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January 21, 2009

Who Knew?

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Per Senate Bill 1193, it will soon be illegal to steal a catalytic converter in Michigan.

April 1, 2008

Heller Court: What Part of Shall Not Be Infringed….

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Wow. I mean, just … wow. Like all the other gunnies I’ve been cautiously optimistic about the Heller case but never for a minute (OK, maybe for a minute) that they’d go as far as to guarantee a right to keep and bear bazookas. The best part was seeing Justice Stevens as the lone dissenter on that part of the opinion, with no one signing on to the no-rights view. Hey ACLU/ABA/Brady Bunch: can you say “pwn3ed?” Or given that this kick in the gut came 2 months earlier than expected, should that be “pre-pwn3ed?” It almost looks as though the Supremes made a few minor, stylistic edits to the GOA brief and called it an opinion. Well done, GOA, your 30+ years of no compromise have finally paid off!

To you suckers who have sunk tens of thousands of dollars in pre-1986 machine guns that are now worth barely more than their semiautomatic counterparts, I feel your pain. Sort of. As for me, I figure that with the Supreme Friggin’ Court so squarely in our camp, we won’t be needing these guys anymore, except maybe as a social club to meet a few other shooters. Certainly no need to waste any time or money going here or here, unless you want to meet some cool people like me.

UPDATE: Well excuuuuuuuuuuse me.

April 1, 2006

Xrlq 3.0 Update

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Haven’t blogged about the forthcoming baby for a while, so Mrs. X and I are proud to announce that … it’s a boy!


April 1, 2005

Do You Feel a Draft In Here?

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I’ll be damned. Looks like I owe Ralph Nader, MTV and Hugo Schwyzer an apology. For all that pre-election hype about a second Bush Administration supposedly leading to a draft, I never for minute thought it would happen in my lifetime. God help us all.

April 1, 2004

Watcher’s Council Winners

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The votes are in. Congratulations to to Justene Adamec for the winning non-Council entry, “That Xlrq Has Gone Too Far,” and to me for the winning Council entry, “More of Justine’s Crap.”


Some People Just Can’t Take a Joke

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Apparently, Justeen is still miffed even though several of her readers suggested that my attacks were real some kind of April Fool’s joke. You’d think she might have backed off at that point, but noooooooo, she had to beat me up over my recent flap with Lambert. Lambert himself handled the matter gracefully enough, so why can’t she?

Maybe she should go back go doing what she does best, i.e. navel-gazing over what is “truth.” Just try not to get into any arguments with “Justin.”

Justine … Um, I Mean, “Justin”

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Justyne’s delusions seem to have gotten worse than I thought. Apparently, she’s been playing this good-cop, bad-cop game with her alter ego “Justin” for so long that she is actually starting to believe herself that there is a guy named Justin (pronounced, “just IN,” no doubt). Whatever. Maybe Justean and her imaginary friend, “Justin,” should put their head(s) together and see if they can come up with a single, coherent explanation of why he/she/they/etc. think I am the one being immature here.

Boifromtroy thinks I’m kidding. Yeah, right.

More Justine Nonsense

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Take a look at the sidebar on Justine’s blog. You’ll notice it has a couple of new additions: recent trackbacks, and recent comments, right down to the level of comment permalinks. Gee, I wonder where she got those from!

Justine “Responds”

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“Jfef,” huh? Real mature. Note also that the link claiming to show I defend names by calling them sexist points to this entry, which doesn’t even mention sexism! Did Justine… or maybe that should be Jstuein … really think no one would notice?

Meanwhile, Justeen, who claims to be a Republican Republickin, has another new entry praising the Iraqi Communist Party. She even tried to slip this one through under an assumed name. I guess when she wants to say something she knows is controversal, she ceases to be Justine and starts being – get this – “Justin Levine.” It doesn’t get more transparent than that. Next time I have something controversial to say, maybe I should post it under the name “Xrlevlq.” I’m sure no one will figure that one out.

More of Justine’s Crap

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“Ooh, don’t call me the ‘mother hen!’ That’s so, like, sexist!, y’know?”

Give me an effing break.

Earth to Justine: all gender-specific words are “sexist.” Duh! Would you really feel that much better if I called you to the father rooster instead?! Yeah, that takes care of the “sexism” problem, fer shure. Maybe I should call you “Justin” instead of “Justine.” Feel better now? Moron. No, wait, maybe that should be “morine.” Sexist, my [insert symbol of Democratic Party here].


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