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November 14, 2003

Take Your Time

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Let’s hear it for the California Secretary of State, Kevin “Speedy” Shelley, who, a mere 5 1/2 weeks after Arnold’s landslide victory, has finally gotten around to certifying the vote. Now, at long last, we finally know how the recall turned out (it passed) and who our next Governor will be (hint: it’s not Tom McClintock, Arianna Huffington or Mary “Mary Carey” Cook).

Also, don’t forget: this coming Monday is “Talk Like Your Governor” Day. [It’s also Rush Limbaugh’s return from rehab day, but I’m pretty sure 99% of my readers either (1) already knew that, (2) didn’t particularly care to know that, or (3) both.]

October 22, 2003

Gray Davis: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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Today’s Orange County Register, a paper you can safely read today and train your dog with tomorrow, highlights the bad bills our lame duck governor has continued to sign, and the state jobs he continues to fill which were supposed to be eliminated. Money quote:

If Californians want to tamper with the state recall law, one change might be to allow the replacement governor to veto any legislation that is signed during the recall campaign or transition period by the governor who is booted from office.

Read both whole things.

October 8, 2003

Toilet Humor

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Someone who would probably prefer to remain nameless just sent me this. Enjoy it, if you get a sick pleasure from other people’s pain. Skip it if you don’t.


It Wuz All About Incumbents

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You may have heard the recent statement by Howard “Not Just a River in Egypt” Dean on how the recall was all about voter dissatisfaction with incumbents of all stripes, and not a massive spanking for the Democratic Party. When I first heard that explanation I thought it was sour grapes. I now think he was sincere, however, as one of my sources has leaked a copy of the statement he was planning to make earlier, when he expected the recall to fail. Here it is:


Election Post-Mortem

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Here are the statewide returns on the race to replace. With 97.9% of the precincts counted, I think we can safely say that Arnold won, and with a lot more than 15% of the vote. Even the bogus argument about Davis winning “the popular vote” didn’t pan out. Early reports indicate that Davis himself has been handling this news better many of his supporters have.

Here are the real bombshells. First, out of only 135 candates on the ballot, five managed to do worse than Bill “Total Retard” Tsangares. Second, the fact that there were 135 candidates on the ballot seems to have had no measurable impact on the vote, except maybe to further splinter the usual splinter vote. Third, the past minute puke campaign does not appear to have had a measurable impact on the outcome of the vote, although Daniel Weintraub points out that it may have had an effect on the undecideds. Fourth and last, but definitely not least, Arianna Huffington received 0.6% of the vote, which is slightly more than she was expected to receive at the time she dropped out of the race. I guess that absence does make the heart grow fonder.

October 7, 2003

Judgment Day

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Well done, California voters. You just fixed half of what’s wrong with Sacramento. The other half will just have to wait until November, 2004.

Early, Unofficial Polls

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Yahoo! thinks the race is too close to call, while Matt Drudge is predicting a landslide for both Schwarzenegger and the recall.

One of these reports must be wrong.

Good News for Gray Davis

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Kevin McGehee has the scoop.


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The Irish Lass has been harassed in a big way by a group of extremely unprofessional poll workers. For shame.

Payback Tuesday

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The day is finally here, and polls are opening as we speak. Now is the time to go to the polls and say “Hasta la vista, Davy” to the first governor ever to be recalled in California, and the second anywhere in the U.S. Given the two-part ballot, Davis will probably win “the popular vote,” but no matter. As long as the recall passes and McClintock and Schwarzenegger’s combined vote adds up to 50% or more, there will be a huge mandate for change, and the Legislature will know it. And if it passes by a comfortable margin, it will send another important message: the L.A. Times’s last minute puke campaign and Gloria Allred’s Tawana Brawley moment have backfired. That would be good news for anyone who would not like to see more of the same in future campaigns.

Calblog is a group blog today, and will include any recall-related entries I post here on DAI. Move along, people, there’s nothing to see here – until tomorrow, when we all freak out and ask ourselves what the hell we were thinking.

P.S. If the heading sounds familiar, it should. Unlike Michael Moore, I promise not to erase this post and pretend it never existed if my predictions turn out to be wrong. And that could happen. Most polls show the recall passing by a comfortable margin, but this story claims the vote is “too close to call.” Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Too close to call, huh?


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