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April 10, 2005

Pitbull Warning

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It ought to go without saying that children should not be allowed near pit bulls, but some people need reminding every now and then. Beware that even with adult supervision, allowing a pit bull near a small child may result in the following (WARNING: graphic).

UPDATE: Thanks to reader freckles12342000 for the properly rotated update:

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  1. caltechgirl Says:

    Awww. Soooo cute. I can’t tell which one is more content.

  2. joe Says:

    I know — years ago, I shared a duplex with a guy who had an absolutely beautiful brindle female. She (is?) the sweetest dog. OTOH, my 5-year-old niece was recently bitten near the eye by a neighbor’s dog (my sister said it was a pit bull terrier, but people often ascribe that label to “mean dogs”). Fortunately, she healed without stitches. The type of care given to animals makes all the difference, IMO. My sister’s neighbors are clearly irresponsible in the raising of their animal.

  3. Pseudonym Says:

    That’s horrible! It killed a baby, chewed a man’s arm off, and then lay down to sleep among the remains of its victims!

  4. Dave Schuler Says:

    Yes, pitbulls can be great family dogs. But a word of caution: they are predisposed to be aggressive to other dogs. That’s what they’ve been bred for and it takes a tough-minded owner and a lot of socialization to keep it in check.

    A great dog. But not the best choice for everyone.

  5. Claire Says:

    Sweet Pickle. I think it’s Daddy who is most content…

  6. ROCK"n"ROLL Says:

    I have a 2 year old brindle pitbull. I have raised her since she was a month old. She loves children and prefers to play with them rather than ingore them. She also is somewhat dog agressive, but I control this by playing with her and walking her 3 miles a day, unless it rains. She can sit, speak, give kisses, roll over, and can hold a treat on her nose until I tell her to get’m. She also hangs from a tire on tree branch. What I trying to get at is, this breed is what it is. I work 8-5 five days a week an I make time for my dog. She is socialized with many different breeds even other pits and I’ve only 1 to 2 problems. You must spend time with your dog so you understand their personality. Then you can learn how to train and enjoy your dog. My pitbull’s name is Athena.

  7. Mary Says:

    I loved the picture and I loved all the replys. Rock “n Roll was right on the money when he or she expressed that you have to make time, spend time with your animal, no matter what breed it is. Responsible pet ownership is the key!

  8. Roberta Says:

    That dog looks just like my girl, Seary, and I’ll tell you what she’s 9 and never so much as showed her teeth at my kids 3 and 6 or I would put her down myself. That poor boy in SF,you cant leave ANY unneutered dogs with kids. I know we had a miniature daschund when I was a kid and when our female was in heat, WATCH OUT,he would try to talk your leg off!! Good thing he was only 8 pounds. We neutured our pitbulls when they were pups because the pound is full of “vicious” pitbull pups that are being destroyed. We just had to put our 9yr old male pit down last month, bladder cancer, and I’ll tell you he was the biggest baby ever. I had to cover him up every night so he could sleep. My kids could pull the dogs ears, tails no response. You have to be responsible though kids cant be left with any dogs alone. I tell my kids to respect the dogs no teasing, leave them alone when they are eating, etc. The dogs are not good with other dogs because we never had them near any. But they have been great pets and I sleep well at night with them roaming the yard!!

  9. Jerry Says:

    I,ve heard a lot of pitbulls however its of them being ferocious but this pic is really cool & very contradictory to a pitbulls character.The replies by rock “n” roll & Mary are also very true,at the end of it all it’s about how well ur dog knows u & viceversa.Anyways once again the pic is too good & all credits to it’s owner.

  10. Tosha Says:

    Yes i have a brindle pitbull and i raised it since it was a month old it’s name is “Bob Marley” he never once tryed to harm a person or a child. He relaxed and calm i think it’s depends who raises the dog how it will become. Mine just chilled out for crist sake he hindes in the bathtub when we light fire works out side lol

  11. Lena Says:

    I know that peoples says that pit bulls is a BIG problem and there are VERY dangerous, thats bullshit.. excuse my words, but every dog can be dangerous, its the same with kids who get raised in a family who only drinks or take drogs our whatever, do you think that they know how to act? There not. The most usuall dog who is in the topp-ten list and who bites ex. children, its actually Golden retriver. Yeah, thats true, is`nt that a family dog? Who loves kids? Yeas it is.

    Pit bulls are wonderful dogs, they are beautiful, loving, there got a big personallity..
    Here is a link to a very taking flashmovie. Then you`ll se. I hope that every one of you think once and again about how you could think that a Pit bull is a real “killer-dog”. Its not true.

  12. Lena Says:


  13. Ryan Says:

    I have a four year old pitbull-doberman mix, and she is an almost perfect angel. We got her from a friend (who has both mom and dad, which made my wondermutt a mistake in their eyes) when she was only 5 weeks old. The key to having a great dog is aobve-all spending time with them. If you do not have at least 2 hours a day of interaction, why have a pet in the first place.

    Jada is great with kids, people and all other dogs. She has been around dogs since she was born, as well as keeping in contact with her parents and her siblings at least once a month. These two breeds separate can be very agressive, and double dangerous when you mix them. The only person Jada has ever shown agression to is me, the hand that feeds her and dominates her. As her K-9 cop trainer told me, she is testing my patience. With everyone else, she just walks up to them and licks them (unless you have a hoodie covering your face, then she gets protective).

    It takes time and love to have a great dog, regardless of breed. Yes, certain dogs have certain dispositions to act a certain way, but I personally have seen more agressive cocker spaniels, jack russels, and schnauzers than i have of either doberman or pitbulls.

    If you can’t make the time, don’t waste a dogs life with your excuses of not putting the time in.

  14. Xiomara Says:

    Am I missing something what is so graphic about this picture????

  15. Xrlq Says:

    It looks like you’ve fallen into the great sarchasm.

  16. Matt Says:

    Haha.. yea it’s supposed to be cute & funny!

    Lena –

    I’ve seen that flash vid before..it’s an excellent and moving depiction of pitbulls.

    A graphic must see!

  17. Jessica Says:

    They way I see it, the dog will do it if it’s trained to be mean or if your mean to the dog. any dog could attack a person. I have a pitbull and she is the sweetest thing, she’s great around kids. But also if it has attacked before it’s gonna do it again thats how I look at it. and I wish people would really understand that before they go posting bad things about pitbulls… thats why they have such a bad name.


  18. Jon Says:

    I have a pitbull daschund mix, he has a pitbull mind in a daschunds body. An awesome animal that loves other people and dogs, I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

  19. Louis E DeToy Says:

    I have shared life with many pitbulls , my son has slept, played, swam, and grown up with them . At this point in life we share our lives with 4 , we adopted the last one aweek ago Sunday, Kane is a handsome 3 1/2 year old red. We brought him home and are letting him adjust to the others as well they to him.I have always been very fortunate with this breed ,never bit by one . I have been attacked,and bitten by at least 6, or 7 different breeds ,and thats not counting mix breeds . My wife was terrified of them till we raised a red nose from a pup.Now she loves them,at times I know she would keep the dogs over me if she had to chose.She calls them our kids, and loves them as much as any parent could ever love a child. At least when I’m planted she will have them to to protect,and love her,and that’s more than alot of family would do .

  20. Cosa Nostra Says:

    this picture shows that pitbull’s arent dangerous dogs
    iff you cant leave a pitbull (alone) with a small child you cant let anny dog (alone) with children+ why should it be more dangerous to leave a pitbull there instead of a saint bernard/jack russel/chiwawa ,….

  21. mal Says:

    i have owned two and a half pitbulls in my life. one was a mixed breed of a bit and a boxer but still is one of th sweetest dogs i have owned. and the other two were full breed males,and are the sweetest dogs i have ever ran into. pit bulls are some of the best dogs i have seen with children. i hope everyone can agree

  22. Harley Says:

    >As a lifelong owner,lover of the americian pitbull terrior ,I truely appreciate the positive responsesto this forem especialy the ones touching on responsabilty in owner ship.But the one thing I must add and implore all of you to do is participation in anti-BSL movements in all of your states. Our beloved friends need all of our help !!! We could ,if we raise our voices, stop all
    “baning laws” currently in place or in formation inlue of responsible owner ship laws.The photo above is one of something I to am fortunate enough to experience every day and hope to conitnue for the rest of my life! sorry to take such aserious tone ,but its a serious issue. We have three kids 1,3,and 7, 1 apbt 1 Jack Russle and as many rescue /foster “Pitts “as I can house (1 or 2) at a time. Thanks for listening !!!

  23. david Says:

    (I dont speak english lol)

  24. Lisa Says:

    The picture is gorgeous! I’d actually like to network with anyone thats willing because I’m a resident in Chicago and they’re currently trying to ban Pit Bulls in Chicago. I have a rednose pit thats going to be 4years old and he is my life, I couldn’t imagine having to get rid of him. does anyone know somewhere I could go or the right people to talk to? I need to get my voice heard, I’ve even composed a document based on facts to show that pits are wonderful dogs. Any help would be great.

  25. Anne Says:

    First of all thanks for the site, my pit is the biggest baby ever! He gets along great with the pack in my home. One question, my guy seems to get cold in the chicago winter on walks, does he need a coat? Can someone recommend a good outfitter for the breed? Every coat I have tried is too small in the chest.

    I love the breed.

  26. dustin Says:

    hey wats up i know every one things that pitbulls are mean and dangerous. well i have six of them and i also have a 3 year old brother and a month old little sister.
    and the dogs dont go near the baby ive taught them better then that. any dog is dangerous. the only reason why the media says theyre mean is beacause most people who are lower class have them and they thin k people who live in the hood are mean and abusive of the dogs well not every one treats the dog like shit. its how you raise it. i could make a cocker spaniel meaner than hell but no one would say any thing about that though.

  27. Danielle Says:

    One time me and my dog Pepper were going to the post office and we had new neighbors that had like…4 or 5 pitbulls,we didnt get down the street and once of them jumped the fence and came after us,the pit spun my dog around then went after me. Thankfully a kid walking by saw what was going on and got the dog before it got ahold of me. Then the next day one of the other pitbulls the neighbors had went after my brother who was going to the truck to get his cell phone.Then one night my dog got out of the house on accident and stuff,she was out for like 10 minutes and my aunt left,but she didnt get far,the lights of her car shined on the pitbull,attacking my dog for the second time.Nearly killing her!…We had a gun loaded incase one of them attacked again and shot the dog that kept attacking us..after the dog went after my mom who was going to get somthing for my grandpa.

  28. Margo Says:

    Mean dogs are trained…..all dogs bite

  29. Margo Says:

    Mean dogs are trained……all dogs bite

  30. ochyy Says:

    i have read a lot and heard a lot now about pitbull. i am still gona get it. im in u.k. i know we are not allowed to have one coz its banned but i just have to get one even after some bad feedbacks, coz the way i see it.. if you raise your kid to be good it will be good if u raise them bad they will be villians. thankzz… ochy

  31. Hannah Says:

    oooo! how cute! I own a pit and she is nicer than any dog i know. She is so sweet, i would trust her with a new born baby or kitten or any type of newborn for that matter.

  32. Nick Says:

    Power to the pitbull, thanks for the positive picture, i am getting tired of people giving pitbull’s a bad name, it is all in the owner not the dog, my uncle has two pits and they would never hurt anything even if told to, or teased because my uncle trained them right, i believe the are the greatest animal anyone could ever own if raised properly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Seth Says:

    I miss my Pit so cute

  34. greg Says:

    this is such bullshit any dog can attack at anytime i have a pitbull and a 5 month old daughter and they sleep together all tha time so for all u pit haters kiss my ass

  35. ravi/ruble Says:

    Pitbulls are a great dog to have. And that statement is clearly shown as the dog is defending that poor and helpless child from the perverted man’s hand that is evidently trying to touch the baby’s butox

    P.S Got A Problem??Email Me

  36. Jazz Says:

    My pitbullz da best… i duno wat da fuck otha bitchz hatin on them fo… mah dog aint eva givin me a prob.. it dose wat it should… protect and shiet…an it hasnt ever attacked n e thing b 4… :D…

    so fcuk all u haterz and have a nice fcukin day.. :D

  37. Pitbull101 Says:

    Pitbulls are like everyother Dog i have 4 pits 3mals 1female 2males are 6months old the other being there dad they have never fought or showed aggression to eachother
    and they have only tried to get after another Dog after it attacked me and left 12stitches in my leg!! i have only been attacked By EVIL BLUE HeLlAR DOGS OF DOOM SENT FROM SPACE!

  38. scrappy Says:

    u r fuckin stupid ass people pitbulls are the sweetest dogs on the earth if they are raised right

  39. Cristina B. Says:

    Instead of giving you my opinion which is neither here nor there, let me give all of you some pitbull FACTS. NOT MY OPINIONS, but FACTS:

    1. Search the American Temperament Test Society. Pit bulls have an average score that beats even the “ultimate family dog”, the Golden Retriever.

    2. Pit Bulls are one of the most stable people-friendly dogs in existence. The National Canine Temperament Testing Association tested 122 breeds, and Pit Bulls placed the 4th highest with a 95% passing rate!

    3. While many Pit Bulls do tend to be aggressive towards other DOGS (as are most terriers), the normal, well raised Pit Bull has NO human-aggressive tendencies! In fact, human-aggression was actually bred out of the breed. The majority of Pit Bulls are affectionate, intelligent, trainable dogs. In fact, the highest obedience trial record of all time is held by an American Pit Bull Terrier named Maddy!

    4. Pit Bulls are heroes! America’s first war dog was a Pit Bull named Stubby. He earned several medals during World War I and was honored at the White House. The Ken-L-Ration dog hero of 1993 was a Pit Bull named Weela. She saved 30 people, 29 dogs, 13 horses and a cat during a flood in Southern California. A Pit Bull named Bogart saved a four-year-old child from drowning in a swimming pool in Florida. Dixie, the Pit Bull, was inducted into the Georgia Animal Hall of Fame after she saved some children from a Cottonmouth snake.

    5. There are quite a few celebrities who have owned one of the ‘pit bull’ breeds that Michael Bryant would ban in Ontario: Ray Romano, Don Cherry, Fred Astaire, President Roosevelt, Jack Dempsy, Thomas Edison, Madonna, Michael J Fox, Brad Pitt, Bernadette Peters, Sinbad, Alicia Silverstone, Linda Blair, Humphrey Bogart, Usher, Mel Brooks, Ann Bancroft, John Stuart, Jan Michael Vincent, Pink, Kelli Williams, Ken Howard (Father in Crossing Jordon – his Pit Shadow saved his life), Malcolm Jamal Warner, Stephan Jenkins, Rosie Perez, Ananda Lewis, Amy Jo Johnson, Mary Tyler Moore, Steve and Terrie Erwin (the Crocodile Hunter), Jack Johnson, Bill Berloni (Broadway show dog trainer who has said that the Pit is the breed of choice for training), Anthony Robbins, Molly Price, President Woodrow Wilson, Frankie Muniz, AJ Mclean, Barbara Eden, and even HELEN KELLER!

