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January 31, 2009

Change We Need: Cussing on Public Streets

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North Carolina General Statute 14-197 makes it a Class 3 misdemeanor to yell cuss words on public streets if two or more people can hear you, unless you happen to be in Pitt or Swain County, where you may cuss to your heart’s content. As with NCGS § 14-177 (crime against nature, a.k.a. sodomy), my first inclination is to say repeal this idiotic law, but in deference to those who have been here much longer than I (this statute dates back to 1913), I’m inclined to offer a helpful amendment, instead:

If any person shall, on any public road or highway and in the hearing of two or more persons, in a loud and boisterous manner, use indecent or profane language, he shall be guilty of a Class 3 misdemeanor, unless at least one of those persons had done something to legitimately piss him off. The following counties shall be exempt from the provisions of this section: Davidson, Davie, Durham, Forsyth, Guilford, Pitt, Randolph, and Swain.

That should pretty well cover all the counties I’ll be in on a regular basis. I don’t plan to go to Durham anytime soon, but if I do, I reserve the right to cuss out anyone and everyone I see, along a public road or otherwise. Not sure what to do about NCGS § 14-196, which makes it illegal to cuss at somebody over the phone. Do I violate that statute every time I cuss on this blog using a DSL connection?

Change We Need: Sodomy “Laws”

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North Carolina (NCGS 14-177) is one of only seven [see update] states that still have a “crime against nature” law on the books. Of course it’s unenforceable in light of Lawrence v. Texas, but inconvenient court decisions never kept idiots like Mecklenburg County Supervisor Bill “Icky” James from arguing otherwise.

I don’t agree with Lawrence as a matter of constitutional law. My views on sodomy laws are best summed up by Justice Thomas’s dissent, which described the Texas statute in question as “uncommonly silly” and noted that “punishing someone for expressing his sexual preference through noncommercial consensual conduct with another adult does not appear to be a worthy way to expend valuable law enforcement resources.” Since then, the laws have become even more uncommon, with 7 of the 14 states (including that bastion of liberalism that is South Carolina) in question having subsequently repealed them [see update], and even more silly, given that everyone whose name isn’t Bill Icky James knows they aren’t enforceable, anyway. Retaining a law that is both unconstitutional (as decided by the courts) and idiotic (as decided by everyone with half a brain) is technically harmless, but it’s a bad idea nonetheless. Still, as a relative newcomer to the state, I am aware that saying “this law is stupid, get rid of it!” may not go over so well, so instead of insulting the good folk who have been here much longer than I, I propose the following revisions of the law to make its effect clearer:

(a) If any person shall commit the crime against nature, with mankind or beast, he shall be punished as a Class I felon by being publicly derided as “icky.”.

I’m too lazy to check whether we have another statute on the books to deal with bestiality. If we don’t, we can always add that one as part of the same deal.

UPDATE: Upon further research, it turns out that far more states have sodomy laws on the books than originally thought. The number 7 was pulled from Wikipedia’s “crime against nature” entry, which turned out to be one state short, and in any event only included states that called the crime “crime against nature.” So South Carolina’s substantially identical prohibition of “buggery” was omitted, as would be any other state’s ban on “sodomy.” So the new question is, did anybody who had a sodomy law on the books in 2003 actually go and repeal it since?

On Flight 1549

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Whatever these litigious jerks get from U.S. Airways, I want 8.78 times that amount. Per Wikipedia, their flight left at 3:26 p.m., a mere 41 minutes after its scheduled departure time of 2:45 (flight since renumbered to 1543). True, U.S. Airways did manage to lose their luggage permanently, while their loss of my luggage only seemed permanent at the time, but $5,000 apiece they’re getting already should be more than enough to cover that.

My one-way trip between NC and NY took me 12 1/2 hours, longer than it would have taken to drive instead. How many Flight 1543 passengers can say the same?

January 29, 2009

Bad News for Adolf Hitler Campbell Soup Nazi

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Yahoo! reports that boys with unpopular names are more likely to commit crimes. Ya think?

Moron of the Day: Bill James

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Mecklenburg County, NC (Charlotte) is considering offering domestic partnership benefits to its employees. Today’s moron takes issue with the fact that they’re even considering it. After deriding gayness as “icky,” Mr. James pontificated further:

“We have no business even discussing it. We know it is illegal,” James said Wednesday. “Any type of common sense evaluation of this would say that you cannot offer health benefits for people engaging in behavior that the law says is a criminal offense.”

Presumably, by “the law” Commissioner Icky means either “the law as it existed until 2003” or “the law as it presently exists in the parallel universe where the Ickmeister rules supreme.” What a maroon.

January 26, 2009

Bad Loser?

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Kyle Queal Micah Grimes, the head coach of a girls’ basketball team in Dallas, was fired after his team lost a game 100-0.  Oh wait, I misread the article.  Actually, he was fired for winning by that margin.  Huh?

More here and here. And, for those with a thing for horses and their mouths, here.

January 25, 2009

Maybe He Really Is The Messiah?

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Barack Obama just went above his pay grade and ended once and for all the divisive wedge-debate over whether U.S. taxpayers should fund abortions around the globe. Color me wowed.

January 23, 2009

Guantanamera, La Cárcel Guantanamera

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President Obama has ordered Gitmo closed. It’s good to know that no more human rights violations will ever occur on Cuban soil.

I Pledge…

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… not to succumb to Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS), Obama Irrational Exuberance Syndrome (OIES), or any other syndrome that blurs the line between any U.S. President, past present or future, and any Messiah figure, the Antichrist, or anything other than a (usually) elected politician. No matter who becomes President in 2013, 2017, 2021 or any other year in my lifetime, I absolutely pledge never to succumb to anything like this:

Transcript here.

Should I violate this pledge, you are hereby authorized and directed to have my committed to the nearest institution for individuals deemed a danger to others or themselves.

‘Hat tip: Dean Esmay.

January 22, 2009

Deep Thought of the Day

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From an Obama supporter, natch:

I am white and so as are my siblings…


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