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December 27, 2005

John McCain and the World Around Him

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John McCain wants to be president. And he’s a Republican. This, therefore, represents a problem for him in that he won’t be nominated by the Republicans as their presidential candidate. Nevertheless, let’s see what he had to say to my generation while appearing on MTV:

“If you don’t have the education and the training, then the risk of being left behind is greater than every before,” he continued. “My generation believed that you could join General Motors or IBM, work for 30 years or so and retire with a comfortable pension. That isn’t the case today. We’ve got to spend more money on education but we also need to reform education. We can’t choke off the ability of young Americans to receive an education. There’s great uncertainty out there. We have to provide a lot more certainty for young Americans. That’s my job.”

I see. But how much confidence can McCain think he instills with this gem about whether or not Intelligent Design should be taught in schools:

Let the student decide.

Yeah, let’s just let children decide what they should and should not be learning in school. Whatever your position on the matter of this Design, can’t all of us agree that McCain is a fool?

(links via Professor Bainbridge)

March 4, 2004

Separate But Substantially Equal

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Sr. Xrlq alerts me to this article from the Washington Post which reports that the U.S. Department of Education plans to relax enforcement of Title IX to make it easier for K-12 school systems to offer single-sex classes or create single-sex schools. Existing regulations allow separate but equal schools only when separate schools for both sexes are created. The new regulations will permit separate but equal to include single-sex schools for one sex only, provided that the excluded sex is offered “substantially equal” benefits at the coed schools.

Remember that the next time someone raises the “separate but equal” canard in any context other than race.


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