    5. Statistics
    In a report from Dekalb County Georgia, the conclusion was reached that statistics could no be used to document the dangerousness of any one breed, or the comparison of one breed to another. The 5-year study of fatal attacks from 1975-1980 lists the GSD first and “mixed breeds” second with the American Pit Bull Terrier listed 6th.
    A 6-year study in Palm Beach County of “most severe dog bite by breed” shows the top 10 breeds who have been identified in this comparison.

    1988: APBT ranked 9th w/9 per cent of bites
    1989: APBT ranked 5th w/15 per cent
    1990: APBT ranked 5th w/16 per cent
    1991: APBT ranked 9th w/10 per cent
    1992: APBT ranked 2nd w/20.4 per cent (w/cocker spaniel showing in 1st)
    1993: APBT ranked 5th w/16 per cent

    Some of the breeds which placed above the American Pit Bull terrier were Dalmatians, Chows, Labs, Goldens, Rotties, Dobermans, and the afore-mentioned Cocker Spaniel.

    Again, these are not opinions, these are COLD HARD FACTS. So tell me, the Golden Retriever, the great american family dog is more human aggressive than a pitbull by facts, not opinions, how many people leave their golden retreivers alone with their children??? According to cold hard facts, you’d be better off with a pitbull next to your infant.

  40. Cristina B. Says:



    Pit Bulls are widely used as therapy dogs, even today. Because of their high pain threshold and stable temperament, they do not bite or snap when accidentally bumped by a wheelchair or walker.

  41. Gasper Says:

    When you love a pitbull he will love you back… When you abuse him he will abuse back… Look at all them sphico killers they all where abuse when they where lil and now they serial killers… Even to the meanest pitbull when you open up your heart to him he may still mean but belive me he will give you the world… Stop acusing the worlds smarters, playfull, strongest, funiest dogs because they cant defend them selfs other dogs are more likely to atacc ppl the bad part is that theirs never a vidio camera or something to show it. out of every 100 dogs attacs only 2 where from pits and there was a camara taking pics or shoting video but to the other 98 diferent atacs not from pit a camara or a vidio recording wasnt availabel to sad this point cant really be prove but keep an hear out every time any dog atac someone in your naighborhood it wont be a pit i promes you…

  42. deinse Says:

    hi my names deinse im 15 will be 16 in july im sorry that poeple dont like pitbull they are sweet dog if you bring them up right and pitbull are not mean and wont turn on well any dog can turn on you its like i said you have to bring the dong up right and its not the dog promble if thier own dose them wrong but any dog can turn on you no mattter what tpe of dog they are people make me mad saying o you have a pitbull its going to turn on you no it wont if you bring them up right thats all i have to say about and poeple remeber that any kind of dog can turn on you ok thank an all have a nices day or night

    from me deinse

    an yes i love pitbull its my favorite dog
    they rock an they are sweet if you do them right

  43. Danielle Says:

    Ight yall sayin how pits are raised right they wont hurt ya right? Well heres another story one of my uncles had a piut,never mean to it or anything! He loved her to death! and went to put her back in the yard after she got out and she turned on him for no fucking reason!

    Heres another

    My aunt had a pitbull…they let it run loose sense they have like 40 acres of land. And no one used to live by them, the dog was the best ever! It let me my bro and my cuzins ride on its back when we were little. When one of there friends pulled in the drive way and got out the pitbull ran at them like it was going to attack!

    I aint sayin anything bad because I have a friend that has 4 of them and they are the sweetest and most playfullest dogs,but still I dont trust them and no one in my family trusts them,I think they are beautifull dogs and can be nice, but I’ve always been told they can turn on you in a snap…and havent trusted them since I was attacked and my dog was attacked,Im like afraid of them, every time Im around one now Im all jumpy and try and stay away from them…

    dont have a clue what its gotta do wit yall just sayin though.

    gotta say somthin’ to me bout it,e mail me

  44. Cristina B. Says:

    TO Danielle, you’re an idiot, any dog can turn on ANYONE. Just the same, you can’t say you don’t trust hispanic people because you knew four hispanic people who were murderers. The FACT, once again, since you didn’t read my FACTS in my previous post, the COLD HARD FACT, not my opinion, is that pitbulls are one of the LEAST LIKELY dogs to have human aggression problems, or call it “turn on their owner” problems. Cocker spaniels are number one, even the gold retriever has a higher risk of turning on their owner!!! YES, the wonderful, american family dog the Golden Retriever. It’s just no one mentions it when a five pound dog turns on their owner because, lets face it, is a chihuahua really going to hurt you? Not likely – EVERY BREED OF DOG IN THE WORLD HAS DOGS THAT HAVE TURNED ON THEIR OWNERS!! Just like people, some are bad and some are good, its just that when a pitbull happens to turn, they are the most powerful dogs in the world, they can kill people very easily. I don’t suppose you heard about the pomeranian, yes, a 10 pound pomeranian, that killed an infant a few years back did you? Not just killed, it mutilated and an infant while the owner was out of the room. In fact, a pomeranian has a higher risk of turning on it’s owner than a pitbull does. So don’t come in here talking shit with your bullshit opinions, get your facts straight you idiot. Opions mean JACK SHIT, FACTS ARE WHAT COUNT, unless you’re too ignorant to know that.

  45. zk Says:

    To Danielle.

    WOW , LLLLLLLLLOL, you are probably the most grammatically incorrect human being in the entire world.
    “Aint Cha” LOL… your opinion doesn’t even matter because you most likely can not even at 32 tie your own shoes. “See Ya’ll Later Yee-HAW”. LOLLLLLLLL

  46. Jess Says:

    I grew up with a pitbull. We got her when i was about 6 months old. We had a 6.5 acre farm house so i had alot of room to explore. My parents never really had that great of an eye on me. Sugar always did though. When ever my dad wanted to find me. He would wistle and call Sugar. Sugar would lead him to me and that is how it was when i learned to walk. Sugar was my dog and i always treated her like mine. Pitbulls are the dogs my children are going to be raised with. They are protectors and very loving dogs.

  47. Nick Says:

    I have a 2 year old pitbull, shes all black with white on her belly nose and tall and shes the sweetness dog ever, shes likes to play and run around and get into mischief takin my socks and slippers and stuff. She would never harm anyone, ive had her since she was a month old and i raised her to understand that people are her friends so whenever someone new come up to the door shes always there wagging her tail and looking out the window trying to figure out who it could be. Pitbulls dont just stap, anything could snap, cats, rabbit, people, toasters can snap so dont give me that bullshit ur afriad of them ur just a cunt.

  48. Tracy Says:

    What a great web site!. You hardly ever come across one that isn’t warning others about how dangerous pit bulls are. I got a male mix of red nose and brindal 9 months ago. He’s awesome.. like a goofy marmaduke..lol. My boyfriend moved in shortly after and brought his two pits, which are the mom and dad of mine. They too were great dogs. And are even wonderful to other dogs (my mom’s pekinese). My boyfriends female (Sadie) ended up being the best dog I ever owned..she slept in between my two kids and her and I bonded quickly. She would lay on my shoulder at night and snore..lol. When I went to the store a couple of weeks ago, she had pulled her log chain out of the ground and was in the neighbors yard. She ended up being shot and killed by the so called dog warden… because she bite the neighbor.(it actually was a scrape across his finger and from what I understand it happened when he punched her in the mouth. After the second punch she came back into our yard with our other dogs and stayed… the warden ran her down and shot her 5 times while she was trying to get away(while dragging her log chain). My point is this, I don’t think this would have happened if people would stop judging this breed. And of course I feel like I didn’t protect her from the neighbor or the warden, like I should have. She was a good dog and wouldn’t hurt anyone or even another dog… I would bet my life on that. For god sakes, she slept with our two cats even..lol. And her and my mom’s pekinese took to each other like sisters would..
    People are cruel and mean..

  49. Tracy Says:

    And… I actually came across this site while looking to buy another red nose white pit like sadie to suprise my kids with. Although, she will never be replaced:)

  50. Randi Says:

    Ok, so there have been attacks of pits on people. Other dogs do it too! There is one incident that happened near me…not too long ago. A girl who had a baby at a very young age was at a friends house LATE one night sleeping on a mattress on the floor w/ the baby in her arms. The pit (who lived there) killed the infant…mutilated her. I don’t believe the dog is at fault though. The owner and mother are idiots! Putting a child on the floor and not introducing the baby and dog…wrong! Also, I really think that the pit thought the baby was a doll (a SMALL NON MOVING object) or something to play with. She dragged the baby away. I guess the newly mother was just too passed out to hear the baby cry? Gee. Anyways, in short. I have a beautiful pit (check out my site) and my fiance and are are planning on having kids or trying for a baby at the end of the year (after we’re married of course!) and I FULLY intend on keeping my dog and letting her and the baby become friends!! No doubt, Layla is strong, but she’s a dog. Pit bulls aren’t small dogs. She’s my porky lovable red baby!! Nothing wrong with that…she’s a jumper though. That’s why I plan on supervising playtime…not because I’m scared of an attack! I also have a jack russel and lab and cocker spaniel. They all get along WONDERFULLY!!!!

  51. brittany Says:

    awwww i have pitbulls and me and my 3yr old brother snuggle with them all the time it is not the dogs fault if it attacks or kills. yes it does no what its doing but it was never taught not to. it was never loved or cuddled with. pitbulls are great dogs and they r perfect for kids b-cause they r commited and lovable. for those who hate pitbulls f***k and go to hell

  52. Tammy Says:

    I love the picture!It goes to show that these dogs can be very wonderful, if raised by responsible owners.Most pitbull attacks that you hear about on the News, are because these Dogs are abused,They never know real companionship they are taught aggression and to kill.So how can we really blame the breed,they only do what their owners teach them.If you teach a pitbull love and human compassion they will give that back to you 100 percent.One thing about pits is they love to please their owners.I own a wonderful pitbull and have owned two others in the past i also know other people that own this breed,and have great pitbulls as well.I’ve never came across a vicious pit.I have a 13 year old son that at the age of 4 was bit in the face by my moms boyfriends full blooded Labador.The dog bit my son right under his right eye my son had to have 31 stiches, 17 on top and 14 on bottom why did this dog bite him? because he pulled the dogs foot.This was a dog that was treated very well he had a great owner.This dog was also brought up with 2 boys.He had played with my son many of times and never showed any signs of being aggressive.This just goes to show any breed of dog can attack at some point.I love pitbulls and my heart goes out to anyone that has lost their beloved pits to the screwed up laws.Thank you for showing that beautiful picture.It’s little things like that,that can make a difference.

  53. Lizard Says:

    Before I got to know the breed, I was afraid of them too… they look different and the media hype surrounding them is huge. Then I worked in shelters and vet clinics for years, and grew to absolutely love the breed. I have a pitbull mix, and love her to pieces. She is the funniest and smartest of my 3 dogs. We also have 4 cats, who she has never bothered. The personality that pitbulls have is so endearing and loving. If you have never really gotten to know a pitbull, you are seriously missing out, because they are definately one of the coolest breeds around. That said, it is absolutely true that they are unique, high maintenance breed, who require tons of time, effort, training, and LOVE (as do all dogs, but pitbulls demand attention more than other breeds in my experience). But if you are willing and able to give them what they need, pitbulls will repay you with dedication and love as much as their huge hearts can hold.

  54. G Says:

    Nigga fo sho, that is one cool dogg

  55. Ben Says:

    Pits are the best dog in the world. My neighbor has one (named Bruno) and I walk it every damn day. To all you dumasses like danielle (currently # 27 & 43), I hope you get mauled to death by a rabid dog, not a pitbull though, just to prove your ass dead wrong. How dare you talk out against a dog you have never even owned before.

    Its not the dog, its the owner with the issues. There is a reason they are chosen by all the terrible and inhumane people that enter them in pit-fights. They are incredibly muscular and can take a lot of abuse! I love that fact, and thats why many other people love them. Im not talking about loving their muscular structure for fighting purposes. I like their strength for the purpose of playing with them. Pits are amazing to play with. Everyday on our walk, we run in the park and just run around. They are great with kids due to their ability to take abuse, because if a small child pulls on its tail as a joke or something, they will just ignore the fact and wont mind the child at all.

    The only time i have ever seen my neighbors Pitbull attack something, is when a fully grown German Shepard ran up to me and started growling and snapping its jaws at me. Bruno immediatly ran up and protected me without a moments hesitation.

    I hate the fact that people are always putting pitbulls down. There was a news article about a pitbull running loose around an appartment and killing an older woman. But in reality, the dog wasnt a Pitbull, but a Perro de Presca Canario (Canary Dog), a totally different breed that doesnt even look similar. The media is always quick to respond with stories of “Pitbull attacks” when they arent even sure if the dog was a Pitbull or not. This gets me very agrivated.

    Please leave a comment about my article.

  56. Daniel Says:

    my name is Daniel and i have had 4 diffrent pitbulls not on has been mean… i have 2 sisters and one brother… they NEVER showed there teeth… it is all in the way the dog is raised and how they are treated… i could take my dogs on walks and not have to worry about them hurting any one…unless some one teased them… and that goes with any dogs… so if you own animals you would agree that it is all in the way you treat them…

  57. Joy Says:

    “Over generations man has used unjustified excuses to wash his acts of evil by blaming it on others”… This is the sad reality of irresponsable dog owners!!!!!!I often compare the breed of pitbulls to people that are wrongly sentenced to death.Pitbulls can’t speak for themselves so it’s our duty to try to educate the ignorant breed of “human beings” that are trying to fade and exterminate the existence of an amazing,loving,caring and ready to take a bullet for you kind of dog.There’s a saying that says “A dog is a man’s best friend” If pitbulls could speak they would ask “Why can’t a man be my best friend too?”

    For all you ignorant people: PUNISH THE DEED NOT THE BREED!!!

  58. Randa Says:

    I have one thing to say: I have never owned a dog and would never go near one before I met my first pitbull. What a kind, loving dog.

    The irony is that the negative image portrayed of monstrous pitbulls is actually a mirror reflection of the monster in all us human beings who choose to be cruel. Animals are never born evil. Humans, on the other hand, make certain breeds victims of hatred when actually it is the human, evil spirit who has committed the crime.
    We turn these pitbulls into victims when we abuse them and then we make them victims again by blaming them for their so-called “vicious behaviour”.

