damnum absque injuria

April 12, 2006


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Anyone know if lane-splitting is legal in Virginia? I’m a little nervous ‘cuz no one seems to do it.

December 9, 2004


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I had a nice, pleasant, uneventful ride into work this morning, which is more than I can say for my morning commute one year ago today. On the other hand, one year ago I was doing much better in the“Best Large Mammal” race, which I ultimately won got with considerable assistance from Citizen Smash and Hugh Hewitt. This year, I am crashing and burning in the Best of the Top 100-250 race even worse than Señor Road Rash crashed and burned on his still-functional bike before. Short of causing another Sig Alert, I could scarcely be doing worse right now.

In light of that, I’ve decided that it’s time to do what Tom McClintock should have done in early September of 2003: I’m officially withdrawing from the race and endorsing Patterico. If you were thinking of voting for me (yeah, I’m talking to both of you), vote instead for the guy who can win, and who frequently links to me, to boot. With your help, he can win this one. Now go and make it happen.

January 20, 2004

Louise Woodward, Esq.

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If you ever want to murder a baby legally, well, now you know who to call. Link via Venomous Kate, who somehow managed to intentionally delink me even while inadvertently delinking everyone else.

January 9, 2004

Xrlq Rides Again

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My new helmet yesterday. It’s a lot like the old one, only new and not beat up. I strongly recommend Helmet City, the online store I bought it from. Their turnaround time was fast, and the helmet ran me about $100 less than they quoted in the local bike shops. If, God forbid, I ever need a third helmet, at least I’ll know where to look.

I also got the bike back from the shop. That transaction was somewhat less of a bargain. Between that and the jacket, gloves and pants, to say nothing of the ambulance and hospital charges, this accident was actually quite expensive, as well as being quite inconvenient to other drivers. I don’t recommend it. But I do recommend getting a Shoei from Helmet City.

December 14, 2003

More Fun With Photoshop

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Here’s my co-worker’s response to Tuesday’s accident:


December 10, 2003

Shoei Saves the Day

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Many thanks to all the well-wishers who sent emails, left comments, or linked to Mrs. Xrlq’s entry yesterday. I was released from the hospital today, and expect to return to work on Monday. I can’t say I feel good because frankly, I feel like crap. My abdomen is sore, my legs are stiff, I have a slight fever, and my left knee got skinned pretty good. I was also a bit bummed, though not surprised, to learn that the accident resulted in a SIG Alert. To those inconvenienced by the resulting traffic jam, I apologize.

But things could have been worse. Much worse.


December 9, 2003

Do You Think This Hospital Room Has WiFi?

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Hi, everyone. This is Mrs. Xrlq guest blogging hopefully just for tonight. Xrlq took a spill off of his motorcycle and on to the 405 this morning. No broken bones, just a broken record-he has repeated the same 3 questions upwards of 40 times each, having no clue that he just asked 15 seconds before.

  1. Did you call my boss and tell him I would be in a wee bit late today?
  2. Where’s my bike?
  3. WTF happened????

The doctor said this is normal for a severe concussion. At first, he didn’t remember visiting Justene Sunday or the fact that he had promised me a HUGE diamond ring last night (that’s my story and I am sticking to it), but now he is remembering being pissed of at me this morning for the distinct lack of coffee cream in the house. In this context, that sure is a good sign! The doctors are going to keep him overnight for observation, so for me, this entry is written during a quick stop home to pick up the laptop, T1, T3, Vol. 13-15 of Monty Python and Snapple iced tea, all by special request. Please send prayers, smoke signals, and healing vibrations. I believe he will be up and around and making snarky coments in no time.

P.S. Designated guest bloggers for the week of December 20, feel free to try your hand early.

February 4, 2003

A Long, Cold Winter – And No Relief in Sight

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For those unfamiliar with Southern California’s climate, we’ve had a precipitous drop in the temperature over the past few days. As recently as Saturday, I was able to ride my motorcycle comfortably in a t-shirt and shorts. Now, this morning, I got a tad chilly on the freeway even though I was wearing the full garb. The noon ride was OK though. I’m expecting boatloads of sympathy from readers in Alaska, the Midwest, the East Coast, etc.


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