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November 10, 2004

L.A. Times Corrections

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When it isn’t busy training dogs to pee on the floor, the L.A. Times runs its corrections. However, due to space limitations, they only have room for the most important ones. For example, the three people who read the corrections now know that the NFL has 32 teams, not 30 , and that its recently renewed contracts with Fox, See B.S. and DirecTV were off by a factor of 1,000. More importantly, perhaps, they now know that everyone’s favorite junk scientist/pervert, the late Alfred Kinsey, worked at Indiana University, not the “University of Indiana,” which does not exist. Most importantly of all, they now know that the company falsely identified as “Stem Cells, Inc.” is really called “StemCells, Inc.,” and has not yet applied for the funding it will soon apply for.

Here’s one correction that didn’t make the cut, despite numerous emails to the “Readers” Representative. Contrary to Sunday’s editorial, Jerry “Pizza Man” Williams served a six year prison sentence for his infamous pizza robbery, not 25-to-life under the three strikes law the Dog Trainer tried to con its readers into gutting last week. It’s too bad they couldn’t find the space to correct that.

Yassir Arafat, 1929-2004

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Yassir Arafat has been mostly dead for a week, but now it’s official. Let’s all take a moment of silence to mourn this Nobel Peace Prize winning hero of the Palestinian cause. In memoriam:


Bill of Rights, Pre-Outsourced Edition

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Patterico is calling on his readers to update the Bill of Rights to show what rights we really have today. I actually did that myself 10 years ago, so I’ve reproduced the text below. Caution: while nothing that appears on my blog should be construed as legal advice, this entry really shouldn’t be, as I wasn’t even a law student, let alone a lawyer, in 1994. I think most of these are about right, though, unfortunately.



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President Bush’s wildly popular non-amnesty amnesty is proposal back. I predict it will be an even bigger hit this time around.


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