  59. manuel Says:

    hola señora lo perro pitbull se ve bueno se cuida a lo bebe bye

  60. Mandy Says:

    That is so freakin cute. The caption is just excellent. That’s exactly how i feel. I have a big beautiful brindle boy at home and he is just the sweetest dog ever. we have little terriers too and by god, if they aren’t mean as hell. lol. my pitbull has always been gentle even around our puppies. he is a 90 lb dog who is surrounded by little guys no more than 20 lbs, lol, and he is great with them. he’s just big and dopey and so lovable. i’ve never seen any hint of aggressiveness in him. it makes me so mad when people stereotype these big babies as bad dogs. its not bad dogs, its bad owners. any dog has the potential to hurt somebody. you’ve got 2 very beautiful babies there. i love it!

  61. aaron Says:

    I have had many dogs including dobermans, german shepherds, rotties, pitts and akitas (all stereotypically violent dogs). If anyone is truely serious about taking care of this problem then they will seek out the people who are raising these dogs to be mean and vicious. It is one thing to raise a dog to be a protector and a guard, another to be a vicious attack dog. All my dogs have been great they’ve all been pure breds. I know that as long as the dog comes from responsible breeders and has a responsible owner the dog will be great. Not everyone wants a stupid annoying lab or a pussy ass poodle. Pitbulls are man dogs and are wonderful dogs who will die for their owner and who only love to please their owners.

    If they ban pitbulls then they will go after the next most vicious the rottweilers and german shepherds, then to the next the doberman pincher and the akitas. Then when all these dogs are extinct people will get labs and golden retrievers and they will raise them to be mean and vicious. Punish the owners not the dogs.

    I have only had 2 instaces where my dogs have attacked. My German Shepherd beat the shit out of a doberman only because the dobbie came onto our yard and started the fight with him(which he lost my shepherd won), and my one rottie bit some kid because he threw a ball at him while my 7 year old sister was walking him. These are just a couple examples of irresponsible people who are who to fault for animal attacks most of the time

  62. aaron Says:

    To danielle that incident was probably due to some dumb ass who had no right to have a pitbull and was probably a terrible owner and was not repsonsibl with his pits. Again your dog should not have gotten out then it wouldn’t of gotten its ass kicked.

  63. aaron Says:

    Hey danielle you should come by my house and i’ll have my rottweileror german shepherd have a word with you, sounds to me you had some bitch ass dog who deserved to get its ass kicked. Ok and its true what the hell… you cant say o just because one dog attacked me there all bad. Some golden retriever tried to attack me before and my pitt beat its ass because it was protecting me. So are you going to say that golden retreievers are bad now.

    Pitts kick ass, daniele and her poodle suck

  64. elkin Says:

    tengo un pero pitbull de Chimbote-Peru su nombre es chacal es de color caramelo sus ojos colores claros y trompa marron y lla ba haser papa piso auna perra llamada porfiria de su misma rasa ok bey

  65. lynn Says:

    this terrible dog behavior must be stopped! that pit bull is hogging Half the Bed!

    i know, i have one . . . he likes to sleep on my pillow.

  66. Malcom Says:

    Yeah! Pitbulls don’t kill people. people kill people…

    with their pitbulls…

  67. Pitbull PP co. Says:

    its not the dog that causes the violent nature, its the dogs upbringing from iresponsible owners, if a pitbull develops a mature mind in the hands of a owner providng affections, loyalty, and a rewarding upbringing it will reward you back for your hard work, with probably the most loyal dog that would die for you, it will be a companion and be at your side for its life. I wouldnt advise leaving a pitbull alone with a child for a length of time without an adult present. However brought-up correctly they are suitable for owners with children, i have 3 pitbulls and they roll around the rug with the kids aged 5-9

  68. Raj Says:

    I have a similar photo with my roxy. (almost same colors.. ) but there is no kid.. i am sleeping.. and the photo was taken by my wife. she just sneaks on the bed and sleeps.. a little human contact..
    pitbulls just have a bad name. It all depends on the way you bring the pup up. It depends on you.. how you want your dog to be.. irrespective of breed !!!!
    i firmly believe in that.. and i have lived with 5 dogs since i was born.. earliest recollection – age 3 years.. playing with Happy !!!

  69. Kelsey Says:

    omfg. u people desgust me. pittbulls are perfectly harmless. forgive them for just trying to love. my god.
    pittbulls are trying to protect there owners , becuase they love them… and also it all depends how u raise the dog. goshh.. seriosuly, wake up. PITTBULLS ARE PERFECTLY HARMLESSS/// you fucking retards.

  70. cristina Says:

    It took me a long time to decide myself to buy an american pitbull. First I was afraid because everyone told me that was an agresive dog. Finally I bought one Im very happy to bring him home. His name is Spike and is a member of the family, he is very sweet and we love him so much. The dog itself is not guilty of his actions. OWNERS are the guilty ones.

  71. ashford crescent Says:

    my neighbour was just bitted badly by a pitbull, he also killed there cat. The dog was a neighbours, the dog had wondered into there garden, kill there cat a=nd then turn on the owners. Police were ready to shoot the dog, but was saved when owner turned up.

  72. belen Says:

    I myself have a female pit bull, had her since she was 2 months and now she is 2 yrs. Guera is her name, she is a really sweet dog and she loves my two boys. She is really playful and she really gets along with my 1 year terrier. I’m just trying to let you know that a dog is what you make of them. I know that pit bulls are known by been aggressive but you can also make a sweet dog by giving them time and love and playing with them as much as you can.

  73. timbersavage Says:

    I tell you people are sheep!!ts the bottled water theory “if you can Bottle it,they will buy it.. (bottled) meaning if you package something so nice and easy to believe people will believe it with out even actually searching or taking time to really get the facts..sheep I tell you! I have only owned amstaffs/apbt.. and you have to be the alfa in your pack. no if ands or buts… these are to me the most loyal,loving,devoted dogs Ive ever come across. if you are a new dog owner to be get a lab, something anyone can train. cause amstaffs/apbt are very head strong. if you arent the alfa you are not gonna train the dog,its gonna train you. these beautiful agile dogs are not what the public and media has made them out to be.. its not the breed you should fear its the owner!!! how many times have you seen people with dogs that dont listen,arent trained and do what they want.when those people have children it turns out the same way dont listen,bad tempered ,do what they want….now look at the people who have great dogs who are just awesome they listen, obey commands,do as they are told ..them look at they’re children and they also are well developed,listen well well behaved… so hate the deed/not the breed

  74. kimmy Says:

    yeah it makes me soooo mad that people mis-understand pits.
    My mom and I fight all the time about whether they are safe or not.
    I looked into adopting an adorable 7 month pit/lab mix.
    She wouldnt let me get it beacuase it was part pit.
    Its the owners that make these wonderful dogs so vicious.
    Why cant people get that thru their heads?????

  75. Casey Says:

    Let me tell you all something..I am a dog groomer and listening to everyone say that labs and goldens are biters pisses me off…anyone who says these dogs are biters are full of shit and doesn’t know anything about dogs….just because some people are down on Pitbull’s doesn’t mean you have to go accusing other breeds…maybe you should try being a dog groomer someday…

    but anyways…my Aunt raised a pit puppy from 6 weeks old. She spends a lot of time with the dog (his name is Tex) and he has never hurt anyone. I, myself, has owned 4 Pits in my life and they have always turned out very nice. One weekend I stayed at my Aunts with my 1 year old daughter. We woke up in the middle of the night to a growling noise and we found my daughtor facedown with Tex on top of her pulling on her clothes…I almost lost her

  76. Amanda Says:

    I love pitbulls to death!!! this picture is soooo adorable. I had a pitbull when i was a little kid and he was the sweetest most huggable an loveable dog there ever could live. i mean what does everyone have against pitbulls anyways??? There was a study showing that out of 100 breeds the pitbull was the 4th most likely to bite…..4th….from the BOTTOM! http://gprime.net/flash.php/thepitbullproblem
    There are VERY GRAPHIC images on this but send it to everyone you know to show them the REAL truth about pitbulls!

  77. The Senator Says:

    Oh my God !
    What an irresponsable father… Now the baby will grow up to be a killer just like the dog sleeping next to him!

    Pitbulls Rule!!!Danielle sucks for shit and hope your next dog will eat you alive,starting with your empty head^^ LOL. LOL .LOL ….

  78. Lex Says:

    Hey Dude,

    it’s really kind of sick promoting the idea of placing your pitbull next to your baby. I mean what’s going on in people’s heads risking the life and health of their children just in order to prove all prejudice about their preferred dograce wrong? That’s more than a demonstration of your ignorance towards the problems adapted to these dogs, it’s a sign of a serious problem with your personality. Discussion is one thing, tearing an inncent baby into your personal dog-and-socail problems is another. Start a therapy! And I really hope your child wont be as full of shit as it’s parents…

  79. Xrlq Says:

    Hey Dude,

    You’re an idiot. Have a nice day.

    Love and Kisses,

  80. zachery Says:

    pitbulls are the greats dogs you can thank of.my dog sassie would never bight me.who ever said that pitbulls are dangerous dogs there crazy.my dog is 35 years old and she never bit me.

  81. Jess Says:


    You are truly misunderstanding the message this person is trying to convey. Before u go ahead and insult and judge the breed, do your homework!! Would you have been as enraged if it had been a poodle, chihuaha, dalmation….

  82. v Says:

    beutiful pic both your babies are adorable.. im glad to see someone else who is open minded enough to give credit to a great breed of dog. I was raised with pitbulls around throughout my entire life, my parents bred and trained them.. in fact when i was but a wee toddler i learned how to walk by pulling up on our dogs and they would patiently walk me around.. my belated pitty actualy saved my life, i was leaving a neighbors house when i was nearly abducted.. if it wernt for her protective nature i may not be here today.
    it isnt the breed that is dangerouse its the people that make them that way…

  83. animal crazy Says:

    pitbulls are great dogs, my cousin has a beautyful pitbull and is gentle with kids and there baby. i also have a pitbull but it is a pitbull shepard mix and he is four months old and is a sweety pie and everyone loves him! he likes everyone! not all pitbulls are “mean” it is how they are treated and cared for it is not there fault, and they are great dogs and they are fun to have around.

  84. animalcrazy Says:

    hi it me again! my pitbull is a great dog anyone would enjoy a pitbull if they had one they are fun to ahve and they are just great dogs people might see them in diifferent ways becuz of how they look or how they act it is not their fault! and my pitbulls name is harley and he is only 4 months old and he likes to play and give kisses and loves to cuddle and in the picture i think that is cute! my puppy does the same! u r stupid ppl to judge the pitbulls!

  85. Lee Says:

    I am from the horse riding industry and I know quite a few people in the industry who have Pitbulls terriers. They bring them to horse show they are fine with other dogs and other people. What I believe is that any dog can be vicious or nasty in the hands of the wrong person. If an animal I bought or bred by someone who wants to fight with it or have a “scary” dog, they may treat them in a way, in which will bring the animal to be aggressive! If this animal starts to be aggressive then it will be harder for the dog to see what it is doing is wrong, so therefore of course it will continue to be aggressive and this may lead to it attaching someone. Realistically it shouldn’t be the dog that is look at but perhaps the owner! And please don’t get me wrong by thinking that I am saying that people who have Pitbulls are going to treat them nasty so they can have an aggressive dog…because that is not what I am saying at all. I just believe that if you show any animal the right attention and love of course it’s going to show you it back!!

    thanks for your time!

  86. Lee Says:

    Dear The Senator

    Its people like you that pitbulls never get the right name! i think you should go have a look at this website and mabey it will open up your eyes a little bit more because i love pitbulls and seeing this tore me in two and hopefully it might warm your cold blooded heart!

    PS. if you want to read his comment he was number 77

  87. Lee Says:

    Dear The Senator

    Its people like you that pitbulls never get the right name! i think you should go have a look at this website and mabey it will open up your eyes a little bit more because i love pitbulls and seeing this tore me in two and hopefully it might warm your cold blooded heart!

    PS. if you want to read his comment he was number 77

  88. attabiq Says:

    wtf are people thing when they say pitbulls are deadly ?????????

  89. NANCY Says:


  90. Charlie Fox Says:

    I think it is great that people are willing to look past a stereotype and try to see what is really going on with pit bull terriers. Unfortunately many people are irresponsible or mis-guided when it comes to owning pets. They want to think of them as humans in dog costumes and that aint the case.

    Pitbulls are already banned in more than 200 cities in the USA. They are the number one choice for people who stage and bet on dog fights. If the dog loses, they lose money (betting) and take it out on the dog. Pits have been burned, beaten and shot for losing fights. Many of these abused fighting dogs get turned out to the streets and that is a problem both for the dogs and those who may encounter them.

    I think there is so much hype made out of the fatal attacks that many pit lovers are inclined to react with a broad denial of the physical ability of pits to kill. All dogs, particularly small dogs, will use their teeth to warn, correct and attack but generally only the larger breeds have the ability to kill. That’s just reality. 60 human fatalities isn’t much in the grand scheme of things but some of those could have been prevented if the owners knew more about dog behavior. I don’t blame the breed but those that own one should accept the responsibility that comes with owning a powerful dog. Mainly, they should know how those 60 fatalities came to be and how they could have been prevented.

  91. Maria Says:

    It’s too bad that when someone writes about something that truly happened to them or what is honestly on their minds, others write “You’re an idiot!” as was written to Dude and Danielle.
    Or the person’s spelling is maligned.
    So childish.
    I’m replying as I bleed from a bite from my pitbull.
    She’s almost two yrs. old and I raised her since she was a puppy.
    She is a much loved dog that is properly disciplined and exercised.
    I walk her everyday for at least 40minutes.
    Well, this evening I was walking her and a neighborhood boy on a skateboard excited her and she wanted to bolt after him.
    The noise of the skateboard got to her. The boy was about 75yds. away in his own driveway.
    I had control of her and blocked her lunge and after continuously trying to get to him, she bit me around my right knee.
    I was shocked about that.
    Maybe she was too.
    Anyway, it is sobering to have big puncture wounds from a family dog who is much loved.
    And it hurts like hell!
    She is well trained and never showed such a trait. It is a huge responsiblity to own a pitbull–trying to give it what it needs plus trying to prevent such acts.
    We are ambassadors for the breed and fussing on sites like these don’t help the breed’s reputation.
    It’s not always the owner’s fault when something happens unexpectedly.
    Just felt compelled to write.
    I just wonder about the ones who write that are so filled with anger when someone says something they don’t like.

