damnum absque injuria

January 30, 2005


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To those of you who are regular readers of Xrlq’s musings, you know that he and I support Underdog Rescue, a non profit group which pulls dogs and cats from high-kill Southern California animal shelters, rehabilitates them, and places them into loving forever homes. Please take a look at some of our latest handiwork in the before and after photos below.

Josie - Before Josie - After

Thanks to a team of volunteers and a particularly loving foster mom, Josie, the 8 year old chow/lab mix once at death’s door is now playful as a pup and has been placed in a home where two little girls argue over whose bed she gets to sleep in. If you have ever experienced the blessing of a bond with one of these angels in fur coats, you will know the heartbreak involved with seeing an unselfish creature in need. I really want to get the word out on how a handful of people can make such a difference. For more information on Underdog Rescue, please visit www.underdogrescue.net. Don’t forget, the PayPal button on the sidebar is for tax deductible contributions to Underdog to benefit animals like Josie. Donations from the heart are always welcome.


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