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March 14, 2005

Con Law 101

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The Dog Trainer links to “Judge” Richard Kramer’s tentative ruling declaring traditional marriage unconstitutional. I don’t really care about that, since a ruling on a matter of law by one judge at the superior court level sets exactly as much precedent and receives exactly as much deference on appeal as this particular ruling deserves, i.e., none. However, I would like to call your attention “Judge” Kramer’s cute little biology lesson which appears in footnote 3. Or maybe it’s a cute little semantics lesson, I’m not sure. Whatever it is, here’s a transcript of the original draft.

To be silly precise, same-sex couples can cause procreation. A female capable of producing children can be married to a female and become pregnant through various methods unrelated to her same-sex union, then make the father go away by telling him she miscarried and produce and raise the child in her same-sex union, and top it all off by asking some credulous judge like me to believe her sex partner played a significant role in producing the child. Similarly, a same-sex male couple can have one of its members get pregnant just like those other guys did in Rabbit Test or Junior, cause a same-sex female having nothing to do with the same-sex male couple to become pregnant, directly or through a wholly owned subsidiary otherwise, kill the mother and later adopt and raise the child.

Looking on the bright side, at least “Judge” Kramer didn’t study con law with Ann Coulter.

UPDATE: Via Kevin Murphy, Eugene Volokh has some choice quotes from women’s libbers in the 1970s mocking Phyllis Schafly’s crazy notion that the Equal Rights Amendment might one day be construed to include gay marriage. Oops.

But At Least Cuba Has Health Care

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Well, sort of. Más aquí.


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