  92. Jason Says:

    This is in response to everyones comments especially the last comment by maria. yes its a lil long but informative and not a waste of time.

    i’ve been working with dogs since i was about 4 years old with my father and his friends. i am now 18. i took care of them and their kennels, groomed them, fed them, and also trained them. this training includes obedience training and the german form of protection training called schutzhund. being around all sorts of dogs i’ve seen alot. good traits, bad traits, habbits and what not. i’m no expert and dont know everything but i do have experience and knowledge.

    maria, it sounds to me like what happened was yes your dog got excited. it happens alot to dogs with such energy and curiousity. and thats what this was. plus alot of dogs like to chase moving things especially if someone runs away. now there no gaurantee that you dog would have went after the kid and attacked him. you dog was more than likely curious and excited and in all the excitement of you holding it back the dog bit you just letting you know to let go so she could see what it was. in the excitement she probably bit you a little harder than she meant to. no big deal. it happens i’ve been bit plenty of times like that. now you say your dog was surprised so im guessing that right after she bit you she kinda looked like she was cowering slightly like if you yell at them and they know they’re in trouble and did something wrong. the hang their head slightly and there ears are back and their tail is between their legs. if thats what you saw then it was a definite accident. accidents happen and yes it hurts but no harm was ever meant to anyone.

    now its in my experience that pitbulls are one of the most loyal dogs and GREAT family dogs. whether with adults, teenagers, young children or even toddlers. Pitbulls are very loving. they just need to know whos in the family and whats acceptable behavior. this includes disciplining certain behavior such as growling or showing teeth or if you look carefully, because Pitbulls are wire hair dogs, hair slightly raised and standing on end. those are some very basic signs of aggression or dislike of something obviously. its best to raise a dog from a puppy in an already formed family so it knows and learns from a very early age who the family is.

    I myself have owned 2 Pitbulls in my life. And both at the same time. I used to LOVE to play with them. And believe it or not. I used to WRESTLE with them. yes thats right an aggressive and rowdy act but yes I got on the floor and grabbed their legs and pushed them over and stuff. The two Pitbulls LOVED IT!!! LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! They also nipped but thats part of how dogs play. A nip I call a love bite. Its when they almost nibble lightly and yeah it can hurt just a lil but its one way Pitbulls show affection. They are VERY LOVING dogs! I had a brindle and white Pitbull that was big and his head was massive! His name was Cowboy and we gave him the nickname Buckethead cuz his head was literally the size of a 5 gallon bucket. Imagine the crushing power he had! And I never had any reason at all to fear him. I had another smaller but even tougher Pitbull named Raven. She was a beautiful red with black lining her eyes! She used to sleep on my feet on my bed every night. At no time did I ever have any reason to fear either one of these dogs. And yes I did get bit by them when they were excited and it hurt and sometimes puntured skind but it happens. They are excitable dogs. And both dogs were registered A.K.C. Thats American Kennel Club. You can not register any old Pitbull with that club. They were registered as american staffordshire terriours. Cowboy was also a show dog. He won first place ribbons and was rarely beaten. Sound like the mean terrifying Pitbulls that everyone knows of? Not really.

    Pitbulls only become that way through indecent treatment. Irresponsibility. Bad environments. Now there are cases where pitbulls become mean if teased. Happens all the time with ALL dogs. Not just Pitbulls. Say you have a dog fenced in and kids going by tease it all the time. It will make the dog mean and bite back when teased. At thats one of the exact reasons Pitbulls got their bad and false reputation of being mean man eating vicious dogs. No one ever looks at why did this dog bite exactly. Even in a dog thats unprevoked by some passers by. If the dog has been teased enough before the dog will assume its going to be teased again and not want to give the person that chance. In any case it IS NOT THE DOG’S FAULT. My advice is. If you live in ANY populated area where you have many people that will walk by on the streets. DO NOT KEEP YOUR DOGS OUTSIDE! The temptation for someone to tease will be too great because they think its fun and can get away with it. And in such a case it then becomes the owners responsibility and fault for anything the dog might do!

    If you are out and suddenly see a dog running to you. DO NOT RUN! I repeat. DO NOT RUN! Once more DO NOT RUN AT ALL!!!! Yeah that may be a reaction but never run! It will only make the dog chase you. You may find its just another curious dog and will come sniff you and lick you BUT BY NO MEANS do you ever pet it. Even when it seems friendly DO NOT PET A STRANGE DOG as you dont know the dog and the dog doesnt know you. The dog could take it as a threat and bite. Just let it sniff and when it’s done it will probably go on its way. Never look into a dogs eyes as many dogs can take it as a challenge. If you do find yourself a victim of an attack. Ball up your hands into fists and protect your head and neck area and tuck your chin to your chest. Your best bet is to have your elbows pointed out in front of your face so its covered with your hands balled at the back of your neck so your ears are covered by your wrists. Get down in a ball. This will make your body a little less capable of being bitten as easy as curling into a tight ball makes your body almost a little bit bigger for the dog to get it jaws wrapped around. yell NO or BAD DOG or anything that you would yell when a dog does something bad. Yell it in a manner to make the dog know its doing wrong and that you’re dominant. Like you would if you owned the dog. And always remember its more than likely not the dogs fault it attacked you but something that happened. So dont fear dogs or hate them for it. They are mearly protecting themselves or territory.

  93. Jason Again Says:

    I meant to say. As I said my Pitbulls were AKC registered as American Staffordshire Terriers. American Bull Terriors or American “Pit Bull” Terriors are generally the ones associated as man eaters. While both the same dog with the same traits. The American Staffordshire Terrier is the showdog strain of Bull Terriers but both the same dog. As such heres a description of the American Staffordshire Terrior:
    –The American Staffordshire is a very muscular, stocky, yet agile dog, and is extremely strong for his size. He has a broad, powerful head, short muzzle, and very strong jaws. The ears are generally cropped, though this is optional. The eyes are round and black. The teeth should form a scissors bite. Its coat is made up of thick, short, shiny hair. All colors are admissible, but dogs must not be more than 80% white. The tail tapers to a point. The ears are erect and docked slightly. Classed by AKC as “American Staffordshire Terrier” and by UKC as “American Pit Bull Terrier.” The American Staffordshire Terrier, are generally of larger bone structure, head size and weight then their cousins the American Pit Bull Terrier.

    I feel its important to distinguish this as anyone else who knows anything about Pitbulls may try to discredit me saying that American Staffordshire Terriors arent the same. They are. They’re just bigger than regular Pitbulls.

  94. Jason Once Again Says:

    Im sure you guys are probably tired of hearing from me but i had to throw in some history about the dog so you know where it comes from and what its about. This was gathered from information about the breeds. Just another FYI so you can better understand the dog. I really am a Pitbull lover and would probably choose one of them over any other dog any day!

    In the nineteenth century in the English region of Staffordshire, crossing among the Bulldog and various terriers developed the muscular, active, combative Staffordshire Bullterrier. Brought to the United States, the breed was preferred by American breeders who increased its weight and gave it a more powerful head. Now recognized as a separate breed, the American Staffordshire is larger and heavier than his British cousin, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. After dog fighting was banned in the United States in 1900, two strains of these dogs were developed, a show strain and a fighting dog strain. The show strain was labeled the American Staffordshire, while the fighting dog strain was labeled the American Pit Bull Terrier. The two are now being recognized as separate breeds. Today the American Pit Bull Terrier is being bred with the same gentle qualities as the American Staffordshire Terrier. They both make great pets with the right kind of owner. Some of the American Staffordshire Terriers talents are watchdog, guarding, police work, weight pulling and agility.

  95. Cristina Says:

    Everyone needs to go back to POST NUMBER 39 and read some FACTS about the breed…

  96. Gemstone Says:

    I have had a big bear of a pitt bull when i was younger an he was brilliant around kids an other dogs he only bit a dog once an that was becouse the other dog went for him, he was later put down due to pitt bulls haveing a bad name an NOTHING he did(dont worry the vet didnt get away with it). I now have a staff cross pitt bull an he is so lovely he plays with children an other dogs. Before people say that they are nastie dogs, own one first. An its how you rase them they are NOT born bad. (jack russels bite more then pitt bulls)


  97. Gemstone Says:

    I forgot to say I have 2 kids aged 4 an my dog is very prtective with them an has never hurt a anything or anyone he even lays with my cat in his bed. Even the POLICE have tryed to take my boy for barking (fucked up I know) These dogs do not need people like yous giveing them a bad name.

  98. ladypitbullace Says:

    tourlou :)every 1 i ame from QUEBÉC i ame franch sow sory 4 mi midioquer spelling but i cudent pas this picksher weth ut saying some nice words abut it i mi salves rased mi 2 kids weth pit bulls 1 was a female cald LACE she was a RED DAVIL PITBULL end di other a male is name was DRACO a AMERECAN PIT BULL THERRIÉ hope i gotet right hihihi end i trust mi sol with those dogs end siying youre litel baby remind me how mush i mistdem i ame hapy 2 se that not ol de world as gon mad on there cas end it shows that there es steel peple awt there that are not sold bi repulsive media atempt fore a buck ore 2 awt saling some lise and mist fortune ove there litle sol (pitbull’s) the problem is at the other and ove the lish the oner not de dog’s KEP LOVING THEME NOT SLOTHERING THEM :) HOPE TO SE MORE PICKSHERS END IF POSIBLE HERE FROM YOU ol 4 1 PIT BULL’S 4 EVER ;)

  99. Jason Again Says:

    Theres something i’d like to touch on for you guys. The BSL is the organization trying to ban breeds of dogs like the pitbull and its nice to see most the ppl submitting to this forum love pitbulls. Well they’re trying to pass a piece of legislature banning the pitbull. and so far i’ve heard it called SB 861. if you ever hear of this check on it and make sure its the law to ban breeds of dogs such as the pitbull and vote NO!!! so far i believe its been passed in San Francisco i believe and im sure will be brought up everywhere else they can. do not let this pass. Check on any law trying to be passed banning ANY breed of dog and vote NO or we’ll lose our best friends forever!

    SAY NO TO SB 861!!!

    go to these websites for info and or pictures to prevent this:


    go to my myspace page and check out the videos poem and prayer I have on pitbulls. just scroll down a lil.


    –note: if other music plays during vids just look in small silver rectangle on left of page and push pause button.

  100. Xrlq Says:

    Jason, S.B. 861 passed last year. I blogged about it here. However, as amended it does not prohibit any breed of dog, nor even allow local governments to do so. IIRC all it allows is breed-specific spaying and neuteringi programs.

  101. Kym Says:

    I have a purebread pitbull around my children all of the time. they are just youngs kids but i could have never found a better companion for my family. I live in ontario and right now we are unable to own a pitbull puppy and have to fix them. It is bullshit. People perceive pitbulls as a mean and nasty animal because of all the drug dealers and crack heads using them for protection, turning an animal that is so beautiful into a raging beast. but yet everyone knows the story even the wild beast can be tamed and just because the media says that pitbulls are a dangerous animal well they can go fuck themselves.

  102. ZEIN Says:


  103. pitbull mommy Says:

    well i had always hear awful things about pitbulls and my hubby’s uncle raises them ..they are so mean ,,,,one bit a womans face just because she was leaning over the fence talking to my uncles wife..taz is his name..he niped my niece from within his cage ..yes the keep him in a cage..and he wanted to give us one of his off springs.i told hubby i dont think soooooo…
    well about 1mth ago we saw a man selling them of course he pulled over and feel in love .. red nose pit and a pain in the butt… buy i love her..she is so loving and playful even play with our wennie dog …before getting lexi i was against pitbulls . but now she my lil girl a big BRAT..listens well..and plays well with others so its not thr breed of the dog .. i say its the way of bring up the dog in raising it proper …and for u awful ppl out there fighting them for blood money and game i hope u all rott in hell..animals are precious thing ..love them like ur own kids.they need love and care as well..because in the long run that cat or dog is the one going to be there @ the end..YOUR BEST FRIEND… NEW OWNER OF A BEAUTIFUL RED NOSE PITBULL “LEXI NICOLE”

  104. gemstone Says:

    on sunday my kia (staff cross pit bull) had a fight with an other dog witch growled an then went for my little girl an kia was protecting her, that was the first time he had done that,I took kia to the vet yesterday to have his leg an mouth looked at, an see the owner of the other dog there an he started shouting saying he wanted my kia put down an that if they dont do it then he will get the police to take him, (i later found out his dog was in a bad way but it lived) the vet did say that if it was to happen again they would have to put him down. The thing is im not gonna let them do that to my boy an the guy is saying he is gonna call the police even though it was his staff that started it, is there anything i could do to stop this from happening as killing our dog like his nothing would really break our hearts.
    we live in England (london)

  105. Jason Again Says:

    hmmm thats a tough one im working to become a cop but i cant say that i know any England law as I live in United States. All I can suggest is either talk to a lawyer or you could actually call your local representative and ask. the dog was protecting your family when their dog attacked so if your dog goes then theirs should too at least.

  106. kenny Says:

    APBT’s ar very loyal, loving, Amazingly smart dogs I have a APBT and she has more character them most people I know. Punish the fucCing fight trainers not the breed and if Conecticut starts trying to ban pitbulls THEIR WILL BE A RAISE IN THE CRIME RATE I’ll go back to jail for my pitbull anytime

  107. Michael Moffat. Director Says:

    all of these new dog laws have been traced to are new friends the Muslims they hate Dogs and think them unclean look what they are doing in there own countrys it was man who was put in charge of the animals not the other way around so maybe it would be good to hold man and his way of treating Animals with a sharper eye not to Raceialy Profile animals like Pity’s I own one myself and I would trust him with anything even my food put a steak on the floor still there when I get back.. dogs have helped to protect us from all sorts of things now is are turn to protect them.. Evil is Evil get rid of Terrorists that hurt Animals.. get rid of Evil against Animals and the people who spread rumors and decieve us to reach there end.. taking that that god gave us..
    I trust no religion that animals are not better for us knowing it!!! open your eyes..

  108. brittany Says:

    i love the pic soooo cute pitbulls have such bad raps they are prone to be more aggressive but rasied right and there soooo perfect i love pitbulls!!!!!!

  109. john Says:

    i believe pitbulls are the best dogs what ever is said above is rubbish and stupid so listen . pitbulls if raised properly they can be with any child and pretect it .but you have to respect the dog the same as you respected it before the baby came other wise it will end up being jeless

  110. Bridget Says:

    I have a three year old brindle pit bull.Her name is Duthches.She thinks that shes a human loves people, children, and to play. Pit Bulls are really awsome dogs its all in the matter of how they are rasied also I belive that people that git bitten by them are some times provecked. When a lab or poodle bit some one you never hear about it but when a pit bites its all over trying to out law them. it when the wrong people own them and train them to fight thats were they get the bad rap. Anyways my little lady is awsome and I love her. My Husband and I can’t have children so she is our child. she Sleeps with us and goes everywhere with us. Pit Bulls are good dogs just raise them right….. Bridget

  111. carly Says:

    pit bulls r fukin gawj my m8 ad 1 and it yoused 2 lick me but unfortunalty it gt put 2 sleep for back indjuries x

  112. pitbull_luver Says:

    I just got a brindle pitbull puppy, he is only 3 months old and he is the best dog imaginable. He is great with my baby nephew, he won’t let anyone he doesn’t know near him, he is not an agressive dog at all but he is protective, he’s already a guard dog. He gets along great with my older dog, they sleep in the same bed together. It does all depend on how a dog is raised wether or not they will be a good dog, you can’t ignore your dog and expect them to turn out right and you can’t tease your dog and expect them not to be cross. A pitbull is no worse than a chihuahua if raised properly

  113. Tyler Says:

    My pit/shetland pony has a girlfriend mine is a sexy,huge,brindel& white/ hers is brindel full pit what would there pups look like?

