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August 7, 2005

Aziz And Aziz Agree

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Much has been made lately of a recent admission by Tariq Aziz that the U.S. never gave the “green light” to Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait in 1990. It is hoped by some that Aziz’s admission that the story is bunk will put an end to one more “conspiracy” theory.

Me, I’m not holding my breath. Moonbat theories die hard, and the mere fact that an ex-official of a now-defunct regime tells a story the victors want to hear carries little weight. Of course Aziz says that now, he’s trying to cut a deal! What the ‘bats will have a harder time explaining – or perhaps, an easier time ignoring – is that Aziz said the same thing in a November, 1992 interview with U.S.A. Today, in which he stated that then Ambassador April Glaspie, far from giving Iraq the go-ahead to take any action in Kuwait, “just listened and made general comments” about Iraq’s gripes with Kuwait, and that the Iraqi government “knew the United States would have a strong reaction” to the invasion of Kuwait. Aziz is reported to have said essnetially the same thing in 1996 and 2000 interviews with PBS, again, at times when Aziz had no incentive to lie in the Bush Administration’s favor. If Aziz’s 1992, 1996 and 2000 admissions weren’t enough to set the record straight in the eyes of the moonbats who still blame the first Bush Administration for Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, I don’t that anything ever will be.


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