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June 9, 2008

Silly Season

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The G.O.P. has lost both houses of Congress, and since lost three special elections in what should have been safe Republican seats, and now faces polling numbers indicating that a rabid socialist committed to defeat in the Middle East may, by repeatedly chanting chanting “Hope” and “Change” and smiling nicely, beat out an annoyingly moderate Republican who reads teleprompters poorly and smiles funny. So what do conservative bloggers care about?

The fact that some anti-Semitic nutjob, who for all you or I know doesn’t even support Obama, took advantage of the open forum at my.barackobama.com to post his anti-Semitic drivel, which was promptly scrubbed by the Obama campaign before some of the angry right-wing bloggers could even finish blogging about it. Of course that’s not the only major scoop they got lately. Charles Johnson and Michelle Malkin also caught Rachael Ray red-handed … wearing a scarf during a massive heat wave on the East Coast in an ad intended to promote doughnuts not manufactured by Krispy Kreme. And in this case, the dextrosphere got results; at great expense to Non-Krispy Kreme, Non-Krispy ended up pulling that vile and disgusting ad that implied that it’s OK to wear scarves in 100 degree heat to promote doughnuts not made by Krispy Kreme. Or for Rachael Ray to appear in an ad without revealing her entire neck, or more skin in general, or something like that. She certainly wouldn’t look good in a burka, so maybe that’s where they’re going with this. I’m not sure exactly what their objection was, but in any event, hey, it must have been good ‘cuz they got a buzz inside the blogosphere and obtained results outside it. All hail the new media.

On the plus side, some bloggers get it on Obama and the anti-Semitic troll, while others do about … mmmm, donuts.


UPDATE: Not to be outdone, Michael Medved lays on the st00pid in criticizing a new monument to gay victims of the Holocaust. For Medved, any attempt to memorialize gay victims at all:

…follows a longstanding, misleading attempt to depict homosexuals as prime targets of Hitler. In fact, even historical material released with the memorial noted only “an estimated 10,000 to 15,000 gay men deported to concentration camps” –and by no means all of them were killed.

Well, in that case, I guess it behooves the people who created the memorial to release historical material with it to make that clear. Oh wait, they did. Never mind. I guess the real objection is not to a lack of perspective, but to the fact that gay victims are being memorialized at all.

While homosexuals surely outnumbered the less-than-one-percent of the German population that was Jewish, Jewish victims of Nazi death camps outnumbered estimated gay victims by more than 500 to 1.

Note the cute little bait and switch between the relatively small number of German Jews (564,379 per the 1925 census) and the total number of Jews killed by Nazi Germany (roughly six million, or 12 times that amount). Seeing as Hitler didn’t seem all that interested in pursuing homosexuals abroad, the more appropriate comparison would be to compare the number of known German gays who ended up in KL to the number of known German Jews who did. That brings the ratio down to about 56 to 1, if you believe the lower estimate of 10,000, or 38 to 1 if you believe the higher one of 15,000. Even those figures are skewed, for two reasons. First, they assume that 100% of the Jewish population ended up in concentration camps or worse, when in fact, some of them escaped (I’ll leave it to the historians to say if enough did to affect these numbers significantly). Second, and more importantly, the German government had accurate census data to identify all the Jews, while it had none to prove who was gay or who wasn’t. Thus, it should come as little surprise that even if Hitler had targeted Jews and gays equally (and no one seriously contends that he did), gays would have done a much better job of evading detection.

UPDATE: See-Dubya defends the molehill, and I respond. meanwhile, the other side tries equally hard to make Obama’s real mountains into molehills.

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  1. nk Says:

    Hitler’s first known homosexual victim was Ernst Rohm, the leader of the SA (Brownshirts), during the Night of The Long Knives, BTW.

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