  114. Louis Neill Says:

    I have had a brindle for about 3 years. he is so cute, wouldnt harm anyone. Hes such a big softie, he even licks the postman lol. i have no fear of the dog around children, its all in the way you rear them. If you treat them bad, thay will act bad, but treat em good, and everyone is happy…..

  115. Ms Reeve Says:

    It takes a certain breed of person who owns a dangerous dog like a Staffordshire Bull Terrior and a Pitbull. I and my elderly dog were attacked two times in just one year by irresponsible owners of both pitbulls and staffordshire bull terriors off the lead. The thick owner was on her mobile phone while her pitbull ran off the lead in a childrens park next to a school. I ended having to pay over hundreds in vet bills for the injuries my dog suffered. Its unethical to own one of these dangerous breeds and there should be an immediate ban on Stafforshire Bull Terriors and Pitbulls. Thay are equally a threat to society. Get rid of these horrible unpredictable dogs and fine the owners who persist to own these nasty dogs.

  116. Xrlq Says:

    That’s a brilliant idea, Yolanda, but here’s a better one: how about banning clueless hotheads like you, instead?

  117. derek hyde Says:

    I just got a brindle pup, it about 10 weeks old and it is so cute. It is really a slow starter, it only has 4 teeth to date and is very small for its age, i just hope all is ok, althou the vet has given it a clear bill of health… i sure do love the effort you guys all put it to writing about these types of dogs… thanks one and all

  118. ilovepits Says:

    I would like to state that pit bulls are not mean unless you teach them how to be mean i own 2 pitbulls and they are sweeter than most dogs seriously ppl plz dont descrimanate against the breed descrimanate against the owner who makes then mean its not the dogs fault

  119. gaz Says:

    fuck off i always let ma pitball with ma boy. ma pit ball has always looked after ma son never hert him in anyway pitballs are lovin dogs. if they are brought up right the treat u right but if wankers shove them behind kennels and bars then there exspected to turn. ant dog will do the same

  120. MJ99 PHP Scripts Says:

    Excellent writing. Keep it up.

  121. tonya Says:

    I have a pitbull daschund mix she is an awesome dog. She is the perfect dog for kids. She is so sweet but also very protective of my children when they are out playing. I love the pitbull look. My husband doesn’t trust them. But i think they are beautiful dogs. I believe any dog can be mean if breed to be mean. I don’t think it is fair to assess all pits based on a few. It’s just like judging people based on anything other than each person for who they are.

  122. Dave Says:

    You are putting this message out to fight for a breed that you love. I understand that.

    I also understand being misguided. I took a pit bull into my home with my two shelties. I thought that socialization in a good pack order home with clear restrictions and guidance would be able to overcome the instinct. My years of successful rescues of mutts, retrievers, shelties and an Eski would make me a good person to keep a pit bull. I was wrong and I have the scar on my hand where I jammed my hand into her mouth to stop her from killing one of my shelties to remember this.

    She was a loving and wonderful dog until she decided that a pack mate deserved to be attacked. She locked in and would not stop even reflexively twitching her jaw on my hand until my wife gathered her wits and lovingly stroked on her chest and cooed in her ear did she let go.

    There are many other breeds with positive qualities for families. I’ll grant you that terriers are hostile creatures, but their jaws have no where near the sheer power of the Pitt. A terrier can kill a rat. A pit bull can easily take out a full size dog.

    Show me another breed where experienced owners have seen litter mates kill each other. Show me another breed that has not dozens but hundreds of incidents of attacking children. A mature intelligent adult who loves their children would not risk a pit bull for the sake of owning a dog.

    I pray you don’t find out like I did.

  123. Vakamon Says:

    Here’s something to chew on.

    Back in the late 90s, I was at the vet with my Pitbull and had a very interesting conversation with a gentleman who at one point in his life absolutely despised pit bulls because of all the media attention and hype. YES HYPE. We humans are predisposed to jumping on bandwagons to be accepted. Anyways…he was getting shots for his brand new pit puppy from his neighbor’s dog for the following reason:

    His neighbor’s pit bull saved his 18-month-old son from HIS SAINT BERNARD!!! I can tell you I was in shock to hear a SAINT BERNARD had peeled his son’s scalp from his forehead to the back of his neck. The poor child’s face was pretty scarred from the multiple surgeries to repair his face and head. For all of you doubters…email me. I have the docs and photos to prove it! Ohh BTW I’m a Cop in the Air Force and dog handler. This happened on an Air Force base in 1997!!! Our German Sheps can be far worse than many dogs. Now they are trained for a purpose but we do have seemingly gentle drug dogs that turn. ANY DOG CAN TURN WITH NO REASON!!!! People have different experiences, but you have to evaluate each situation. Pitbulls are spread all over the media. People take things at face value without regard to the agenda. You make not like it but it is a simple fact. If enough people whine that poodles are the devil, a good number of people will tend to jump on the bandwagon. And YES I have personally responded to a lot more retriever bite than pitbull bites. These are animals, not people (who do go bad). There are always vicious dog attacks from other breeds but they are not the HOT STORY that sells.

    Before I go…


    I think we all know you left out a little bit of info about the pitbull you introduced to your shelties. Was this a rescued dog? Did you know the dog’s history?


  124. chicag Says:

    I have a rednose pit and I got him from a shelter evry one was like OMG why did you get it and I said it’s how you raise them.And so fare he’s the best dog I’v ever had.and I’v gotten a 8 month old kitten and they sleep together.

  125. Jake Madison Says:

    Hi, everyone, I’m a moron.

  126. kk Says:

    hey every1 i have a red nosed pit and rite now she sleepin on my lap and she is the frendleist thing in the entire world shes gud wit cats, dogs and many other animals shes not aggressive at all and me and my family love her so much i dont understand why people are so selfish and dont take the chance to actually learn about the dog any dog can be dangerous like a long time ago i heard a palmeranian (spelling?) killed a 6 week old baby btw i hear more rescue storied from pitbulls than bad pitbulls and also it makes me cry every time i hear a stroy about some f*cking idiot hurting these intelligent and beautiful dogs well thats all i have to say and i love tis picture its so cute

  127. Winter Wolf Says:

    This is a response to all the Pit haters. I have three dogs two Pit Bulls one Doberman/Shepard mix. We also have four Ferrets and two Lovebirds. We all get along great, its one big motley pack with me and my husband as the alphas. I have had my Pits for seven years now and I haven’t seen them act any different from any other breed of dog. FYI, I’m a dog walker. The media has it in for Pits. There are so many mauling from other breeds but we never hear about it. Breed banning is not a solution. It’s like banning books, guns or anything else. It’s taking away your freedom and your right to choose. It’s not the dogs fault. The reason this breed is predisposed to be aggressive is because man has breed the dog to be this way. My dogs will never turn on me or my other pets, of this I’m sure. And as a responsible owner of pets I would never let small children alone with any of my pets, even my Lovebirds. Not just for the children’s sake but also for the animal’s sake. I also don’t walk my dogs without a leash. I don’t care how friendly your dog is, it’s the LAW. Don’t act like a bunch of Lemmings people. Try and view the bigger picture. Stop hating what you don’t understand.

  128. Lisa in OK Says:

    In my opinion, it’s not a case of a particular breed of dog being bad, it’s how they are raised. As another commenter stated previously, Any dog can attack someone. The difference is a chihuahua doesn’t have the capability of ripping your arm off and beating you with the bloody end of it.

    There was a case in OKC where these people had several pit bulls and they let their 4 year old run around with them and play with them unsupervised. Well, long story short, the kid was attacked and had his ear ripped off. The grandmother was wailing that they’d never had any problems before and they were harmless. Well, tell that to the kid when he gets out of therapy. Were the pit bulls “bad” dogs? No. Were the people “bad” people? Well, does stupid equal bad? That might be the 64,000 dollar question.

  129. Kasey Says:

    I am wondering about these pictures. From what i can see, these pepole look very content. To me , it does not look like a mans arm was chewed off. But what i dont understand are the comments. Some say aww so cute [which i would have said.] and others say THATS HORRIBLE PEOPLE ARE GETTING KILLED. I don’t see any blood, or dead people. and just for the record, it does NOT go without saying that kids shouldn’t ahve a pitbull, or be around them. Please. All my life i have been an animal lover, and grown up around pitbulls. I have had 4 different ones all together. and not one of them bit a soul. It is indeed how you bring the animal up. And clearly, they’re being brought up completly wrong if poeple are getting killed by them..

  130. Derek Says:

    I grew up with a pitbull and there was nothing as fun as watching him chasing his shadow. He loved us and we loved him, a waonderfull dog.
    Now we have a new one and she is 5 months old a caramel colour with white feet and a white nose.

    I play with her all the time on my bed, she grabs my hand under the duvet and as youl know she bites like a great white shark.

    Once she bit me directly on the hand without the duvet and immediately she let go and licked my hand.

    Currently she is sleeping behind me, dreaming about the elephant she is taking down with ine bite.

    Pitbull’s are wonderfull dogs but they are not toys if you don’t form their personality from a young age it can be DR Jekkyl Or Mr Hyde. And Mr Hyde is the most terrifying thing you can imagine, therefore you should not bann them but have a licence for them or a permit.
    A pitbull is a gun and you need the proper training and mindset to handle a gun.

  131. greg Says:

    I have a ten month old brindle pitbull and she is the sweetest thing you have ever seen gets along with any dog you put in front of her is great with my 2 and 4 year old nephews and gos to bed every night with a chiuaua and bullmastif and my newest 11 week old pit it is all in how you raise them so its not us that need to get our facts straight its everyone that has a problem with pits because of what they (HEAR)

  132. Cheryl Says:

    I just have to say I own a pit bull, my dog is not aggressive to children or other animals… My three surrounding neighbors have pit bulls no of who are aggressive. In my house we also have two cats that nudge the dog on a regular basis with no return from the dog, in fact they share there food and share where they sleep at nigh. My niece who is 5 years old is my dogs best friend. We were dog sitting for a family members dogs and the only dog that showed any aggression was the 4 year old golden retriever who attacked my pit bull, breaking my dogs jaw and having my dog need surgery to repair the damage. Yes I will not deny that pit bulls have a bad name, but more people should look at the owners and they way they treat and raise there dogs…

  133. mara Says:

    I just love pit bulls every time i c a picture like this it makes me mad that someone could abuse such an innosent creature. i think michael vic should b thrown into a dog fighting ring and then left to die. I LOVE PITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. I hav 4 pitts and i just love them

    (buddy, moe, blessing, and milie)

  134. Kristina Says:

    well not all pits are bad. So people should say that they are my pit loves little kids plays hiding seek with my brothers kid so not all pits are bad and my brother has four pits and there all sweet so no one can say there bad it is how the owner brings them up to either be mean or nice

  135. baby girl; Says:

    i personally have a pittbull and he is the best dog i have ever had…. he is the biggest baby in the world to me and when ppl make me screem he barks and tells tehhm to back off

  136. Maria Says:

    Well, ‘baby girl’………….
    If “when ppl make me screem he barks and ‘tells tehhm to back off” continues, you will be the cause of your dog perhaps protecting you so much that he will bite someone one day and will have to be put down.
    You are irresponsible for encouraging the dog’s behavior by not being able to control who you are around and who aggravates you.
    You should be protecting your dog and not having a dog to protect poor wittle baby girl!

  137. Brandon Smith Says:

    I have owned 3 pit bulls and when all 3 of them attacked my children it was with love and they used their tongue and lots of slobber. I have seen nothing but loyalty and love out of all 3 of my dogs. I think the media needs to stop the persecution of this breed. There are bad dogs in every breed, just like some people are born bad. It doesn’t mean we all are.

  138. laura Says:

    i got my first pit at the end of may. he was 6 weeks and hated to be left alone…he would cry till he was around ppl again. he’s now almost 7 months, still clingy but now knows that crying gets you no where. he is the best dog i have ever had, and that is saying a lot since i grew up w/ a collie who saved my brother’s life a few different times, once was even from an aggressive pit. the intelligence of the breed makes them amazing as pets and they are great w/ kids. i have not had to deal w/ any aggression of any kind w/ my baby, not even w/ cats who are is fave to try to play w/. honestly there is nothing better than having a 70lbs pit bull puppy to cuddle up w/ at night, esp one that prefers to sleep on his back and be tucked in right next to me.

  139. Larry Says:

    Hello! I live in Chicago and have an 8 year old red-nose brindle APBT named Zoey. I obtained her from a friend who had moved and was unable (due to lease) to own animals. She was raised by my friend from a baby, I’ve also known her since she was a baby, and he knew of my love for animals. Wanting her to have a good home, he gave her to me. At first I thought that I could not provide her with the attention and excersise she obviously craved. So I had brought her to the local shelter. After several days I knew I had made a mistake. I went back to the shelter (my friend is a high ranking employee there) and got her back.

    Well, Ive had Zoey for 5 years now and would’nt trade her for the world. She is loving (overly), playful (overly) and VERY people friendly. Alot of people are afraid when they first meet her, but soon see she is nothing but a baby. She has become many peoples friend and these people who were once afraid (due to media hype,) are fans of her. Everyone always asks “How’s my Zoey doing?”

    She was raised around small children….even a newborn. Also, she was raised with another dog and several cats. She got along with them all. Unfortunately, she has become dog aggressive since I’ve had her. That is my fault as I have not had the opportunity to socialize her much since having her. She has gotten into a few scrums with other dogs, but always stops immediately when I reprimand her vocally. I must say though, the few incidents were the fault of the other dogs owners. They were unleashed and invaded her space. As you may know, an APBTs space is sacred to them. Whether that is her yard, her home or at my side.

    I ALWAYS keep her on a short leash when out, for I KNOW what I have on the other end. And I am too responsible to give her the opportunity to perpetuate the stereotypes. She has only attacked when dogs get in our space and she is only protecting me from what (in her mind) is a possible threat to me or herself. If everyone with ANY breed were as responsible with their animal as I am, there would be no problems. I am in no way bragging of my practices here, just stating that alot of people are very careless.

    All in all, I have the best friend in her and have found the breed to be awesome. I will never own anything but a APBT in the future. She has brought smiles from everyone who has met her. And that’s ALOT of people. Also, she has proven to be a great friend to my son whom she has known for the past 5 years. Hell, my mother was scared shitlesss of her when I first got her. Now she comes to the house with treats and toys for her. And Zoey loves to give and recieve the affection.

