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September 10, 2008

Yesterday’s Gubernatorial Debate

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Last night’s debate should put to rest any notion that (1) Pat McCrory is a RINO or (2) Bev Perdue isn’t a bumbling idiot. I gotta admit it was fun hearing Perdue argue that she’s always been for offshore drilling for as long as the technology has existed to make it safe, only to be reminded by McCrory that oil drilling technology has not changed significantly in the past 4 weeks. Another gem was Perdue’s insistence that no matter how bad a school may fail a particular student, no student should ever be given public assistance to obtain education elsewhere, ‘cuz we like have a Constitution, and the Constitution sez everyone’s supposed to get edumacated. The latter was bested only by Perdue’s claim that the McCrory plan would cost taxpayers $900 million a year, as it would be made available to everyone in the state, everyone would actually use it, and we’d keep running all public schools on today’s budget even though no one was attending those schools anymore. And then there was the part where Perdue was asked to comment on a ad tarring her as a supporter of the status quo, only to have Perdue brilliantly respond that she can’t be the status quo because she’s a woman. O-kay.

Also not to be missed is the part where both candidates were asked if they would welcome a joint campaign with the Presidential candidates of their respective parties. I don’t remember the exact words either candidate used, but here was the gist:

McCrory: F*** yeah!!!!!!!! I’d be honored to share a stage with John McCain, and I’d pay money to share a stage with Sarah F***ing Palin! They rock!

Perdue: Of course I’m proud of my party, and Obama is a member of my party, therefore, vicariously, I’m proud of Obama, bless his heart. Now let’s stop talking about national politics, can we, and start talking some more about how our Democratic government is broken and how replacing our Democratic governor with a Democratic Lieutenant governor is just the ticket for change, I hope.

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  1. Fred Silva Says:

    Tee hee. Very nice. I saw the beginning of Perdue’s victory speech at the Marriot hotel, (un)fortunately. I’d like to see more NC politics in the blog.

    Cheers from your fan in Brazil.

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