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August 29, 2010

Third Race at the Honeymoon is Over Downs (Language NSFW)

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El Froyo Loco

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Last night someone called me on my Droid, but I missed the call because the instant I picked up the phone, the window to answer the incoming call went away, and I was back at the default screen you would see if no one was calling. I then had to push the phone button, then navigate my way back to the call “in progress,” by which time it had gone to voice mail and the caller had hung up. I never saw this weird behavior prior to upgrading to Froyo, but it seems to happen rather frequently now. Anyone know what causes it, or how to disable this dreadful “feature?”

August 28, 2010

NRA and Harry Reid

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The NRA only finally got around to not endorsing Harry Reid. Damned sellouts.

August 26, 2010

At Least She Wasn’t Talking on a Cellphone

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Multitasking while driving is illegal in Ohio. Who knew?

UPDATE: Insty notes that she wasn’t texting, either.

August 6, 2010

On Vaughn Walker’s Non-Recusal

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Patterico asks whether it was proper for a gay judge to rule on the constitutionality of gay marriage. My take is that to the extent you agree with Judge Walker’s substantive ruling that allowing gays to marry in no way diminishes the value of a traditional marriage, while it obviously makes a huge difference to gays, you should oppose his decision to take the case to begin with. On the flip side, to the extent you think his ruling was substantively wrong, and that gay marriages really do undermine the value of straight ones, then it follows that straights and gays are equally conflicted on the issue and therefore, there was no more reason for a gay judge to recuse himself than there would have been for a straight one to have done so. Discuss.

August 1, 2010

On Embarassment

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Prof. Bainbridge thinks it’s embarrassing to be a conservative. I think the conservatives should indeed be embarrassed, for ever having mistaken Bainbridge for a conservative. Conversely, if there really is anything embarrassing about being a conservative, Bainbridge has nothing to be embarrassed about.

No Soup For You

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Jerry Seinfeld and Al Yeganeh are really the best of friends, and only claim not to have reconciled because they both know that for Yeganeh to admit being on good terms with the guy who called him the Soup Nazi would undermine his imagine as a Soup Nazi and, therefore, his business. Discuss.

This Just In

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Felons don’t obey laws.

The Anchor Baby Amendment

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Lindsey Graham seems intent on shedding his nickname “Grahamnesty” and is hinting he may soon introduce a constitutional amendment denying citizenship to children of illegal aliens born as a result of their illegal presence in the U.S.  It seems like a reasonable enough idea, but of course President Obama will veto it.*  Kudos to Graham and Kyl for going the constitutional route rather than making funny business over the “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” language of the 14th Amendment, which is basically the conservative equivalent of liberals arguing that “well-regulated militia” means “kindly ignore the following clause in its entirety” and “freedom of the press” means “let’s prohibit all corporations that don’t own newspapers from expressing political views at any time when voters are in any danger of acting on those views.”  Not all bad ideas are unconstitutional, and not all good ideas are constitutional.  A ban on anchor babies is a good idea, but it’s unconstitutional.  So let’s amend the Constitution to fix that – or force all of the allegedly blue dogs in Congress to explain to voters why they won’t.

*Yes, I realize that the President has no power to veto a constitutional amendment.  Since when has that stopped him from doing anything else?


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