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November 1, 2010

My Non-Secret Ballot

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On the off chance that anyone still reads this blog and/or cares how I voted on Friday, or on the even offer chance any such person lives anywhere near my district, here’s how I voted on Friday and why:

  • Straight Party: Republican. Just to see if all the other fields would populate with Democrats. No Democrats in North Davidson County, so no such luck.
  • U.S. Senate: Richard Burr. Time to finally break my Senate streak, dammit.
  • U.S. House of Representatives: Howard Coble. Duh.
  • NC State Senate (Dist. 33): Stan Bingham. No one else was on the ballot. What else was I going to do, write in Leesa Mercowsky (and if you’re from AK and inclined to vote for her, be sure to spell her name that way or it might not count)?
  • NC House of Representatives (Dist. 80): Jerry Dockham. See above re Leesa Mercowsky.
  • :District Attorney (Dist. 22B) Garry Frank, in lieu of Mercowsky.
  • Board of Commissioners: Kepley, Truell, Watford and Yates. Just testing the straight ticket function to make sure it works in this precinct.
  • Clerk of Superior Court: Brian Shipwash. Can’t remember how to spell Leesa’s last name, so there we are.
  • Register of Deeds: David Rickard. Yup, the straight ticket function worked again.
  • Supreme Court Associate Justice: Barbara Jackson, by default.
  • Court of Appeals Judge (Calabria seat): Ann Marie Calabria. Indy Weekly asked both candidates for one of the most important recent Supreme Court cases, and whether they agreed or disagreed. Calabria cited Heller, in agreement. Gray cited Citizens United, in disagreement. The incumbent judge thinks it is important to preserve one part of the Bill of Rights, while her challenger thinks it equally important to eradicate another. What else do you need to know?
  • Court of Appeals Judge (Elmore seat): Rick Elmore. I like Walker’s philosophy, but who are we kidding? The Court of Appeals is not an entry-level job.
  • Court of Appeals Judge (Geer seat): Dean Poirer, by default. Geer does seem like a pretty solid judge, though, so I shan’t lose any sleep over her being re-elected instead.
  • District Court Judges, Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor: Everyone who ran. No more jobs than applicants, so if you were that applicant, you’re hired.
  • Davidson County Board of Education: Left this part blank, as I couldn’t find enough information about these candidates to vote intelligently.
  • Constitutional Amendment: Yes to a ban on convicted felons serving as sheriffs, as “why the hell doesn’t this apply to all elected offices????!!!!” was not on the ballot.
  • Court of Appeals Judge (Wynn seat): In order of preference: Doug McCullough, Jewel Ann Farlow and Chris Dillon, in that order. Like all three as judicial philosophies go, but ranked McCullough first due to qualifications. The winner will be determined by instant runoff.

4 Responses to “My Non-Secret Ballot”

  1. tgirsch Says:

    Yeah, looks like not even YOU will be able to ruin it for North Carolina’s Republicans this time around….
    tgirsch´s last blog post ..Quote of the Day- 2010-11-02

  2. Loren Says:

    Still check by on occasionally to see if you have anything new up.

  3. Pumice Says:

    Yes, I do check once a week, but does that qualify as reading?

    No, I don’t actually care how you voted since I live in the Peep-holes Republik of Kalifornia and my votes never count.

  4. Kiril Kundurazieff Says:

    RE: On the off chance that anyone still reads this blog….

    I care…

    Long Live The Bear Flag League!!!

    Um, hee, hee. ;-D

    Found ya via Googling my name, and seeing the old post from 2004 where ya welcomed me to the old BFL. ;-D

    Sneakeasy’s Joint was laid to rest in October 2007, and I started a new blog, still with my co-blogging cat, Nikita.

    Last January I helped him strike out on his own, with Meowsings of an Opinionated Pussycat (He’s as Conservative as I am, hee, hee!) at http://www.opinionatedpussycat.com

    He’s more popular, and successful than I am. ;-D

    Keep up the good work, old friend. ;-D

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