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November 28, 2007

The Truth About Truth

Filed under:   by Xrlq @ 8:16 pm

Have you ever noticed that almost everything prefaced with “The Truth About …” turns out to be a … um … lie?

UPDATE (2012): Four years later, in the midst of an ugly primary season, the truth about “truth” does not disappoint.

4 Responses to “The Truth About Truth”

  1. Anwyn Says:

    Deep Thoughts, by Xrlq.

  2. Xrlq Says:


  3. damnum absque injuria » Truth About Truth Redux Says:

    […] than four years ago, I blogged that items titled “The Truth About X” almost always turn out to be lies themselves. This latest “truth” from Gary DeMar is but the latest example. DeMar […]

  4. Jonathan Says:

    I guess it’s all the “eye” of the one telling the truth. But I must admit when I hear someone say, “The truth is…” I immediately say, “Who’s truth?”


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