    I know this is a redundant point, but I also believe that it is all in how you raise your animal. APBTs are SO smart that you can teach them to do anything. As responsible owners, we have to teach them the proper way. Or like a child, they will go astray. I am very proud of my dog and the way she presents herself and the breed. I also feel very safe when I am with her and feel safe in knowing that she is so smart and obedient that all it takes are voice commands to control her. She also responds well to several non-verbal hand commands as well.

    All in all, every APBT I’ve met thus far are the most loving, smart and loyal dogs. The media will move on to the next breed soon. In the 70’s it was Dobermans. the 80’s Rotts and then came the APBT……or in reality, any dog that looks like one. Usually that is an Am-Staff or Pit mix. Be responsible with your APBT and you will recieve years and years of fun and love.

  140. chris Says:

    A girl named Victoria has a pit named “Vicious”, my mixed 20 pound yorkie Bailey walked towards her like he has other pits who love him to say hi! I said NO!, untrusting the viciously named pittbull. The pit grabed Bailey and started to eat him. Then it snatched Bailey’s neck to go for the kill. Meanwhile I have been running to the rescue feeling fear for my Bailey who is so lovy to everyone. “NO” I yelled, slamming my my hand inbetween sharp teeth and my furry dogs neck, “BITE THIS”. I saved Bailey from dying, but the pitt wasn’t done yet nasty bitch. I on the other hand was done so I quickly snatched the pit for a headlock slammed its head into the ground under my chest and it was strong to try and wrench away, but I had to be stronger, my dogs life depended on me. Bailey was hurt bad and barely survived I was also bleeding from the sharp teeth. I cannot trust any pit because some people have pits like that.

  141. Larry Says:

    The way you described what happened, I sense that your dog was not leashed. You said that your dog waas walking towards the other dog and you “were running to the rescue,” so that is how I come to that conclusion. I don’t know the remaining circumstances, but as a dogs’ owner they (sadly) rely on you to help them make the right decisions. If you had control of your dog, it would not have had the oppurtunity to get itself into that unfortunate situation.

    I hope that after that incident you have become a responsible dog owner. Otherwise I forsee a short life for Bailey. I am sure they have owner responsibility classes at your local PetSmart or such. I’d look into it if I were you.


  142. Conner Says:

    chris your so stupid obviously the dog wasnt trained in any way. You dont understand the mis judgment that these friends of ours have to deal with all the time. My friends all have pitbulls, however my family owns cocker spanials and they bring their pits to the house and the dogs get along great. Its about raising the dog properly and the owner of the pit that attacked your preciouse Bailey was an abusive owner obviously. As Larry mentioned your dog approached the pit bull and you chased after him…sounds like your dog was making haste towards the pit and thats your dumb dog and your faul and Bailey deserved to get an ass whoopin for rolling up on the pit like that.

  143. Halee Says:

    Blah… I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a while now, and i got him a puppy for his birthday, a pitbull lab mix, shes was so adorable, but after 3 days of getting attatched to her, his parents decided i should take her back, he was heart broken and sad, we tryed everything, it sucks. I need some more advice how to get his parents not to think they are deadly dogs, it drives me insane i think she is so cute and adorable, loving and protective, she wassnt even around him for 4 days, and she was following him everywhere in his house the first day… And I know how much it hurt him, and i know he wont be able to get her back but it drives me insane knowing that his parents are just hearing the stereotype of the dog.

    I mean yeah “dogs” bite, but in all reality small dogs bite more, i mean c’mon they are carried around, picked up, and i would be annoyed too, and yes i probly would bite kids or anyone after getting too agrivated, but they have small mouths, which mean small bites… The only reason pit bulls have a bad reputation,is because when they bite they have bigger mouths,so bigger bites, they are more powerfull, they are short, stalky and powerfull, any dog can be trained to fight, but they wouldnt use a big stalky dog for it, cause it cant move fast, they wouldnt use a shaggy skinned dog, cause other fighter dogs could latch on easily, they dont use small dogs, obviously because they are small and not very powerfull…. It’s rediculous.
    I mean yes they do have potential to be dangerous.
    But so do everydog, they have different backrounds, look into them as you would any other dog, before judgement.

  144. Kyrsten Says:

    i have a 6 month brindle female pitbull named Lola and i have had her since she was 6 weeks and she loves kids. She has not once been aggresive to a child and i take her with me wherever i go just to socialize her with all different kinds of people and dogs. She is a little aggresive towards other dogs, but not initially. she generally only gets aggresive towards other dogs if she is playing with them for a while. I also have a black lab austrialian shepard rotwieler mix, and Lola loves to play with her. My roomate also has two cats and Lola is not aggresive with them either. In my opinion, pitbulls just need to be socialized as puppys and they should be fine. My mom has had pitbulls all throughout her life and has never had a problem with any of them. I grew up around them and i have not had any problems with any of them. It all just depeneds on how the dog was brought up. This picture is adorable and we need more pictures like this so that we can destroy that horrible reptuation that these loving, loyal, beautiful dogs have.

  145. Larry Says:

    I must say……jazz (post #36) and scrappy (post #38) have got to be two of the most uneducated or just plain stupid people on the face of the earth. PERIOD!

  146. Dale Says:

    You are a friggin idiot for having a Pit so close to a baby like that. All you people who think this is cute are so jaded. Pitbulls as well as other dogs capable of killing full grown adults should not be kept so close to a baby at all. These are animals and can snap and show strange aggressive behavior and any time. There are so many accounts of where “family pitbulls” have killed or seriously injured their owners. I am sure that many of you agree that a Pitbull’s life is worth as much as that baby in the pic as well, right? Again, you people are so jaded it really isn’t funny.

  147. Brent Cochran Says:

    Of all the dogs I ever had,pitbulls are the loyalest.They will gaurd you with their lives.That’s why they are my favorite breed for dogs.

  148. sarah Says:

    The one thing that makes me angry is when people talk bad about pit bulls and half or all of those people don’t even own pit bulls. They just listen to the bullshit rumors. I have two and they are the sweetest and most honest, loving dogs.

  149. Debbie Says:

    I have a boxer/staffordshire pit bull mix, and she is the greatest dog I have ever had. My son got the first one when he was a teenager (which he took with him when he got his own home) and when this one was in peril of losing her life, I took her, if they are taken to the pound and they think they are even part pit bulls they are put to sleep within 15 minutes. Anyway, from the start, at 4 1/2 months old I would give her a “chewy”, or a bone, then I would say, let me see it and take it away from her, I acted like I liked it then give it back. She also knows “no bite”, which she has never done and is 4 now. We can be playing tug-o-war with a rope and I will put my hand in her mouth and say “no bite” and she will immediately let go of the rope or whatever we are playing with. It is just how you raise a dog. I knew this was am important thing to instill in her. When I take her to my parents house, they have to put their Jack Russell in the cage because she tried to attack my dog, and mine did nothing to the Jack russel. She actually plays with a little 10 lb Shit zu and is so easy with her it’s funny. I also have a neighbor that lets her dogs out without leashes and one of them attacks my dog every time it sees her, my dog has never once hurt that dog, I tell her no and she pretty much ignores it. If you raise a dog to love and you love them, they know it.

  150. Debbie Says:

    I also wanted to say, my mom has a picture of my nephew when he was 3 sleeping in the bed with my dog. And at first she used had the same things in her head, but now they call themselves gramma and grampa to my Millie and they love her and know her to be safe.

  151. Jackie Says:

    <img src=”http://img246.imageshack.us/img246/3329/pitbullbh3.jpg”

  152. Jackie Says:


  153. heather Says:

    i llllooooooooove pitbulls i dk what all the fuss is about they r fine dogs furr reall

  154. razor Says:

    i have a pitbull named Tango, he is 3 years old…he is good with me and my friends, but would attack viciously ANYTHING that jumps the fence with no hessitation, until it/he/she is dead. it has always been very territorial and guardian. unlike other red nose pits i`ve known, this one is not very active and and spends most of the day just lying in the front yard of the house.

  155. Dez Says:


  156. Kristi Says:

    I am a 24 year old collage student, and my best friend and love of my life is a 8 month old american pit bull. I would do anything for him just like he would do for me!he has not once been aggresive to a child or any one! we go to the doggie park 3 to 5 times a week were we have never had a problem of any kind. i am proud to me a pit bull mom

  157. KENNY Says:


  158. Rae Says:

    I have a 4 month old female pit. She is very hyper but loving. she thinks everything in the house is her chew toy except her raw hide. We have 2 children which are helping with training her. she is learning commands very fast and training is easy with her. We have been taking her to the park to socialize her with other dogs. our only problem was the Pomeranian that scared her into hiding.

  159. Heather Says:

    i have a beautiful fiendly pitbull- trusted by everyone, even with the youngest of children ( id never leave ANY dog wo supervision tho). the key is to train and socialize them with people/animals when they are young. no dog is born vicious, understanding animal psycholosy can transform any problem dog. Chec out the Dog Whisperer on the Nat. Geo. channel- great show! It is a major fault in pit bulls who are aggressive, and this is due to human misunderstanding- nor the dog!

  160. Kelsey Says:

    My husband and I are the proud owners of a beautiful black pit/lab. She’s been with us since she was 3 weeks old and is now just a year- and throughout the course of a year we have had absolutely NO problems with her- including animals (unless we say) children (whom she loves to play with) and other dogs…. and NOTHING but timidness and playfulness when it comes to people. I don’t know where those who criticize get off thinking ALL pitbulls, crossed or not, should be illegal or are all viscous- Anyone who actually owns a pit knows the anger and retaliation comes from how they are raised and what they are taught by the OWNER.

  161. Haley Says:

    Ok all you hear is about how pitt bulls turn on ppl && how you need to keep them away from babies. Well ive been a proud owner of a beautiful full blooded pitt for the past year && a half && i couldnt ask for a better dog. I Have 3 nephews && they absolutly love him. They ride him.. Pull at his ears.. Take dog toys out of his mouth && everything. Pitts are what you make them. As so is any other kind of dog. People need to understand that!


  162. Sarlet Says:

    I know this little dog the is crazy. So one second she’s all happy and the next second she’s growling and biting me and my friends. Now if that dog could break skin the breed would be banned

  163. lins Says:

    Oh it’s most definatelty the owners. what exactly makes this such a popular dog I wonder and how come they are more likely to have dumb owners? I never found them particularly beautiful, personally. I guess it’s a matter of taste. Either way this type of dog can clamp down with 1,500 pounds [680 kilograms] of pressure. Maybe those mini dogs are more likely to bite but I seriously doubt they inflict the same amount of damage. I think this is where the worry comes from – they are no doubt the most powerful breed.

  164. Steph Says:

    Thats Bullshit… not all pitbulls are mean… its the owners who make them like that…. cause i have one and let me tell you hes harmless….. and any dog can turn on you not just a pit… so before anyone judges a dog check out the owner.. im tired of this shit!….

  165. Chris Says:

    I agree with you. I have a pit-dalmatian mix, and she is the sweetest and most spoiled dog you have ever met. I have had for 2 years and the only time she ever barked is when she to do the bathroom and I forgot to let her out before I went to work. She gets along with other dogs and loves kids. It’s all about how they are raised

  166. shawna Says:

    it is how they were treated when they were puppys and yes they are ok familey dogs they can be good with kid good luck love shawna

  167. Min Says:

    I have a blue male Amstaff which is a close cousin of pitbull (some consider as a same breed), he’s the most loving, fun, and obedient dog I have ever had, also awesome with children as they are such babies themselves(I think they are seriously delusional thinking that they are forever lapdogs.). And he wouldn’t hurt a fly! Period.

    However, I do agree that this breed is powerful in body and mind by nature and not ‘all around easy’ choice for first time dog owners or for those who haven’t got time and energy to keep up with this wonderful breed. They need a firm but positive training and lots of attention and playtime. If this fit your lifestyle, pitbull(or staffies) breed would change your world, they are damn special dogs.

    They don’t always get along well with other animals, but this characteristic applies to some other terrier groups or hound groups as well. Thus early socialization is highly recommended. My Amstaff is wonderful with people,(which makes him a terrible guard dog as he would welcome anyone and would want to play with them except for our bedroom where he sleeps and where our safe is located. That’s the only place he would guard like a soldier.) but not so great with a certain male dogs. So I’d always keep him leashed when outside and never let him loose when other male dogs with dominant characters are around. Also my yard is fenced high enough so he cannot jump out.

    He has never shown agressiveness unless other male dog starts first. With mild tempered dogs or bitches, he gets along just fine, only to those who challenge him, he wouldn’t back up. We have a few other fully intact male dogs in the neighborhood, and we all know that those 3 large breed males would never get along and would fight for the pack order on the street. So we always keep them in the leash when walking, fence our yard high enough so none of them escapes when not supervised and we even time our walking schedule so they don’t encounter with each other at the same time.

    Sounds hectic? No. It only takes good communication/research and responsible ownership. All dogs in our neighborhood are great with people, some of them just don’t get along with each other. What are we gonna do, to put them to sleep?? All it takes is responsibility.

  168. lins Says:


    They are the most powerful doggy. Maybe they are the most tame most the time.. this guy bred and raised them for 10 yrs. I’m sure he was secretly doing something wrong? I doubt it. Any dog can turn, these ones can do the most damage if they do turn. I don’t really believe the story about the 10 pound chiuaua (sp?) I’d check snopes for that one.

  169. meagan Says:

    pitbulls are prolly theee best dog!!!!!
    I LOVE

  170. john Says:

    Obviously, there are exceptions, but in general, pit bulls are a vicious breed. They will attack, unprovoked, people they do not know. I know because it happened to me.

  171. Xrlq Says:

    Assuming you were bitten by one individual pit bull, and not by pit bulls “in general,” I fail to see how you can profess to even know whether your individual case was the exception or the rule.

  172. Pitowner Says:

    Pit bulls are not bad at all I have two i raised one since it was born and they never have bit anyone i have had over. A 3 month old baby was even safe around my dogs now not many poeple have two pits, but both mine have been great they both stay in the house and sleep with the family. I have had countless youngsters over and the just might lick you to death. I have even tried what people say were you provoke them and it wont work. Its all who the people are thats why they have a bad name. The dogs i have now wont even bark at a stranger they just run up and lick them.

  173. Marie Says:

    Well I have a pit pup and I am hopeing to have children soon …. I have heard about all the “pit” attacks on children but were i grew up almost everyone had a pit. It is how you raise them…. I know i am “conditioning” my dog so to speek on how to act around children…. let me tell you she is the sweetest dog you could ever met. She was taken from her mom not to long after birth so she is on the small size “her mom and her bro/sis were put down for being pits.” so she is the only serviver of her litter. It saddens me to think that anyone could raise such sweet animals to be so mean.

  174. Marie Says:

    forgot to mention.. out here dogs that go into the pound are put down if they even think they have a tiny bit of pit in them.

  175. Chrissy Says:

    I have a 2 year old red nose pitbull and I love him..I dont care what anyone says about pitbulls being mean, its not them its the owner and how they are raise.I mean damn people who have never had a pitbull dog cant say if they are mean or not!!

