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September 18, 2009

Good News, of Sorts

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Per FoxNews, it appears that only a bare majority of Obama supporters acknowledge that it’s possible for others to oppose Obama’s policies without being racist. At least, that’s how I interpret their finding that “only” 20% think opposition to Obama’s socialist policies at home, or his downright idiotic ones abroad, are motivated primarily by racism. It seems a pretty safe bet that very few, if any, of the 20% who attribute opposition to Obamacare to racism are among the 56% who oppose it themselves. As fun as it would be to hear from the guy who says “Yup, I oppose socialize medicine, but only because the President is half*black, and intend to start supporting it just as soon as the next white President advocates it instead,” I just don’t see that happening on a grand scale (or if it does, then only because the respondents are being wise-asses).

*Am I the only one who finds the “half black” meme tiresome? Obama isn’t “half black,” he’s half African. Big difference, as most black Africans have no European blood, while most black Americans do. Obama only sticks out because his parents, rather than his great great grandparents, were the ones to do the mixing.

Wilson to Eat Crow?

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Turns out Obama doesn’t want socialized medicine for illegal aliens after all. That, after all, would require there to be such a thing as an illegal alien.

Advice to Massachusetts

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Instead of playing games with your law every five years, why not just enact a new law stating that the governor can appoint an interim Senator if the governor is a Democrat, and there will be a special election if the governor is a Republican? Or, better still, just allow the last Democrat governor to appoint every time?

This Just In

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Not all stupid criminals work(ed) for ACORN.


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Sorry, hun, but the McCainiacs have taken you for a ride. There are no photos of Hannah Giles nude. Any web site purporting to tell you otherwise is a leftist site or a malware site, but I repeat myself.


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