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August 1, 2010

On Embarassment

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Prof. Bainbridge thinks it’s embarrassing to be a conservative. I think the conservatives should indeed be embarrassed, for ever having mistaken Bainbridge for a conservative. Conversely, if there really is anything embarrassing about being a conservative, Bainbridge has nothing to be embarrassed about.

No Soup For You

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Jerry Seinfeld and Al Yeganeh are really the best of friends, and only claim not to have reconciled because they both know that for Yeganeh to admit being on good terms with the guy who called him the Soup Nazi would undermine his imagine as a Soup Nazi and, therefore, his business. Discuss.

July 26, 2010

One Crappy Concert

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People always  say cheap and worthless stuff is “for the birds.”  The birds themselves beg to differ.

  This may be thefirst time CNN felt the need to report that the shit did not hit the fans.

July 23, 2010

Breitbart Update

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James Taranto thinks David Frum is silly, and that Andrew Breitbart’s posting of a doctored video makes him our Alinsky, not our Rather. As much as I love the part about Frum being silly, on what planet is an Alinsky better than a Rather?

If You’ve Ever Shot Someone With, Or Been Shot With Toilet Paper…

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… you might be a Reidneck.

July 12, 2010

Life Ain’t Fair

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Sorry, coalminers, but there’s a simple reason why Ashley Judd can make a living showing her boobies but you can’t: nobody wants to see a coal miner’s boobies. Deal with it. On the plus side, David Gooch probably can make some money by promising not to display his namesake.

Full disclosure: last year I lost over $100k on a house located in the Lickinghole District of Goochland, VA.

Ball, Meet Home

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The former artist formerly known as Artist Formerly Known As Prince has refused to allow any of his music to be traded online. I predict his efforts will be every bit as successful as Bill Waterson’s refusal to license Calvin and Hobbes. Or Calvin, anyway; the ban on Hobbes seems to be holding up all right (and urine is still in the public domain).

July 9, 2010

Better to Have a Gun and Not Need It Than to Have It When You Really Do Need It, Or Something Like That

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The Greensboro News & Record almost gets it right on Alan Gura’s latest suit against NC’s crazy law that makes it a crime to possess a firearm during a snowstorm. Here’s where they go off the rails:

The [McDonald] court also said other local restrictions on gun ownership might be reasonable.

The North Carolina law might not meet that test. There should be a compelling reason why someone who is the legal owner of a firearm should be barred from carrying it from his home to a shooting range, even if the governor has declared a state of emergency because of cold weather. That might make sense in some kinds of emergencies — a breakdown of civic order, for example — but the law should make distinctions.

Indeed it should, but since when it is better to strip people of their guns in an emergency situation where they might actually need them? As dumb as it was for Stokes County to strip all its residents of their Second Amendment rights last winter, at least they didn’t do it at a time when their residents were actually likely to need them.

The blanket prohibition doesn’t seem justified, and the state should stipulate that it is not enforceable as it’s written.

Or at all, for that matter; else we might as well just pass a law making it a crime to breathe, and stipulating that we’ll only enforce that law against people we think actually did something wrong. Rather than stipulating to anything, why not have the General Assembly get off its duff and repeal this crazy law outright?

July 7, 2010

Can We Still Call it a “Bill?”

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‘Cuz Bill is a man’s name, after all. Maybe we’d better go with a more neutral name like Pat or Chris. Still, if a bill that won’t do anything is the worst bill Civitas could find to single out as its bad bill of the week, I’d call that progress.

July 4, 2010

The Office Without Steve Carell is Like…

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A really bad idea, unless they bring back Ricky Gervais. What say you?


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