  176. popo Says:

    this is beautiful but some people needs to lay off because some people make things so good to a very negative situation thats y the worlds like this now

  177. samantha Says:

    you cannot trust any dog,no matter what the breed or how friendly they are i have 3 pitbuls,the oldest one i never thought would hurt anyone but one night one of mums friends came in with a mask on and making weird noises and was walking towards me and my two sisters buddy leapt of the couch and grabbed him,he only bit him once then sat there growling they are very loyal dogs but never trust them my other 2 dogs wentworth and spot have never bit anyone but spot hates little kids she will hide under blankets to get away from them wentworth is a pussy cat he loves anything but still never trust him,pitbulls get the blame for everything my puppy frost got shot because the farmer next door thought she killed his sheep but no it was his dog an old sheep dog…its not fair they need an equal chance

  178. Linsay Says:

    I grew up with a pitbull named Toby. I was an infant when my mom got him and throughout his entire life we only had 3 instances for concern, 2 of which were from people teasing him through fences. It was a sad day the day we had him put down (from old age). I would most definately have another in my life without thinking twice about it.

    I think its rather sad how society has targeted these animals and given them such a bad name for themselves. We just had an incident in BC this past week that has brought up talk on banning these dogs in the province. I truly believe that if you are to ban one ‘dangerous’ dog species you may as well ban them all as there are many other breeds that bring up concerns.

    Also, instead of blaming the animal take a good look at its owner and how it was raised. Would you have a child put down for not knowing any better? That is exactly what people are doing, putting animals down that never knew how to be any different. As a society do we not give people a second chance? Why should that be any different for an animal that CAN NOT speak for itself or its sufferings.

  179. G-B-S Says:

    i have 2 pitbulls and a puppy pit and i trained both of my older pitbulls to be protective and they are very protective like anybody comes through my front door they will attack or anyone talks aggressively they will protect , ok ill get to the point here i got a 5 1/2 month old baby and i trust my pitbulls around him , they havent shown one sign of aggression towards my baby , i trust them with every ounce of my life with them around my son , he grabs them n pulls there mouths and they just take it with a pinch of salt , they play with my baby , and sleep in his cot with him , even my puppy is alright but my pup dont go near him as much as i wouldnt wanna risk it incase he does snap back , and i got a newborn daughter n its alright so who ever says all pitbulls are dangerous are stuck up so and so’s who need to get a life and get their facts right , in my eyes pitbulls are loving dogs but true they do have the aggressive side but you would have to really torment the dog for it to snap but my dogs know when to stop well i am the pack leader and they are very intelligent and listen to the tone and depth of my voice , i have excellent recall with them

  180. LadyLeonard Says:

    I have a nearly two year old male red-nose/razor back. I will be the first to admit that he can be a little rough with playing, I have had my fair share of scratches but I wouldn’t trade that dog for the world. Once he realizes that he is playing a little rough or as soon as I say “ouch” he stops what he is doing to cuddle, I suppose it’s his was of appologizing. I have had many dogs in the past and he is by far that most loving, loyal, and protective dog. He loves to play with my 10 year old cousin as well as my cousin adoring the dog. I am pregnant and I feel as if my dog knows. If I am in the house he is always by my side. I beleive that all of this bad rep these beautiful dogs get is because of people being bad owners. If you raise them in a loving and social environment they will be a wonderful addition to the family.

  181. Charles Says:

    Growing up we owned a pitbull her name was “Rocki” she weighed in a almost 85 pounds, I saw her once snap a ham bone in her mouth like it was candy, she once ate completely through a wooden door one day when we had her penned up in the laundry room so she wouldn’t walk on the just waxed floors, she routinely popped tennis balls in her mouth with one bite, and she was the biggest, lovable, gentlest dog on the planet.

    In her entire life she never bit anyone and me and my sister used to rough house all the time with her. I’d have no problem walking up and taking food out of her mouth, she’d take oreo’s out of your mouth.

    Her downsides were she barked a lot, and she didn’t like hats on people. If you came in with a hat on you’d get barked at until you took it off, never figured that out. She also thought that at 85 pounds she could still sit in your lap on the sofa, which was like having an elephant sit on you. She once popped one of the waterbeds with her nail when she jumped on it, so we had to constantly trim her nails, because she’d cry at night if you didn’t let her sleep in the bed with you, she didn’t care who’s bed just someone’s bed.

    The cat would routinely walk up one side of her and down the other. The cat was more aggressive then the dog. Poor Rocki would come around the corner, ear all bleeding cause she “violated” the cats domain.

    She died of breast cancer when she was 9. I loved that big smelly pit bull!

  182. Brianna Says:

    not all pitbulls are aggressive,it just depends how the trainer trains them..I saw a German Shepard maul a little kid pits aren’t that bad, you just need to remember to not neglect them.how many pitbull attacks have there been lately not many mainly Rottweilars..They are really sweet animals treat them well and they’ll treat you well to..

  183. Corey Says:

    I own 2 Pit Bulls and my parents own 2 Beagles. In 4 years I have yet to be bit by my Pits, but have been bit on numerous occasiions (around the face) by the Beagles. Let it be known that all dogs can bite. If you stick your face in front of theirs and grab them the wrong way or get them riled up, there is a good chance you will take a tooth to the face. My one Pit is 4 years old and has yet to attack another dog, and he is very sociable. The other is male aggressive, but that is because he was attacked by another dog at a very young age, but he will not even show his teeth when given a treat. He is actually, to humans, the most gentle dog I have ever encountered. I believe, especially to kids, that all dogs can be dangerous at times, but it is very important how the animals are raised and how you or your kids are raised to understand them. I hate that Pit Bulls have a bad name because of careless, mean and incompetent owners. Dogs learn and behave like their owners. PIT BULL TERRIERS ROCK!!

  184. bob Says:

    i love pitbulls my sis got one and she has a 1 1/2 year old girl they play together really good all dogs are good if you raise them that way

  185. Tash Says:

    I have a 3 year old brindle female and I wouldn’t trade her for anything!! Despite waht people say about Pit Bulss, some seem to forget that it is in how they are raised, what they are taught to beleive, and does anyone ever ask if they are provoked? I mean it is sad when anybody gets attacked by ANY kind of animal, but when a Shitzu almost bit my 2 yeard neice’s face off.. THAT WAS NEVER PUBLISHED! Any animal, any reason, any time can seriously hurt someone. BUT so can a human and you don’t see anyone taking steps to make sure that is put out there like a Pit Bull is.

    My Pit is the most amazing dog I have ever had, my two year old nephew has made an apperatice out of her, not too mention she kisses him constantly… she is not scary, she is a big baby that needs kisses, love, walks, food, and all the treats her tummy could handle!

    They are what they are, but love them, train them and they will be the best thing that has ever happened to you.

    P.S. You should always be cautious around any animal!

  186. jane Says:

    pitbulls ar’nt dangerous, its their owners that make them vicious so fuck off!!!

  187. Becky Says:

    This is long but I have a lot to say after reading all these comments….Let me start off by saying that I was attacked as a child by a pit lab mix, and ever since then I have been scared to death of any dog regardless of breed. I wll admit that pits were the most intimidating for me solely because the image of the one that attacked me will be forever burned in my memory. NOW, let me also say that I was opposed to the idea of my boyfriend bringing a rescued pit home. First and foremost because of my attack as a child, second because we have two cats as well, and third because I wasn’t sure what her temprament would be given as she was a rescued probably abused dog, and a pit nonetheless.She was a ten month old pit mix (we think she is mixed with a boxer or some kind of sheperd maybe not sure) but she is definately mostly pit, and she is brindle colored with the trademark white pit colorings on her face chest and paws.My first meeting with her completely changed my opinion of pits- she was the sweetest thing I had ever met in my life. I do understand poeples comments about not dragging other dog’s names through the mud just because we are trying to stand up for pits, but this pit is hands down the best dog I have ever met in my life. Her name is Sadie, and without any formal training she understands eighty percent of what I tell her. She knows the basics, sit, stay, fetch (go get it), not to mess with something (leave it) but she also knows what potty means where her leash is at all times, she knows our cars by sight and sound (we practiced this in our complex… she will always go to the correct car on command) and when you throw a toy and say stay beforehand, she will stay until you tell her to go get it. She is the quickest learner and the most obidient. As far as her aggression? Yeah the only thing she is aggressive towards is the red light on the floor from the laser we bought to wear her down before bed because she has a LOT of energy like most pits do. And she is a complete bed hog and will steal my spot if I get up to go to the bathroom. The greatest part about her though is one of the things I was most worried about… my cats. Let me tell you where the dominance is… my sassy little felines. They torment her to no end yet she just has all the patience in the world with them. They are alone in the house together sometimes and we never worry.. even if she (like ALL DOGS HAVE THE CAPABILITY TO DO) does turn on them there are plenty of places in the house for my cats to hide, if this were a concern which it isn’t. They do not like her,and will chase her around the house, which is hilarious to witness because she actually does look scary until you see her tearing through the house and hide from the cats. My cats definately rule my dog, but she treats them like family members, just ones that don’t want to play with her. I agree with all the people that say on here about pits having a high tolerance that is completely true… I accidentally stepped on her foot one day, and she yelped, looked at me and then wagged her tail because she knew that I didn’t mean it. In closing, I must say that I don’t know what I would have done going my whole life in fear just because one dog that wasn’t treated right didn’t know any better. Sadie means the world to me and she is right next to me every night sharing my pillow and blanket away from my evil cats:) TO ALL THE PIT HATERS EDUCATE YOURSELVES AND TO ALL THE PIT LOVERS GOOD JOB FOR STEPPING UP AND LOVING THESE AWESOME AND BEAUTIFUL DOGS!

  188. jenn Says:

    hi there im jenn and all my life i was raised to be afraid of pitbulls so when i seen a pitbull i would freeze but now i own a pitbull she’ll be 3 in august she lives with 2 children she is an awesome dog i wouldnt get rid of her the world so as i was taught to be afraid of pittys well they do what there taght it can be fighting which is very wrong and i think they should band the deed not the breed for all the dog fights but there not bad dogs all depends on how there raised so banding the breed instead of the deed is fucking bullshit love pittbulls not destroy them for fuck sake

  189. jenn Says:

    its jenn again
    only people with the right to own pitbulls should have them why end a inocent breed when its not them its the fucking people that own them OMFG i love pitbulls and im sure alot of people do so treat them with respect and they will show you respect back treat them like you would wanna be treated would you like getting abused and beaten all the time just think if you were that pitty what you would feel like knowing that after that dog fight was over if you didnt win you would be kick off to the side with no where to go bleeding to death and alot of you will probably be thinking well im not that dog well put yourself in that dogs spot for just a minute you will change your fucking mind unless your money hungry and your thinking fuck the dog i need to win this fight for the big bucks well then you deserve to be put behind bars instead of killing the breed

  190. pitownermommy Says:

    I’ve read lots of these comments about pit bull owners. We have a 2 1/2 year-old female, a brindle that we found abandoned on the highway. Our cats practically raised her, and she loves them (I’m not sure that she knows she’s not a cat). We have six kids and between the cats and the kids, our pup is well socialized and excercised. She also enjoys playing with other dogs in the neighborhood, and has playtime with our neighbor’s laboradors. Even though we have one neighbor who believes our dog is a killer and is out to get her, we’ve never had any aggression problems. We teach our kids to remember that the dog is NOT a child, and to respect her needs as a dog. She tolerates the silliness of even the small children, and loves our baby with “kisses.” I get so upset about all the news stories about pit bull attacks. In the ’80s it was rotweilers, now it’s pit bulls. Any dog will be agressive if you mistreat it and fail to train and attend to it. By the way, I found this thread because of the adorable photo of the dog and the baby, which reminds me so much of our dog with our baby.

  191. biggus Says:

    My wife and I have a pit bull we found at a dog park. Someone threw him over the fence before the park opened. He has been with us for almost a year; we named him Georgie Porgie Fathead. He lives with our adopted greyhound, our brat shiba inu, and his four kitties. The Shiba constantly puts the smack down on him as do two of the kitties. Some would say he is abused.

    Georgie needed a skilled and strong hand to show him the ropes as he is a powerful animal. He got it at our house and now my wife and I can both literally take food from his mouth. He knows his place in the pack. The only time he bears teeth is when we get home after being gone for a while because he crinkles his lips in a smile. It is the cutest thing. He does it for everyone he hasn’t seen in a while, like my nephews.

    As with most pit bulls, you are in more danger of drowning than being ripped apart as he sure loves to give sloppy kisses!

  192. Tom Wilson Says:

    Someday you’ll wake up to find that dog has ripped your kid’s face off.

  193. Xrlq Says:

    Perhaps so. Then again, perhaps someday you’ll wake up and figure out that you’re full of crap. More likely, neither will happen.

  194. RZB Says:

    okay its all about how you raise a dog doesnt matter what it is. i currently have a pitbull (Brindle) and am watching a black lab for a friend untill they can afford to pay for its rent at her apt. they are both good dogs but the lab will bite me have never been around the dog before it was brought to my house and that day it tried to bite me. on the other hand the pit is my girlfriends that she raised from a puppy and he likes to play he will put his mouth over my arm touch skin and IMEDIATLEY move away with out harming me he has never and WILL NEVER hurt anyone one of his favorite things is playing with my girlfriends neice that is 1 she tuggs on his face and ears and smacks him because she is only old enough to do basic things and he ABSOLUTLEY loves it he lets her and encourages her and has never even thought to growl if someone trys to grab her and pull her away from him at anypoint in time he will growl at the person unless he knows who they are he will only growl though he is very protective and sometimes scary but i can honestly say that after knowing him for less than a week i was comfortable enough to wrestle with him and he has never even shown angry teeth the night i brought him to my house i layed down to goto bed and he jumped on the bed and layed down right between my legs someone knocks on my door he barks once if i dont get the door he barks again hes very smart and gentle but very secure i would recomend a pitbull to ANYONE but you have to do the right thing in raising them by not doing things such as clipping the tails and ears pain doesnt help them and yes it does hurt them but if you can raise them they are great dogs i love the dog that lives with me now

  195. Forummekan.org Says:

    Thanks ;)

  196. some1 Says:

    Pitbulls are not aggressive, but people mostly use them for the wrong stuff like illegal dog fights, just because they are so tough its doesnt mean its aggressive, but what i know is that male pitbulls arent good players with kids, i have a pitbull with tiger skin and i train it to be strong but i dont use him for the wrong stuff and he is playful, i dont care what any1 says but with my experience pitbulls are strong lovely and protective. peace out

  197. Val Says:

    That looks just like my dog that ran away.

  198. Xrlq Says:

    Sorry to hear that. When did it happen, and where?

  199. Val Says:

    When I was visiting my family in Missouri for Christmas.
    December 21st. Smithfield, North Carolina.

