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November 29, 2004

Drugs Are Bad

Filed under:   by Xrlq @ 6:21 pm

Target doesn’t sell Marijuana anymore, but you can still get it on Amazon, where it receives righteously rave reviews.

UPDATE: While you were too busy enjoying your Marijuana to get a screen shot, I gots one for you in the extended area.

UPDATE x2: Duuuuuuuuuuuude, it just keeps getting radder. Professor Bainbridge reports that some righteously brilliant guys named Richard Posner and Gary Becker are starting a “joint blog.” Smokin’!

UPDATE x3: Apparently, Marijuana isn’t all that they smoke at Amazon. Or at Target, either, at least for now.

10 Responses to “Drugs Are Bad”

  1. DeoDuce Says:

    They’re out of stock already?! Must be the Christmas rush.

  2. Patterico's Pontifications Says:

    First They Ban the Salvation Army, and Now This
    Target is expanding its product line. (Bong sold separately.) (Via South Knox Bubba.) UPDATE: The page is gone, and I didn’t get a screen shot. But Xrlq did….

  3. Patterico Says:

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  4. Patterico Says:

    Sorry. Saw that comment text and couldn’t resist. Don’t ban me!

    [Editor: I don’t get mad. I get even.]

  5. annika Says:

    What a conundrum that would pose for the conservative stoner: Do i continue to boycott Target, or can i make just one little purchase? For medical necessity of course.:wink:

  6. Mrs. Xrlq Says:

    Dear Xrlq. You are such a sophomore. Put down your toys and come home for dinner. Love, Mrs. X

  7. Jody Says:

    Target has ecstasy too… (link)

    As a technical note related to the screen capture, if you add the switches width=”x” and height=”y” to your html for your image, you can resize it so the image isn’t so big that it extends beyond the boundaries. Really doesn’t matter what the dimensions of the original image is, the switches will resize it in the browser…

    left angle bracket img src=”file name” width=”690″ height=”177″ right angle bracket

  8. Patrick Says:

    The blowjob link for Amazon has Clay Aiken on the left hand side bar. Snicker…

  9. the Pirate Says:

    For awhile Target was also selling a ‘anal massage’. Throw that in with the blowjob and marijuana and you got a interesting party.

  10. DeoDuce Says:

    No comment.


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