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April 1, 2005

Do You Feel a Draft In Here?

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I’ll be damned. Looks like I owe Ralph Nader, MTV and Hugo Schwyzer an apology. For all that pre-election hype about a second Bush Administration supposedly leading to a draft, I never for minute thought it would happen in my lifetime. God help us all.

6 Responses to “Do You Feel a Draft In Here?”

  1. Joel B. Says:

    Well, that’s it! Now I’m a Democrat!

  2. Jody Says:

    Joel, judging by the links in “I’ll be damned,” I’m guessing that today’s date has something to do with this post.

  3. Xrlq Says:

    Jody, judging by Joel’s previous comments, I’m guessing that today’s date also had something to do with his comment. Yours too, perhaps?

  4. Joel B. Says:

    Heh, but of course no one knows ’til tomorrow!

  5. Jody Says:

    Nope, I fell for Joel’s joke. But I’ve found it wise to assume the ignorance of others, particularly when I have no prior data to alter the assumption.

  6. elliot Says:

    not funny. you about gave me a heartattack

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