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November 21, 2006

(Belated) Virginia Blog Carnival

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With Black Tuesday behind us and Black Friday just around the corner, here is the latest Virginia Blog Carnival:

  • Jack Yoest has the Reasoned Audacity to describe a political campaign as a shrewd marketing strategy.
  • K T Cat of the Scratching post uses every crayon in the box to show how colorful Virginia can be in the fall.
  • Dr. Kavokin of RDoctor Medical Portal tells us all we need to know about hip fractures. Take good notes, there’s a quiz at the end.
  • Mary Adkins of Writes Like a Girl eschews swimsuits at beauty pageants in favor of snakes.
  • Roci of Rocinante’s Burdens asks how long one must live in NOVA before they’ll name a car after you. Or something like that, I’m not sure. Rumor has it that NOVA is part of Virginia, but apparently they don’t take too kindly to people who move there.
  • Leslie Carbone looks through the window.
  • Xrlq has a bunch of stupid, rambling crap that will not be listed here.

3 Responses to “(Belated) Virginia Blog Carnival”

  1. K T Cat Says:

    Thanks for hosting!

  2. Kat Says:

    [hanging head in shame]

    Xrlq, I am SOOOOOO sorry! I totally brain dumped on the Carnival after I sent you the access codes… My only excuse (pitiful tho’ it is) is that *MY* laptop is in for servicing, and… And… Well, there __IS__ no “and”…


    It’s sorta late, I’m in Florida, and we’re pulling out earlyearly tomorrow morning to drive the 12 hours back to VA… I’ll harass the ODBA and post to this and beg your forgiveness yet again on Monday morning (possible Sunday night: you never know how much energy I may have left after that drive…)

    Hope you and yours had a blessed Thanksgiving, and I pray your Christmas will be triply blessed!

    Still muchly abashed, your blog sis,
    — Kat

  3. CatHouse Chat Says:

    Virginia Blog Carnival: …

    Yes. I know. I said I was going to skip this week’s VBC. I lied. It’s so good to have my laptop back (they even replaced the rubber feet on the bottom!!!), that I cannot resist using it and catching…

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