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February 21, 2006

Like, a Virginian

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OK, time to come clean. As some of you already knew and others figured out, all that talk about a cross-country road trip was technically true, as was the statement that I didn’t expect to be home until early March, but it was a tad misleading. It was a one-way road trip, and the home I intend to occupy in early March is not the one I left last week, but a brand-spanking new one out east. My understanding of the state of domicile rules is that your domicile changes the instant you enter the target state with the intent to remain there indefinitely. If so, I became a Virginia resident at 7:37 a.m. EST today. However, I do not have a Virginia ID yet, and don’t expect to until some time after I start my new job, so I guess you could call me an undocumented worker. Just don’t call me illegal, dammit; I’m not.

Generally, the answer is no. More specifically:

  • No, I don’t have family in this state, but Mrs. X and I both have family scattered up and down the not-completely-left coast.
  • No, I don’t have to take the Virginia bar, nor do I expect to do so anytime soon.
  • No, I don’t completely rule that possibility out, either.
  • No, my new house does not sit on a four-acre lot, only three. Neener.
  • No, I didn’t get a transfer; this is a new job with a new company.
  • No, I’m not going to tell you who that company is or what they do.
  • No, I won’t blog about any topic germane to that company or any industry it is involved in, so there is no good reason for you to want to know who they are.
  • No. Just …. no.

31 Responses to “Like, a Virginian”

  1. steve sturm Says:

    welcome to virginia.

    I didn’t know they had 3 acre lots at the trailer park.

  2. Xrlq Says:

    I was referring to the entire trailer park, not the tiny little nook our trailer is squeezed into.

  3. Patterico’s Pontifications » Xrlq a Virgin(ian) Says:

    […] I guess it’s okay to tell you that Xrlq is no longer a Californian, since he just announced it. Congratulations to him on his new home on a three-acre lot in Virginia. […]

  4. SayUncle » An Xrlq leaves California at 70mph, at what point does he become a Virginian Says:

    […] Xrlq’s secret is out so I can blog about it now. In 2008, the Republican Presidential candidate will lose in California by one more vote. While he and I had dinner the other night, he asked how much savings there was in building your own AR-15 vs. buying one. I said considerable. His eyes lit up. Mine did too because every time an AR-15 is brought into this world, SayUncle smiles, an angel gets its wings, and one more of Diane Feinstein’s brain cells dies. I even recommended that he head on over to Coal Creek Armory on his way out in the morning and snatch up a Rock River Arms lower receiver for $109 (good price!). Then he said he’d do that if he was willing to go to jail. I said my understanding was that a rifle (not a handgun) could be purchased legally out of state. […]

  5. Miller's Time Says:

    Congratulations and good luck.

    California’s loss in Virginia’s gain…

  6. Boris A.Kupershmidt Says:

    No comments.

  7. Jon Henke Says:

    Welcome to town, XRLQ. Look forward to seeing you and the wife again soon.

    Incidentally, a friend of mine just took a job at the same company as you. It was a suprise to me to find two people in the space of a month going to work at the Kitty-Kat Jiggly Bar, er, the same place. I hope you’ll both make a fortune in one’s do well.

  8. Sailorcurt Says:

    Welcome to the Commonwealth.

    It’s good to have another Virginia Blogger to add to the list.

    We’ll have to have a Virginia Blogger Bash sometime.

    And since you are a pro-freedom blogger, check out theVirginia Citizen’s Defense League and the Lafayette Gun Club

    Good luck on your AR-15 build.

    Curtis Stone
    Aka Sailorcurt
    Captain of a Crew of One

  9. Joel Says:

    Wow! Congratulations for making it out of the forsaken mess we call California!

    Viriginia, very nice. Congrats!

  10. HD Wanderer Says:

    Welcome to Virginia.

  11. Dana Says:

    Congratulations from a former Virginian. If you’re anywhere in the Hampton Roads area, I can tell you somke of the better places to eat.

  12. Joel B. Says:

    I suppose the question to the last answer is… “Do you have a mortgage?”

    [Actually, I do have a modest mortgage, but only because I got greedy and scored myself a Patterico-sized house on a 3-acre lot. If I had settled for a house similar to my old one, I would have a very small mortgage or none at all.]


    btw, How does it work that you don’t have to take the Virginia Bar?

    [In-house counsels are not required to be admitted in-state, as long as they are admitted somewhere. California has the same rule, BTW.]

