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October 27, 2006

Black Friday

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If you love getting up at at ungodly hour the day after stuffing yourself so you can stand in line for several hours in the cold (and who doesn’t?), be sure to check out Black Friday home.

October 26, 2006

Who Are Were You?

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The good news is that Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend, the only members of The Who who have managed not to do themselves in, have a new album coming out on Tuesday. The bad news is that the album is not called “Who’s Left.” To save time, I might add that there is no truth to the rumor that they will be releasing a charity benefit album called “Who Cares.”

Blaming the Victim

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When liberals say “don’t blame the victim,” they mean “don’t blame the guilty party I’m trying to portray as a victim.”


October 25, 2006

Yet Another Reason to Hate New Jersey

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The New Jersey Court of Errors – yeah, the same jokers who think it’s OK to ignore election laws to get Frank Lautenberg back in the Senate – has joined the Kool-Aid drinkers and unanimously invented a “right” to gay marriage – though they’re split 4-3 on whether or not the state has to call it that. In the fine New Jersey fashion, the court generously gave the Legislature permission to violate its own constitution for 180 days. Good luck amending the Constitution within that time frame.

If there were any doubt remaining as to whether or not Virginia would go ahead and pass the marriage amendment New Jersey needs and we don’t, those doubts just went up in smoke. I’ve been expecting it to pass all along, but at this stage I’d be very surprised if it did not pass by a comfortable double-digit margin. On the upside, maybe the Repubs won’t lose the House and the Senate after all.

Ace has more. Meanwhile, Brutal Hugger, knee-jerk as ever, manages to get upset at the Court of Errors for not being knee-jerk enough. I’m not kidding.

Bombs Away

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Connecticut: Ned Lamont
Maryland: Ben Cardin
Michigan: Debbie Stanbenow
Missouri: Claire McCaskill
Montana: Jon Tester
New Jersey: Bob Menendez
Tennessee: Harold Ford
Virginia: James Webb

Democrat Held Seats

(CO-03): John Salazar
(GA-03): Jim Marshall
(GA-12): John Barrow
(IA-03): Leonard Boswell
(IL-08): Melissa Bean
(IL-17): Phil Hare
(IN-07): Julia Carson
(NC-13): Brad Miller
(PA-12): John Murtha
(WV-01): Alan Mollohan

Republican Held Seats

(AZ-08): Gabrielle Giffords
(CT-04): Diane Farrell
(CT-05): Chris Murphy
(CO-07): Ed Perlmutter
(IA-01): Bruce Braley
(IL-06): Tammy Duckworth
(IN-02): Joe Donnelly
(IN-08): Brad Ellsworth
(IN-09): Baron Hill
(FL-13): Christine Jennings
(FL-16): Tim Mahoney
(FL-22): Ron Klein
(KY-03): John Yarmuth
(NC-01): Heath Shuler
(MN-06): Patty Wetterling
(NM-01): Patricia Madrid
(NY-20): Kirsten Gillibrand
(NY-24): Michael Arcuri
(NY-26): Jack Davis
(OH-15): Mary Jo Kilroy
(OH-18): Zack Space
(PA-06): Lois Murphy
(PA-08): Patrick Murphy
(PA-07): Joe Sestak
(PA-10): Chris Carney
(VA-02): Phil Kellam
(WI-08): Steve Kagen

Thanks, Kate.

Oh, That’s Why They Call it “Hot Air”

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Ian at the appropriately-named Hot Air is hot and bothered over Maryland Democrat Martin O’Malley having failed to advertise the fact that he was charged and acquitted of driving drunk in 1987. In the heading, Ian categorizes this non-advertisement as “lying about [a] DUI,” and even less explicably, failing to “disclose” this non-offense on the “bar exam.” As an active member of three bars who has sat for two bar exams, I cannot say I recall being asked a single question relating to my own criminal history, so I presume that when Ian wrote “bar exam” he meant “stuff you have to fill out to join the bar, or whatever.” ABC News similarly speculates over whether O’Malley mentioned his non-offense on the bar exam application, which makes a hell of a lot more sense than Ian’s Hot Air, but is still based on zero evidence that O’Malley concealed his arrest – assuming, of course, that he was obligated to disclose it at all.

