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May 27, 2005

A Win-Wine-Whine (Or Not?)

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I just bet Paul Deignan a bottle of w(h)ine that last week’s “compromise” capitulation will backfire. If the Dems do not filibuster a single judicial candidate between now and January 20, 2009, or if the first filibuster is met with the same “nuclear” response the Republicans should have brought last week, Paul wins a bottle of Merlot, of a label of his choice, price not to exceed $20.00. Otherwise, I win a bottle of a type of my choice, subject to the same price constraints. Basically, I win either way.

I’m open to suggestions. Depending on whether you expect me to win or lose the bet, I’d like to know (1) what good wines, if any, are available in Indiana, or (2) the best way to ship wine.

UPDATE: Never mind, the bet’s off. First, by Paul’s own admission, there is no wine in Indiana, so it would be impossible for me to collect on the bet if I won. Second, shipping wine to Indiana is illegal, and a felony to boot.

What, you say? Didn’t the U.S. Supreme Court just rule that you have a God-given, constitutional right to ship wine anywhere you want, right up there with your First Amendment right to express political viewpoints within 60 days of an election, your Second Amendment right to bear arms, your Fourteenth Amendment right not to be deprived of the privileges and immunities of citizenship or your Eighth Amendment right not to be fined excessively? Um, no, they didn’t. All they said was that states cannot discriminate against out of state vintners by prohibiting direct shipments by out of state vintners while allowing direct shipments from those in-state. Then again, you already knew that.

Indiana’s law, H.B. 1212, applies by its terms to in-state and out-of-state vintners alike. Thus, it is not affected by the recent Supreme Court ruling on wine shipments. Lazy MSM reporting may have fooled many Indiana residents, but it hasn’t fooled the ones who count.

20 Responses to “A Win-Wine-Whine (Or Not?)”

  1. Paul Deignan Says:

    Yup, this is the deal (after negotiation that does praise to any lawyer).

    An unsuccessful cloture vote marks the filibuster.

    I have four more openings for this challenge.

    P.S. Hahahahha–there are no good wines in Indiana (unless you favor maddog 20/20). Thanks SCOTUS for allowing us to ship wine (although the interpretation was as legitimate as the maddog).

  2. Patterico Says:

    Have him Paypal you the cash, and pledge to spend it on wine.

  3. Xrlq Says:

    That works if I win the bet, but what if I lose? Maybe the state of Indiana would arrest me for wire fraud or something.

    Ha, ha, just kidding. Like I’m really going to lose this bet!

  4. Patterico Says:

    I’m taking him up on it too. For Chrissakes, it even includes Saad and Myers. Right, Paul?

  5. Paul Deignan Says:

    Paypal or sparking wine is fine with me — whatever works. Heck Indiana could change its laws by the time this is over or, more likely, I’ll take a job outside the state.

    Saad and Myers are included. So should a cloture vote fail on them from this point on, that a filibuster.

    Still in?

  6. Patterico Says:

    In other words, as soon as Saad is successfully filibustered, I get to pop the cork on the free bottle.

    That shouldn’t take long at all.

  7. Patterico’s Pontifications » Free Wine! Getcher Free Wine! Says:

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  8. Paul Deignan Says:


    If Saad is filibustered and the GOP does not nuke. However, they have until the end of the term for this option unless another judicial filibuster occurs. So don’t be too hasty.

    Getting the nuke option rolling without another filibuster in the interim could take some time.

  9. Xrlq Says:

    OK, I’m back in. I guess the only risk is that Paul doesn’t get a legal way to collect on the bet, which is his problem, not mine, and that only in the unlikely event he wins.

    Even if they don’t have good wine in IN, any kind will do. After all, when I collect, I’ll be more interested in drowning my sorrows than in celebrating having won the bet.

  10. Paul Deignan Says:

    I wouldn’t recommend any of thee, but then I’m no Bainbridge: Wineries of Indiana

  11. Paul Deignan Says:

    Here’s one for Patterico (just in case)French Lick Winery.

  12. Patterico Says:

    I’m choosing my own. I don’t want any wine from a winery that has been licked by the French.

    (Even though it’s a rare distinction to be licked by the French.)

  13. Chris Lawrence Says:

    Bah, there are wineries in Indiana…

  14. Right on the Left Beach Says:

    Regional Bear Flag League Roundup – LA

    I have never done a BFL Round Up.

  15. Flap Says:

    I want in on this wager.

    I know some great Central Coast California wineries.

    Paul are you game to bet with Flap?

  16. Paul Deignan Says:

    You’re in.

  17. GM's Corner Says:

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  18. 2dave Says:

    Afte looking at the text of the law, it seems to me that a person *in the business of selling alcoholic beverages* is prohibited from shipping alcoholic beverages to residents of Indiana. Xlrq is not, so far as I know, in the business of selling alcoholic beverages, and should be able to ship Paul a free bottle of wine without running afoul of the law.

    IANAL and all that.

  19. Patterico’s Pontifications » Because I Like Problems. Says:

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