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July 17, 2010

“Dr. Laura” Is A Small Thin Idiot

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Don’t know how I missed this for two years – oh yeah, probably by ignoring that blathering idiot – but here’s a pretty good takedown of her theory that single parents should take a vow of celibacy. I’m offering a free ounce of cocaine* to the first reader who can explain the scare quotes in the heading.

*Offer void where prohibited by law.

10 Responses to ““Dr. Laura” Is A Small Thin Idiot”

  1. BSKB Says:

    Laura Schlessinger’s degree is in physiology, not psychology isn’t it?

  2. nk Says:

    She is neither an M.D. nor a psychologist. She does have a Ph.D. in physiology from Columbia University in 1974. Her doctoral thesis was on the “Effects of Insulin on 3-0-Methylglucose Transport in Isolated Rat Adipocytes”?

    If I’m right, I’ll pass on the cocaine. Buy me an ounce of Jack Daniels the next time you see me.

  3. dr laura schlessinger Says:

    Dr Laura Schlessinger here: while you may call me any nasty name you wish…please correct my credentials: I have post-doctoral certification in marriage, family, and child therapy from USC, am licensed (active) in the state of california as marriage, family and child therapist, and have taught abnormal psychology, human sexuality, etc. at USC, Pepperdine University, UC Irvine and UCLA extensions. I am therefore, licensed PSYCHOTHERAPIST. Thank you for the opportunity to clarify….now you can go back to the name calling! :)

  4. Xrlq Says:

    No one ever disputed that you are licensed as a psychotherapist; however, a doctorate is one thing and a certificate is quite another. If you want to stop pontificating about issues other than physiology, then the name “Dr. Laura” is perfectly fine. Or, if you prefer to rely on your “post-doctoral” certificate (i.e., non-doctoral certificate that you just happened to do after getting a doctorate in an unrelated field), I suppose “Post-Doctor Laura” may be defensible also. But holding yourself out as “Dr. Laura” and a presumed expert in areas unrelated to your doctorate is just plain lame.

  5. Patrick Says:

    The “takedown” jumps the shark here. I haven’t listened to Dr Laura in a while, but my take on this is that a) parading all sorts of concubine in front of the kids sends the wrong message, and b) the custodial parent should be focused on the needs of the kids and not of arranging their next hookup. The “happy parents make happy kids” is just crap, because it provides them with an unlimited license to pursue their own happiness all in the name of “family happiness”. It may very well have been navel-gazing that got them pregnant and the marriage in trouble in the first place. Once you have kids, they should be your first, second and third focus, and your personal and sexual gratification is far down the list.

  6. Xrlq Says:

    Er…. you didn’t actually read the takedown, did you?

    Regarding shark-jumping: I don’t think that phrase means what you think it means.

  7. Hube Says:

    I think Patrick’s take on the header is a pretty good one. But Laura’s idea that a divorced parent should abstain from all those things is just plain bonkers.

    Tracy’s (article author) take is spot-on: As a divorced parent, I never have (and would never consider having) my girlfriend stay over when my (16 yr. old) daughter is w/me; as a matter of fact, my girlfriend has only been in my place one time when my daughter was here — and that was to finally meet each other.

    Daughter time is just that — daughter time. As Patrick said “Once you have kids, they should be your first, second and third focus.”

  8. Loren Says:

    I know of plenty of PhD’s not in the medical profession (particularly those in the education discipline) who insist on the the title of Dr.

  9. nk Says:

    Who listens to Dr. Laura, anyway?

    People who agree with her. She’s not going to change any single parent’s opinion or behavior.

    She’s entertainment.
    nk´s last blog post ..Katana and Gunto Updated With Saber

  10. Hit Coffee » Linkluster XXII Says:

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