This is why we have a “new media?!” Yeesh.

UPDATE: Several commenters, including Patterico, think I’m being too hard on Ian in particular or on Hot Air in general. To them, I propose the following thought experiment. Suppose the tables were turned, and a similar non-event occured with respect to a statewide Republican candidate in California. You then perused your “favorite” left wing group blog, and encountered this:

Poochigian lies about DUI, did not disclose on bar exam?

This could cost him the election:

“Chuck Poochigian was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol in August 1973 but was later found not guilty of the offense, aides to Fresno legislator said last night, responding to media inquiries.

Poochigian, the Republican nominee for attorney general in California, was a 24-year-old law student at the University of Santa Clara at the time. The arrest occurred in the early morning as Poochigian was returning to his parents’ home in Fresno County, aides said.”

Poochigian could be disbarred if he did not disclose the charge of driving under the influence, of which he was found not guilty, to the California State Bar.

Guess who was blamed for Poochigian’s arrest and possible disbarment:

Aides to Poochigian blamed the media interest on Oakland Mayor Edmund G. ‘Jerry’ Brown’s campaign. Poochigian is challenging the Democratic front-runner in the Nov. 7 election, who has been leading in polls.’

Yes, it’s all Brown’s fault that Poochigian was pulled over under suspicion of driving drunk and then lied about it for over 30 years.


The Orange County Register endorses Jerry Brown.

UPDATE: I changed the post to remove references to DUI because it may confuse the reader that I was implying Poochigian was found guilty of a DUI, even though it is noted that he was not guilty.

Can you honestly say that upon reading such (hypothetical) tripe about one of your guys, you’d be any nicer to either my hypothetical moonbat or his group blog than I was to Ian or his Hot Air? More importantly, perhaps, should you be? [In case you’re trying to be clever and argue that then-Gov. Moonbeam really was to blame for the hypothetical arrest of an obscure law student he had probably never heard of, bear in mind that Brown was only a candidate in 1974; his actual tenure as governor began in 1975.]

October 19, 2006

No Problem, I Have Seven More Just Like It, Not Counting Opposable Thumbs

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Well, my finger was broken according to schedule. Thank you for not asking why. As a reward for not asking, I’ll let you in on the story now. One of the following is true:

  • I owed the mob $50,000 that I didn’t have. Guido told me “either you pay up by October 19, 2006, or Luigi busts your finger. And that’s if he likes you. If he doesn’t, well…” Fortunately, Luigi liked me, so here I am, sans finger but otherwise OK.
  • Same as above, but Guido himself cut me a deal, where I could arrange to get my own finger broken on my own time, show him the proof, and not have to deal with Luigi.
  • A friend and I were horsing around and took the old “pull my finger” joke one notch too far, and he ended up pulling my finger right off. Inexplicably, I saw this coming earlier in the day, and yet was powerless to stop it.
  • Some idiot (that would be me) fractured a bone while breaking up a dog fight, didn’t realize he’d fractured his finger, and allowed the bone to heal improperly. Now it had to be broken again to set the bone right.
  • Ever had those days where you wake up thinking something out of the ordinary was going to happen, but not being able to put [what’s left of – Ed.] your finger on the reason? Well, today that happened to me. I got up and thought to myself “Gee, I’ll bet I’m going to break a finger today. Damn, I wish I knew how, ‘cuz them maybe I could do something about it. Oh well.” Then, on the way to work I tripped, only to have a lady in stiletto heels step on my left hand, breaking my bird-finger in half. You should have heard that crack sound.

And no, I can’t type worth a damn. Thank you for not asking about that, either.

Wish Me Luck

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Usually if you want to wish someone luck, you tell them to break a leg. In this case, “break a finger” is more like it. Don’t ask.

Battle of the Bands

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Heh. Not safe for work.

October 18, 2006

Lame Analogies to Dictators

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They’re not just for Hitler anymore.


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