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August 12, 2006

I Can Check Out Anytime I Like, But I Can Never Leave

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Since I don’t care to toss my bar card out the window, I’m still subject to California MCLE requirements. Most state bars say if you live in another state and comply with the CLE of that state, they’re cool with it. Not California. California says we’ll count the MCLE you take if its accredited by one of the states we’ve chosen to accredit ourselves, but you still have to complete all the requirements of our state even if they don’t make sense in yours. Thus, while I may have left the most politically correct state in the union behind, I still have to “educate” myself by allowing them to “eliminate” any “bias” I may have that’s out of sync with theirs. Since “elimination of bias” is not a recognized category here in the Old Dominion (or, I hope, anywhere else except Kalifornia), the only way to complete the requirement is through California providers, such as the California Bar itself. If the category “elimination of bias” sounds a bit politically charged to you, take a gander at what passes for education in that category. No “bit” there at all. Your taxes My bar dues at work.

33% of Americans Say Yes

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Recently we’ve read that 38% of Americans polled believe the U.S. government is withholding information about UFOs proof of the existence of intelligent life from other planets, and 36% think 9/11 was an inside job. Now, E&P reports that 39% of Americans polled think think Muslims should be required to carry a special ID.

Time for my own poll. Is there any question so wacky that one-third of the population will not answer it in the affirmative?

UPDATE: Methinks more than one-third of the people who read this entry found it here. Does that mean y’all will become regular readers of this blog? Remember, if the last two guys before you said no…


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