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April 27, 2004

Infotel Update

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Justene has been served with a demand to disclose the names, addresses and God-knows-what other information she doesn’t have about certain commenters who posted comments about Infotel. It seems that these bozos and their lawyers at McConomy Liverman not only expect Justene to know this stuff; they also expect her to pay full coach (or worse) fare to fly to Montreal in time for a Friday hearing on 3 days’ notice.

Apparently, Ted Frank, the top Infoscammer whose address is 5101 Buchan, Suite 250, district de Montreal, Province of Quebec, H4P 2R9, still doesn’t get it. When you run a shady operation like this one, all publicity is not good publicity.

January 9, 2004

Don’t Ask, Don’t Infotel

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As regular readers of this blog the whole friggin’ blogosphere knows, the cockroaches at Infotel can’t stand sunlight. First, they tried to intimidate Justene’s hosting service, Verve Hosting into shutting down her site for blogging about her experiences with them and allowing others to comment. Then they enlisted a shady law firm to send her a frivolous demand letter, which went over like a
ton of bricks.

Now, the Infoscum have enlisted enlisted a private investigator, Jeff “No Shit Sherlock” Cameron of H+A Computer Forensics, to try to dig up dirt on Justene and/or her commenters on a client-anonymous basis. Unfortunately for Mr. Cameron (whose first name should not, under any circumstances, be spelled “Xrlq”), he gave the game away by announing he was from Canada. Gee, I wonder who in Canada would be interested in a blog about California politics?

The sad part (OK, the funny part) is that Mr. Cameron didn’t have to give away his location to find out what he needed to know; in fact, he needn’t have contacted Justene at all. Everything he needed to know about her site, he could have found simply by following the link on the front page that reads “Powered by
Movable Type 2.64.”

January 7, 2004

Infotel Update

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Not much news to report on the Infoscam from this side of the Atlantic, but according to a new comment on an old thread, Infotel’s shady tactics extend to the United Kingdom, as well. Also, American Digest has more info and links I somehow missed before. And in case you’re wondering, their law firm’s web site remains “temporarily closed for system maintenance,” as it has been ever since the November maelstrom.

November 24, 2003

Infotel Backlash Turns Pro

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I was wondering why I suddenly got so many hits from SurfSecret, a company offering a product I’d never heard of. Then I did a Google Search of the terms “infotel” and “scam,” and found a link to this page, which contains an entry urging readers to “Avoid the Infotel Directory-Ordering Scam.” That entry links to a story at http://link.surfsecret.com/?1jIWA, the content of which bears an eerie resemblance to this entry on my blog.

Apparently, bashing Infotel isn’t just for fun anymore; it can also be profitable. Heh.

November 21, 2003

Infotel Demand Letter – Paraphrased

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Recently I posted the demand letter sent last week by Infotel attorney Wayne Brosman to Justene Adamec of Calblog. Since that time, it has occurred to me that the letter is filled with lawyer jargon that can be confusing to the average layman. As a public service to the nonlawyers across the Blogosphere, I have translated Mr. Brosman’s letter into plain English.


November 19, 2003

A Word of Caution

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At this time I’d like to switch gears just a bit, and remind commenters that while bloggers cannot be sued for defamatory comments left on their blogs by other people, the actual commenters can be. Even if you think you are posting “anonymously” (e.g., by inserting a fake email address), IP addresses can be traced, account holders’ names subpoenaed, and voila, suddenly the “anonymous” commenter isn’t so anonymous after all. This harsh lesson is being learned by RIAA victims across the country; don’t assume Infotel won’t resort to the same or similar tactics. Thus, while I encourage commenters to speak freely and truthfully on this matter and any other, I do not condone lying, prevaricating, dowdifying, exaggerating, misleading, stretching the truth, or whatever else you might want to call it. Just don’t do it. It’s not worth it, now or ever.

Thus far, I have not been contacted by Infotel or its attorneys, nor do I expect to be. Nor, I might add, do I have any reason to believe there is (or ever was) any defamatory or otherwise actionable material on my site or Justene’s at any time. Had I encountered anything that appeared on its face to be defamatory or otherwise illegal, I would have removed it immediately. As far as I can tell, all the comments may well be true; however, only the posters themselves can know this for sure.

If you are one of the commenters, particularly one of the self-described former employees, and have posted any comments that you no longer stand behind completely, please let me know which comments (or portions thereof) ought to be deleted. Again, I stress that I do not believe anyone has posted anything defamatory, or otherwise actionable, on either site. I am merely pointing out the issue for the benefit of any commenters who may, potentially, get “caught up in the moment” and post something that could eventually land them in hot water.

While we enjoy a lot more free speech on the Internet than Wayne Brosman seems to think we do, speech on the Internet is not completely free, and libel can be punished on the ‘net, just as it is anywhere else. Anyone doubting this would do well to read Varian Medical Systems, Inc. v. Michelangelo Delfino (2003) (requires free registration), a case that was decided by the California Court of Appeal last week. So if you are thinking of embellishing the truth, or have already done so and are thinking of leaving it up, please reconsider. The way these guys seem to be running their business, the truth should hurt them enough.

They Got What They Paid For

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Looky here, it seems that the nice people at Infotel are still listing Justene’s firm, Pumilia & Adamec, as though it were a paying customer. Well, sort of, anyway. They got the web URL, the street address and the phone number right, but the name of the firm appears as “Pumilia Adamac & Stevens.” I’ll bet it’s some other firm sharing their office space.

California Republic on Infotel

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Carol Liebau has some thoughts on the Infotel issue over at California Republic.

November 18, 2003

Memo to Infotel and its Attorneys

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Don’t make the Clam Angry. You won’t like him when he’s Angry. Stay away from Rottweilers, too, especially those of the Anti-Idiotarian persuasion. And while Manatees may be Tasty, be careful lest they end up eating you.

Infotel Update

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A PDF version of the demand letter is now available online.


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