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April 6, 2005


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I’ve been using Packet8 for about a month now. So far, no problems, and its’ only $19.95 a month for unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada, and dirt cheap everywhere else. Has anyone else experimented with it?

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  1. bskb Says:

    I’ve been using it for a few months now. I love my Packet 8, the quality is great and you can take it with you if you are traveling, patch in to wireless networks for phonecalls, have mulitple phone numbers for one line (nice to have it be a local call for some people who want to contact you but are cheap) and I don’t know if this is a coincidence, but I have not had one phone solicitation to this number yet.

  2. Iceblock Says:

    Was looking into voip, but haven’t yet ’cause I’m thinking the voice quality used to suck. Have they fixed this?

  3. David Says:

    Hi Xrlq,

    Thoroughly enjoy your site. Interesting to read your Heckle & Jeckle rant the other day.

    I am intrigued with VOIP and have been using/experimenting SKYPE (www.skype.com) for about 6 months. For business it has been unbelievable. We conduct conference calls P2P and dialout tied together between the USA and Europe frequently. This is by far the cheapest communication I’ve found and is fairly reliable and extremely convenient. Dialup has been sluggish but, Wifi, DSL or higher fantastic.

    I look forward to reading more about Packet8 but, if you are frequently mobile (hotel/tradeshows/conferences) check out SKYPE.

  4. Xrlq Says:


    I can’t hear the difference, although I have heard that modem connections over VOIP can be a bit unreliable. Not that it would make sense to have your computer dial in to a narrowband provider using a VOIP line sitting on top of a much faster broadband connection anyway. But if your computer needs to use a phone line for some other reason (e.g., calling into TiVo), that may be an issue. I’m betting mine will work since the voice quality is so good, but I’m also willing to make that bet because I’ve been assured by DirecTV that they’ll help me find a workaround if VOIP fails. I haven’t gotten to run that experiment yet, as my phone jacks are still connected to the old phone line.

  5. Iam Doubt Says:

    Can you get 911 with it? That seems to be the issue with Vongage (that’s you can’t).

  6. Xrlq Says:

    Yes, it comes with 911. It’s also a little cheaper than Vonage.

  7. CGHill Says:

    My boss switched to Packet8 last year; he raves about it, and he even brought up some hardware to run a demo for us at the shop. I was generally impressed.

  8. VoIPTrends Says:

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