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October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween

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Kerry and NBC Dumber Than Dumbya

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For months, John Kerry has been claiming his military records – all of them, not just the cherry-picked ones on his web site – had been made public. Then, last Thursday, in a vain effort to rebuff charges that George Bush has a higher IQ than he does, Kerry admitted to Tom Brokaw that his military records weren’t public after all.

Now, Captain Ed reports that this part of the interview has been quietly excised from the Dateline transcript. Right now the old version is still up, so in case one hand figures out what the other has been doing, here’s the semi-excised portion:

Brokaw: Someone has analyzed the President’s military aptitude tests and yours, and concluded that he has a higher IQ than you do.

Kerry: That’s great. More power. I don’t know how they’ve done it, because my record is not public. So I don’t know where you’re getting that from.

WordPress Warning

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If you’re thinking of “up” grading to the newest version of WordPress, version 1.21, don’t. Use version 1.2 Mingus instead. If you’ve already “up” graded, keep this link handy. You’ll need it if you forget your password and have to have it emailed to you, in unreadable Base 64 format.

Questions for Prop 66 Supporters

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If you support Prop 66 because you think it will release only minor, nonviolent offenders, do you know something all 58 D.A.s don’t know?

If you support Prop 66 because it will save taxpayers money, do you know something the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association doesn’t know?

UPDATE: Here’s a question for all readers, regardless of where you stand on Prop 66: has my constant harping on the issue had any impact on your views on the matter?

Nonviolent Thugs Coming to Your Neighborhood

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By now, I’ve pretty much beaten you to death with examples of extremely violent “nonviolent” third strikers who will soon be released if Proposition 66 passes. So far, I’ve profiled such sweethearts as Charles Rothenberg, Joseph Noble, Steven Mathews, Andrew Abernathy, and Kenneth Parnell. There are plenty more examples where they come from, but frankly, if those five aren’t enough to persuade you that Prop 66 is a bad idea, I doubt that a sixth profile (or a seventh, or an eighth, etc.) will. I am happy to say that they seem to have helped to persuade at least one prominent L.A. blogger to withdraw his support for the initiative, though it’s unclear how much credit I should get for that, having had ample assistance from a little help from my friend Patterico and the Wall Street Journal.

So at this point I’d like to switch gears, and focus on what Prop 66 would do to the definition of “serious” and violent.” Much is said about “making the punishment fit the crime,” so let’s consider a hypothetical scenario to see how good of a fit that would be:

Charles Criminal intentionally sets a fire in the Angeles National Forest, causing $10 million worth of property damage. After watching a few of the some trees to up in flames and yelling “burn, baby, burn,” he heads off to the bar, where he consumes 16 beers and four shots of Jaegermeister, which he then tops it off with a marijuana joint and some crack. After enjoying the joint and the crack, he realizes he had six more joints left over, so drives to a local school and sells these “happy cigarettes” to six 12-year old kids. He then gets back behind the wheel and tries to leave, but being drunk and stoned, loses control of the vehicle and plows into the kids he had just sold his marijuana to, killing four of the kids instantly. He then gets out of the car, turns to the two survivors, and warns them not to tell anyone what they saw, or he’ll kill them, too. He then asks each of them where he lives, and drives to each house with the intent to burglarize it. He tries to get into the first house, but fails, and flees after realizing that a resident is at home. He then arrives at the second house, which is unoccupied, breaks in, helps himself to the family’s valuables, and returns home.

Charles is caught by the authorities and convicted on all the above counts. Under both the existing law and Prop 66, how many “strikes” has he committed?


October 30, 2004

Know Your Enemy

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Finally, you can see the movie [UPDATE: no, you can’t, at least not with my help] that inspired Osama bin Laden without rewarding the scumbag who made it. If you haven’t seen it yet, see it now. Then see Fahrenhype 9/11 to get the real story.

Hat tips: Dean Esmay.

UPDATE: Patterico notes in a comment what I should have noticed all along – this is not a link to view Fahrenheit 9/11 legally, only an invitation by the Moore-on to infringe a copyright that probably doesn’t belong to him, anyway. I’ve removed the link. A legal alternative would be to take advantage of any idiot video store that participates in the “Fahrenheit for Free” program, which is based on Moore’s delusion that “It isn’t possible to view this film and come out saying you are voting George W. Bush.” Well, I’ve done the impossible, and if someone else is dumb enough to pay for it, there’s no reason you can’t, too. Moore will probably remove the list of participants without a trace after Election Day, so I’ve reproduced the list below. Between now and Election Day, be sure to take advantage of their stupidity by “renting” one video on their dime. After Election Day, don’t ever give them your business again. Think of November 3 as “Payback Wednesday,” if you will.


October 29, 2004

Watcher’s Council

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The Council has spoken. Congratulations to Alpha Patriot for the winning Council entry, “Judging Character,” and to Little Miss Attila for the winning non-Council entry, “Letter to an Undecided Vter.”

October 28, 2004

Stupid Voter Tricks

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This has got to be the most transparent political stunt I’ve seen in a long time. If you fell for the scam for even a minute, please do the world a favor, and do not vote. Ever.

‘Hat tip: Patrick Prescott.

UPDATE: Boi From Troy had a good suggestion, look up their whois info. I didn’t find anything of interest from Internic, except to find out that the domain YESBUSHCAN.COM was somehow associated with GANDI.NET. A trip to GANDI.NET, however, revealed that company to be the Gestion et Attribution des Noms de Domaine sur Internet, a French Internet registrar. GANDI has a more thorough WHOIS entry of its own, which I’ve reproduced below:


California Voter Guide

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This is a slightly revised version of the voter guide I posted in June, combined with comments I made while liveblogging (mostly) my ballot earlier this month.

UPDATE: Drudge reports that the CIA has authenticated the al-Qaeda tape ABC has been refusing to air. It may just be hot air, or it may be a prediction of an attack that is still months away, or it could mean some Spain-style attack is imminent and voting will be disrupted. I haven’t a clue which, but why take any chances? If you have the opportunity to vote early, do. One thing is clear: if you haven’t made up your mind on the major candidates yet, no news that breaks between today and Election Day will – or, more importantly, should change that. Vote today if you can, or first thing Tuesday morning, if you must.

UPDATE: Via Jane Instagalt, it appears the CIA has not authenticated the tape after all, at least not yet. Regardless, I’d err on the side of caution.


More on Prop 66

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Today’s Orange County Register has a rather sad piece on the Klaas family, whose relations have been strained to the limit by Prop 66. On the one hand, Marc Klaas, the father of murder victim Polly Klaas, supports the three strikes without modification, and strongly opposes the sweeping modifications that are Prop 66. On the other, his father, Joe Klaas, is now leading the charge to “restore” (gut) the three strikes law, invoking his dead granddaughter’s name over the objections of her father, and even misrepresenting his own role in the enactment of Prop 184. According to the article, both Klaases originally opposed the initiative, with Marc Klaas only backing off from his concerns after the had corrected some of is early excesses (e.g., “pizza man,” who has been out of prison for several years now).

Meanwhile, Arnold Schwarzenegger has pumped $1 million into the efforts to defeat Prop 66, and has begun running 15 second ads warning us of the 26,000 murderers, rapists, child molesters and other serious offenders who stand to be released if the initiative passes. I do have a slight quibble with the ad, however. His statement that the intiative “will” release 26,000 is a bit too strong, as it relies on an interpretation of the initiative that may or may not be correct. His basic point is right, however; the inititiative may release 26,000 career thugs, and it will lead to the early release of the worst 4,100 of them.


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