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December 29, 2004

Attention Stingy Americans

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  1. We didn’t fight a war in Thailand, Sri Lanka or Indonesia.
  2. The U.S. very little strategic interest there, if any.
  3. Neither does Halliburton.
  4. In fact, there’s no oil there at all, to speak of.
  5. Nor, for that matter, large numbers of terrorists likely to attack us if we don’t help.
  6. On a per capita basis, we’re already giving a lot more than Jan Egeland’s native Norway.
  7. Self-righteous Euroweenies don’t care about that, though. Donate all you want, and they’ll still go on convincing themselves they are better global citizens than us ‘Mercuns.
  8. Contributing to the relief effort won’t do a damned thing to make the world safe for democracy, or for any other political agenda we Americans may find desirable.
  9. It also won’t benefit you personally. Not a penny will go to your Social Security benefits, your 401(k), or benefit you in any other way, shape or form. You may build up a little treasure in heaven, but then again, you may not.
  10. Do it anyway.

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