  200. Xrlq Says:

    Good luck finding her. I asked because we originally got ours from the pound when she turned up in the streets. However, that was in 2001, in Southern California, so obviously not the same dog.

  201. Pitbull Lover Says:

    i have 3 pitbulls of my own, and i totally agree that its how yu raise them. I live in Australia, where they are banned, but still a lot of people manage to own them. It pisses me off , that the government stereotypes these dogs, that they are viscous and aggressive. In every dogs nature to attack in circumstances and you cant blame only 1 breed for attacks, also most of the time other breeds are mistaken for pitbulls even though they are complete different for e.g bulldogs are often mistaken as pitbulls. there are a total of 23 breeds which are commonly mistaken for pitbull. i believe as a owner we have to stand up for the mistreatment of these dogs, because at the end of the day,any dog is a mans/ women lol best friend.

  202. Jenny smith Says:

    I have 2 staffies and a 6 month old baby girl, and they are great with her but i still would never leave them alone, thats just plain stuppid.

    baby cot bed
    .-= Jenny smith´s last blog ..Regalo My Cot Portable Bed – Navy =-.

  203. Abbeymill Fencing Says:

    Pitbulls and Staffies Rule!

    Keep the cute pictures coming!

  204. kevin bonin Says:

    pitbulls are not mean and aggresive unless you mistreat it or abuse it.if you start training it 2 fight it will grow up 2 be aggresive and mean. pitbulls are good dogs!!!

  205. kevin bonin Says:

    fuck all hataz who think pitbulls are aggresive

  206. Sheila Nies Says:

    I have a dog thats part Pitbull and goldenlab shes a month old . She is very smart slowly she is teaching herself how to get potty trained. I want her to be a good pet definatelly no fighting or watch dog . I want her as far away from that as i can get . I have another puppy and they play alot and we have a kitten she seems to get along with both puppies my other puppy is supposed to be rat terrier and pug but he looks like a weiner dog and rat terrier .Her mother is the Golden lab shes not very big . I am just curious how big my puppy will get . I didn’t see the male. I know the golden lab is very protective, but she is friendly. But i think shes a mixed breed my puppy looks a lot like her i am glad shes a female. Shes about 6 weeks old . I am not sure she has worms her mother did . could i deworm her if she didnt have them . It wont hurt her if she takes the medication? I just wanted to make sure before i gave it to her.

  207. pitbull mommy Says:

    I have a 6 month old male pitbull and he is a big goofball, he Loves to play with other dogs and loves to play with kids, yes pitbull’s are known to attack people but if they are raised right then they are extremely loyal dogs. full of love life and adventure! I really hate it when people say their ALL “mean” dogs, that’s not true at all, if you have some ignorant person like Micheal Vick that thinks pitbulls are cool looking and finds humor in watching two dogs rip each other apart then yes your going to have an extremely dangerous animal, but with people that care about their pets and take the time to work with them, then they are you’re best friend. My 5 year old Chocolate lad is more aggressive then my pitbull. its all about how their raised, Punish the Deed NOT the breed.

  208. adonis21 Says:

    i have a 11 month old pitbull named gracie, i’ve had her since she was 2 months old. when i got her she was very timid and shy now she’s full of energy and confidence and she walks up to any person,any dog it doesn’t matter and she gives them all the love she has.when were at the dog park and a fight breaks out she imidiatly runs over to calm the sittuation down, it;s funny to watch. she’s sweet but she knows when to be stern. we have sittuations on a daily where one of those little loud dogs will come up and bark at her aggressivley and at first she backs off and if they stop she’ll keep walkin but if they don’t she get’s into her attack stance and put’s on her big dog bark and usually the little dog will shut up if not she corners it and litterally punks the dog at that point they always submit. mind you i walk my dog with no leash. she’s been attacked by little dogs she won’t fight back hard enough to hurt the dog just hard enough to get her point across.. that’s no bullshit she’s the best dog in the world and she ain’t fixed..oh and FUCK ALL YOU STERIOTYPICAL RACIST ASSHOLES WHO THINK BLACK GUYS ONLY RAISE PITS TO FIGHT!!! im black and my dog is the best no fights no cuts she has her full ears and full tail too

  209. chihuahua supplies Says:

    Just looking at those pics makes me nervous. Pitbulls should never be left alone with young kids.
    .-= chihuahua supplies´s last blog ..Crate Training a Dog or Puppy Can Have Good Results =-.

  210. Xrlq Says:

    Earth to duh: she wasn’t. I’m in the first picture myself, and who do you think took the second? Another pit bull?

  211. Hair Scissors Says:

    Emm…. right kids should never be left alone with them

  212. Casca7 Says:

    Wait…why shouldn’t children be left alone with them? Why would one own a dog that is not safe to be left alone with children? Am I missing something here?

  213. Xrlq Says:

    Apparently so. No dog is safe to leave alone with small children. Older children who have learned to become dominant and train the dog, sure. Small children, no.

  214. Casca7 Says:


  215. Xrlq Says:


  216. Casca7 Says:

    You show me one link?

    I provided hundreds just in a couple of years. Even responsible pitbull rescues and breeders will admit the pitbull ‘breed’ needs special training and care, much more than other breeds.
    Not all those listed were from abused or mistreated pitbulls. All dogs may bite, but we see often and in the majority, the severity of bites, the maulings, disfigurements, and killings are all from the pitbull breed.
    There are whole countries, and some American Cities that have placed either severe restrictions or outright bans on owning them. Some homeowners insurance providers will NOT give a homeowner insurance if they own pitbulls. Is it all a huge global conspiracy? Some huge mistake?
    NO dog will attack a horse pulling a carriage and try to drag it down by it’s head and neck by latching onto it except a pitbull. http://www.fox40.com/news/headlines/ktxl-news-pitbullattack-1221,0,492416.story


    i dont know where alot of you people get your information. the american pitbull terrior WAS not breed for fighting. there are many many more aggressive dogs out there. i took in more than 30 “fighting” pitbulls and retrained them to be the best family dogs. my red noe pit named Dusty, her best damn friend was a cat. they ate, slept, and played together all day long. and she never 1 time tried or atempted to attack anybody. look people its not the dog its the fucking owner. its not the dogs fault. we put the people who train/fight their dogs to sleep instead of the dog.

  218. Xrlq Says:

    Casca7: You provided one link vs. me providing one to you, as as far as quantity goes I’d call that a draw. Quality-wise, your link was to a rambling yahoo’s web site that reads like the Unabomber Manifesto, while mine was to a national news story that ran on all the major networks. Of course there are other links in this thread you could have followed, and others still elsewhere on the blog (this one, for example), but what for? You’re obviously one of those hacks who think they know The Truth (TM) already so why bother reading anything that might conflict with it?

    That some countries and even a few American cities have bought into your hysteria is no more evidence that your hysteria is legit than the Salem Witch Trials are evidence that there really was witchcraft in Salem, MA back in the 17th Century. For every city that tries to ban pit bulls, a gazillion don’t. Just a big conspiracy, right? What of the insurers that do write homeowners’ policies for anyone whose dog hasn’t bitten anyone? Just another big mistake, of course. The real kicker is the fact that while some insurers refuse to cover pit bull risks while others do not, very few, if any, surcharge for that risk. Surely they all would, if pit bulls posed a real, tangible, measurable risk different in kind from that of owning any dog. But if it’s all hysteria, with zero substance, of course no carrier can come up with a coherent formula for pricing that made-up risk!

    Jonathan: The pit was indeed bred for fighting other dogs, originally. That doesn’t mean they’re not suitable pets now, but it does mean you have to be careful with them, especially around other dogs.

  219. Casca7 Says:

    Xriq, I provided you with one link with HUNDREDS of stories of pitbull attacks, maulings, killings over a period of just a couple of years.

    That is NOT a ‘rambling’ web site; the links to the stories are real. The deaths, the maulings, the children injured are real. You cannot defend or explain away these stories except the old tired excuses such as: “it’s the owner’s fault, not the dog’s”, or “the ones who attacked were mistreated or abused”.
    ANYONE who goes to that page with verified links can see how dangerous these dogs are, despite how cuddly some may seem.
    If these dogs DO require special training or special care different than other dogs, is there not some official warning or requirements to owning them called for?
    Pitbull rescue centers and some responsible breeders ADMIT they require special care and training.
    Pitbull owners seem to be just as stubborn and determined as pitbulls themselves when they attack.
    You can NOT say it’s just some huge mistake that some countries and quite a few American cities have banned or placed severe restrictions on owning these dogs. There IS something about these dogs that require special care and diligence in owning them. Why ANYONE would own a dog where they have to lock them up when small children come to the house is befuddling. It’s all about the ‘status symbol’ I suspect.

  220. Xrlq Says:

    You provided one link to one web site run by a raving idiot whose arguments are just as incoherent and hysterical as your own. I provided a link to the only recognized organization that has any aggregate data on temperament by breed, and you simply ignored it. Typical.

    With all due respect (i.e., none) I don’t need your permission for anything. I can and most certainly will say it is a huge mistake for any city, state or country to adopt your inherent hysteria and codify it into law. If you had a rational bone in your body, which you obviously don’t, it would now be up to you to explain how much bigger of a mistake it must be that for every city, state or country that has chosen to buy into your hysteria, hundreds of others have chosen not to.

  221. Casca7 Says:

    I’m hoping you actually one day respond to my post. The links are real. There is a huge disproportionate disparity among the pitbull ‘breed’ and other breeds.
    YOU answer why pitbull rescue centers and breeders warn any potential owners about this ‘breed’.
    Try to respond to the post below. I know it’s difficult to defend. There is no ‘raving idiot’, nor is anything on the page ‘incoherent or hysterical’. It is very dangerous to you and your irrational cause to treat this ‘breed’ just as you would any other type.
    Their are links to stories in a 2 year period. Are you saying their fake or did not happen? Are you saying other breeds act just the same? Review it again:

    Xriq, I provided you with one link with HUNDREDS of stories of pitbull attacks, maulings, killings over a period of just a couple of years.

    That is NOT a ‘rambling’ web site; the links to the stories are real. The deaths, the maulings, the children injured are real. You cannot defend or explain away these stories except the old tired excuses such as: “it’s the owner’s fault, not the dog’s”, or “the ones who attacked were mistreated or abused”.
    ANYONE who goes to that page with verified links can see how dangerous these dogs are, despite how cuddly some may seem.
    If these dogs DO require special training or special care different than other dogs, is there not some official warning or requirements to owning them called for?
    Pitbull rescue centers and some responsible breeders ADMIT they require special care and training.
    Pitbull owners seem to be just as stubborn and determined as pitbulls themselves when they attack.
    You can NOT say it’s just some huge mistake that some countries and quite a few American cities have banned or placed severe restrictions on owning these dogs. There IS something about these dogs that require special care and diligence in owning them. Why ANYONE would own a dog where they have to lock them up when small children come to the house is befuddling. It’s all about the ‘status symbol’ I suspect.

  222. carolina molina Says:

    ahi mui hermosos esos bebes con perros si se puede ser diferente y que el humano interactue con los animales

  223. Gio Says:


    Hello, thanks for posting this, you have alot of idiots like Casca7 who is so misinform, but i won’t even bother getting into this. I have a question, the pitbull you have on that picture what kind of pitbull is it? Couple days ago i was able to play with this same type of pitbull and it was a sweetheart, i never met it before and it treated me with nothing but kindness and my younger brother who is 9 years old and my cousins who is also young. I fell in love with that dog and i want to get my own. So if you can help me out with some information i would greatly appreciate it. The only question i have is the type of pitbull you have and what gender is better to get females or males?

  224. Brittney Says:

    I have had pit’s my entire life. When i was all of 2 years old my parents had a pitt that would come out in the yard and pick me up by my pants and bring me back inside. and now i have a 2 year old son and a 3 year old pitt. They have been raised together and just the same my pit will go out side and pick my son up by the pants and bring him in to me. this dog has never bit at one person i do beleive that there is no bad dogs, there are bad owners. That is just what I think so sorry if i affended you.

  225. Cristina Says:

    I was terribly afraid of pit-bulls, and had heard of all the horrible stories! I would run to my car and get away from them and wish they would all be banned. Until about two and a half years ago when I found one (her) in front of my house. She was hungry, cold and thirsty…she had been abandoned and discarded probably because of her breed ( by my neighbor I later found out). I did not know she was a pit bull or I might have not helped her, she was looking down not daring to look at me, she knew she had been left out too many times already, and felt defeated.. I would have been scared, she was humbly looking down and asking for help, she was sad, she was hungry, she was cold, and in front of my house. I have had this dog since then, and I have fallen in love with her. She is funny, she is sensitive, she is patient, loving and could not possibly be a better dog…will she protect me I ask my self?…I can only hope so, I do not know, she is too sweet…, I am afraid she would greet the intruder by her offering of an apple from her apple tree. I I have had many dogs in my life, but this dog…, if you just pay attention to her body language you can know what she thinks, what she feels, she is amazing! and, I was so wrong about pitbulls….it is how you teach or treat them. Really. This is how my pitbull is. I love her. You just need to love her a little and she is grateful…She is amazing. She is as any other dog….just a little better.

  226. Salexa Says:

    Pit bulls are THE most abused and misunderstood dog in the world, and I am an advocate. I have a 5 month old brindle female named Rocsi and she is a complete sweetheart. Her mother was the same way. Extremely intelligent, loyal, and wants to do nothing but please her owner. People need to educate themselves about the breed and negative perceptions of the breed. Of course there will be evidence of pit bulls mauling people because it is the popular thing to put out in the media. As with many, many, social issues regarding race and class in America, pit bulls have seemed to be targeted the same way certain racial and ethnic groups have been targeted within the media and OVERLY portrayed as “vicious monsters.” Say what you want, but when you actually research the statistics on crime in this country, you get an entirely different story then what you would if you only get your crime info from the mass media. The same thing happens with pit bulls. Read a book, read several books, do research and look at the statistical data on the breed as compared to other breeds. Most importantly, spend time with the breed! You’re going to get a different story. Nevertheless, I am in LOVE with my pit bull terrier. When I take her out, she is the star of the show, gets a lot of positive attention and she loves it. I have pledged to be the most responsible pit bull owner I can be and this includes helping to disproving the stereotypes about the breed and changing people’s perceptions about the so-called “monsters.” Thank you for this page.

  227. Daniel James Says:

    I was very afraid of pitbulls. I decided I wanted a dog after having saved cats for 20+ years. I picked a three legged little mutt. When I went to pick up, Rinni the dog, a lady that worked there and knew I had cats, stopped the adoption and said you cant take Rinni, you need to take Kota. I looked at Kota, the one eyed pitbull and said no way. After some time I agreed to take her home and see how it went. I ended up loving that dog, whom I named Petey, more than life. She passed away recently so I decided to give another so called monster a chance.

    Keep up the good work.


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