  13. Hugo Says:

    Well, I love Virginia; I’ll be hoofin’ it in Charlottesville for a big ol family wedding in May…

    Enjoy the spring, when it comes — sublime.

  14. caltechgirl Says:


    Glad you finally made it.

  15. tgirsch Says:

    So will this make you a Nationals fan instead of a fan of the California, err, Anaheim, err, Los Angeles Angels of Anahiem, California?

  16. Flap Says:

    But what about California redistricting?

  17. Xrlq Says:

    TGirsch: I doubt it, but it probably will preclude Xrlq 2.0 from ever becoming an Angels fan.

    Flap: What about it? If there’s a proposal to redistrict California out of Congress completely, sign me up.

  18. Joel B. Says:

    Ah, very cool, thanks kindly for letting me know. Hmm…now where can I get a job as an in-house counsel…preferably in Idaho.

  19. Ninth Stage » Blog Archive » XLRQ is Moving Too Says:

    […] Unlike so many others he isn’t moving his domain, rather he is physically moving his family from California to Virginia. […]

  20. Doc Rampage Says:

    Well, congratulations and all that, but why the secrecy? Afraid you would be chased down and dragged back by the other Bear-Flaggers if we found out before you crossed the state line?

  21. Xrlq Says:

    Nah, I alerted the League two weeks before I moved. If you’re not on that mail list, drop Kasey Traeger a line. The reason I didn’t announce in advance is because I was afraid the Kalifornia border police would revoke my exit visa if I made too much of a fuss in advance of the move. Plus, I just felt like effing with all y’all.

  22. Sailorcurt Says:

    “I just felt like effing with all y’all.”

    Look at that, only been here a few days and he’s already got the proper plural form of “y’all” down pat.

    All he needs now is a couple rusted out ’57 Chevys in his back yard and a gun rack in the back window of his pickup and he’ll fit right in.

  23. tgirsch Says:


    You forgot to mention: the Chevys need to be up on blocks. :)

  24. Xrlq Says:

    I take it that a 2004 Chevy Tahoe doesn’t count?

  25. steve sturm Says:

    up here in refined but increasingly liberal nova, a tahoe would do just fine.

    down where you are, not unless it’s painted primer, preferably both gray and red. it’s the symbolism. y’all gotta fit in.

  26. Jon Henke Says:

    Don’t listen to him, XRLQ. People who think that Virginia=Redneck South haven’t been to the real South. Georgia and Alabama are the South. Central VA is almost yankee.

  27. A Humble Request | Lean Left Says:

    […] him) in liberal California, bemoaning his status as a left coast conservative. In 2006, he moved to Virginia, and lo and behold, Democrat Jim Webb defeated incumbent Republican George “macaca” […]

  28. Larry Sheldon Says:

    When we moved here in 1989-1990 we found that we had moved into some of the bitterest cold winter weather I had ever heard of (and I spent some considerable time topside in the Sixth Fleet). One day we were talking to a docent at DeSoto Bend, and along the way mentioned that we had moved here from California. She looked at us for the longest time and finally said:


    If she reads the blogs, she knows why.

    (And it was hard for me to do –I was born there, my father was born there, his mother and father were born there, our three kids grew up there…..)

    There are nice folks in Virginia, and when I was driving a big truck, Virginia was one of my favorite states.

  29. Stretch Says:

    Things you must know before you become a REAL Virginian.
    1. The world was created in 1607.
    2. The Holy Trinity is LEE, Stewart and Jackson.
    3. Richmond is The Capital. Washington, D.C. is just an unfortunate blight on the Maryland shore of the Potomac.
    4. Mr. Jefferson is ALWAYS the final authority on matters politic.

    Welcome home. We’ve missed you.

  30. Chris Pugrud Says:

    Congratulations on the successful relocation of your family. I made it out in the California to Virginia refugee relocation program in 2002. Despite 2.5 years in CA I managed to maintain ID citizenship, license and registration, so CA didn’t realize they needed to give me an exit visa.

    There certainly is a need for a VA blogger bash. Maybe we are just spoiled out here with VCDL, a plethora of gun shows, and a great many gun friendly social opportunities.

  31. Xrlq Says:

    Stretch, thanks for the belated welcome but FYI, I’m in North Carolina now, having lost both my job and my Virginianity in ’07. My only remaining tie to the Old Dominion is a house that’s been on the market for more than a year now.

    Chris, you may want to check with Jim Hoeft. He put on an excellent blogger convention about two weeks before I left.

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