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December 17, 2008

A-Theism and A-Devilism Simultaneously Debunked, or Just Proof that Zillow Zucks?

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Today, Allah proved his own existence by citing a Price is Right contestant who got two prices right to the dollar in a single game. In an eerie coincidence, I uncovered proof on the same day that there’s a devil, too. As long-term readers are aware, I ditched the Left Coast in February of 2006, but my old house didn’t actually sell until 6/6/06. On the day we signed the contract a month earlier, the sales price was within $700 of Zillow’s “zestimate,” which actually exceed the price by about $5,000 on the day that it closed. Yet today I learned that Zillow refuses to acknowledge that transaction when calculating its infamous zestimate, a decision it zexplains zuccinctly zo:

This tranzaction was not uzed in computing the Zestimate for this houze due to anomaliez we detected with this tranzaction. Theze anomaliez can include unuzual document or tranzaction types, zales between pozzibly related partiez, unuzually high or low tranzaction prices, other data irregularitiez that might indicate the trazsaction is not a full-value, armz-length tranzaction, or the fact that the zale closed on the date that the Antichrizt arrived. Either zat or 5 days after he arrived, we don’t know. ZOMG! We’re so confuzed! But what’s puzzling us is the nature of his game.

I report, you decide.


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