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January 10, 2011

Change We Needed

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It is now legal to cuss in at least one more North Carolina county, namely Orange. There went the only reason for anyone to choose East Carolina over UNC Chapel Hill.

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  1. Tarheel Says:

    UNC, like Dook, are progressive bastions unrivaled in the USA until one approaches the Ivy schools. Their influence colors the whole state’s political slant. I went there. It is like living in another reality.

    No one of sound mind willingly lives in Chapel Hill, or Durham. Look what they did to the lacrosse team. That is about as scary as it gets, given that the system would have surely convicted them without outside-the-state illumination. You can still find many professors at both schools who believe those boys are guilty. They run free market professors out of the MBA programs for crying out loud:)

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