damnum absque injuria

August 7, 2006

Duelling Headlines from Fox

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Apparently, George W. Bush is either in the process of outlining a proposal to resolve the crisis in the Middle East, or he’s off on a fishing trip. Or perhaps both?


My First (And, I Hope, Last) Post on Mel Gibson

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Who the hell was the brainiac who decided that too much alcohol can make you say crap you normally wouldn’t say, but it can’t make you think crap you wouldn’t normally think? Is there some super duper, double-blind study showing that alcohol loosens the jaws but not the brain, or just a catchy Latin phrase that some schmuck came up with after drinking a bit too much wine himself?

UPDATE: Jackie Mason sums up the “in vino veritas” lie nicely: “In a drunken state, you might bang your head against the wall; does that mean you really want to break your head?”


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