from Iraq on September 15 had a very different take from his. Lordy.

I’m really starting to wonder if this whole Martini Republic thing is just another one of Karl Rove’s dirty little tricks. Or maybe that site is run by the CIA. Who knows? Who cares?


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